Rob Gronkowski suffers broken forearm


Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is being checked for a possible injury to his forearm.

PFT has learned that Gronkowski is getting X-rays on his forearm this evening, following Sunday’s blowout win over the Colts in which he had seven catches for 137 yards and two touchdowns.

Gronkowski was not made available to the media in the locker room after the game.

UPDATE 9:34 p.m. ET: According to Tom Curran of, Gronkowski’s forearm is broken. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, he is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

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  1. I will never understand why Belichick leaves his starters in so late in the game. Brady was still throwing passes with 4 minutes left with a 28 point lead. They showed Gronk walking into the locker room shortly after their last scoring drive. I wonder when the injury actually occurred.

  2. So funny seeing people post, “Pull the starters!!!” It’s one thing to pull your starting QB, but you can’t substitute a whole offense/defense. Only 45 players can suit up on gameday – the Pats probably only had 2 TEs active for the game. It’s not NCAA football.

  3. Absolutely right tcmiller30. Why was Brady in the game? Although the great Bill Walsh did the same thing. Jerry Rice had a lot of catches, tds and yards against hapless ram, saint, and falcon teams in the 80s. Records that will never be broken.

  4. Thats fine, if he misses a couple of games, perfect timing for Hernandez to come back. Let Gronk recharge the batteries. Along with Shank and the Hawaiian dude (I think his name is spelled aaodstihjpsdgu hap e5889-ygnv)… they’ll be able to trot two decent TE’s out there.

  5. I was screaming to take starters out.Casey, teams can use whatever combo of eligilble players they want.Thete is no rule that says u have to use a tight end.The pats could have put any eligible player in.B B just likes to run up the score and hopefully it wont cost us Gronk.

  6. @ Denverwally: it is a big deal, we have to keep pace with ravens and take the lead if we want the by.I am rooting my heart out for the steelers tonight.

  7. boblavoie says:
    Nov 18, 2012 9:23 PM
    Tape it up Gronk and get back in the game. Tough guy from a tough family – nothing will stop this guy!


    It seems as though a broken forearm will stop him for 4-6 weeks.

  8. Oh no. Get well soon Gronk. Four to six weeks, that hurts. Here’s the Pats’ sched for the rest of the season:


    Seems like 49ers and Texans are their most challenging games.

  9. Geez, relax Pats fans… its not like the cupboard is bare as far as offensive weapons go. They will adjust, adapt, and overcome. And it depends on the extent of the break, it could be just a hairline fracture which you can play with in a couple of weeks with a cast. But why risk it, let Spicoli rest up, heal up (this break will also be good for his hip and back) and the rest of the team will pick up the slack. There is a reason why Visanthe Shiancoe was brought into camp. He can play, was Farve’s security blanket in Minnesota and as I said before, we have Hernandez warming up in the bull pen.

  10. No one could of predicted it and it could of happened on any play. It is a tough loss for us Pats fan but as you saw today anyone can step up at anytime and make big plays. Edelman had a career day an no one saw that coming. Lets hope Hernandez gets back quick. Will be alright. Hopefully Gronk will be back around the San Fran game.

  11. That’s what you get for not pulling your top weapons. I understand you can’t pull the whole first string, but you can pull your big time weapons that are important to your Championship run.

  12. Running up the score? Really?

    When you have the 23rd ranked defense in the NFL you have to approach every drive, in every game as if you need to score.

    He’ll be back for the playoffs.

  13. runtheball says:
    Nov 18, 2012 9:03 PM
    Absolutely right tcmiller30. Why was Brady in the game? Although the great Bill Walsh did the same thing. Jerry Rice had a lot of catches, tds and yards against hapless ram, saint, and falcon teams in the 80s. Records that will never be broken.

    You may want to check the records of rams, saints, falcons during this time. At various points they were all playoff teams. Not all that hapless.

  14. Running up the score? Clearly you didn’t watch the game, and you DEFINITELY did not watch last year’s game, when Orlovsky (sp?) scored 3 touchdowns in about 8 minutes at the end of the game. The Pats ran it on their last two series, whiners, and one of those series featured Mallet.

    I’d be interested to know when Gronk got hurt though. Must have been blocking. This is a bad injury for him, in that department. This is going to cost them a game or two for sure. Now they’ll just lock down on Welker, and Hernandez is going to be rusty (and he fumbles… remember?)

    Let’s be realistic, Pats fans and Pats haters.

  15. I signed up just to correct all the people that are clamoring “pull the starters!” Gronk got hurt on a PAT. You can’t just swap in random guys to play the PAT formation.

  16. You pull the starters in New England when the lead is so much that a few quick scores (like last year’s Colts game – and LIKE the TWO MINUTE TD DRIVE AT THE BEGINNING of the fourth quarter in this game) aren’t going to put the other team back in it. It’s all a matter of mathematics, timing, and years of experience, folks, not squeamish weak-willed whining from the comfort of a couch and a mouth half full of nachos and beer.

    Thank God the Patriots don’t play the scaredy-cat soccer mom touchy feely football 90% of their moronic pink hat fans seem to want them to play.

    And another thing, to those same fans – you spend all week whining and crabbing about your lousy defense – then you want the Patriots to pull all their starters when they have a three score lead with more than enough time for a few quick scores (a la Wilson To Rice in Seattle or Luck to Hilton tonight) puts the opposition right back in it.


  17. Football players play football. These are the same morons who complain that the NFL is touch football now – just put the skirts on them.

  18. This is going to mess our running game up. A lot of their success running the ball has been created by the matchup problems Gronk provides to defenses.

  19. Since Bill Belichick’s job is not in jeopardy, won’t be offering some lame Andy Reid-like excuse for why Gronk was injured with the game well in hand.

    I really can’t understand why coaches don’t pull valuable starters in blow-out garbage time. NFL coaches are usually an ultra-conservative bunch.

    Of course, the Patriots are deep at that position and should get by the few weeks Gronk will be out.

    Doesn’t mean that he should be on the field with under 4 minutes to play and the team up 5 touchdowns.

  20. Yep. “Fans don’t pay to watch the starters on the bench.”

    Well, Pats fans will now be paying to see one starter on the bench for the next few weeks, I guess…..

    But, then again: “You can’t just swap in random guys to play the PAT formation.”

    So, good thing Gronk wasn’t hurt during the actual touchdown. Because they would have had to run the PAT with only 10 players. GM and coaching staff better start looking for PAT team replacements ASAP!

  21. Ahh, Bill. So ever determined to run up the score that you still felt the need to have Gronk blocking on an extra point that would give your team a 35 point lead well after the game had been sealed.

    Guess that didn’t turn out to be a very smart decision. Your killing us for the Pats fans trying not to be hated for these things.

  22. I once heard Parcells address the issue of pulling starters. Basically, he said that you can’t pull everyone, you only have x amount of guys you can put in. He also pointed out that every guy on the field is an NFL player, and they all have big egos. Believe it or not, but almost all of them think they’re the most important guy on the team, so what message does it send when you pull this guy out, or that guy out, to all the other guys that have to stay in the game and play? Another thing it says, we’re all done here, so the guys left in the game stop playing hard and that’s when injuries happen.

  23. Gronk is a great player but BB is a douch for running up the score. He hurts himself on extra point att. I agree with the most. It’s Karma

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