Saints roll to easy victory in Oakland

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The Saints didn’t get Darren Sproles back on Sunday, but their running game was just fine without him.

Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory and Mark Ingram combined for 134 yards on 24 carries, including a 27-yard touchdown run by Ingram on the first offensive play of the second half. Travaris Cadet, another running back, put the Saints in great position with a big kickoff return and Ingram outran the Raiders for a score that made it 28-7 17 seconds into the third quarter. That pretty much ended the competitive portion of the game and the Saints cruised from there to a 38-17 win.

Drew Brees didn’t have to do much heavy lifting thanks to how well the backs were moving the ball, but he still found the time to throw three touchdowns while completing 20-of-27 passes on the afternoon. The Saints offense were as efficient as they were productive on Sunday.

The defense also had a good day despite allowing 404 yards to the Raiders over the course of the game. Oakland picked up a lot of those yards once the game was out of reach in the second half, though, and two first half interceptions helped the Saints grab and maintain their lead while the offense was still trying to find its groove. Once it did, the game went firmly into the Saints’ pocket.

About the only big complaint about New Orleans’ performance is their 11 penalties for 109 yards. Particularly galling were one for excessive celebration and one for taunting, giving the Raiders yards that a better team could have used to some advantage.

New Orleans is now 5-5, tied with Dallas and behind Tampa Bay and Minnesota in the push for the Wild Card spot currently occupied by the Seahawks. The next four weeks will likely determine whether they can complete a dramatic turnaround from an 0-4 start. They host the 49ers before traveling to Atlanta and the Giants and wrapping up with a home date against the Buccaneers. Today’s balanced performance is the kind of thing they’ll need more of to keep the train rolling into the postseason.

17 responses to “Saints roll to easy victory in Oakland

  1. Saints get mad at Falcons’ taunting then get two taunting calls of their own the following week…lol.

  2. The Saints are definitely on their way and if they make the playoffs, will be a scary team.

    The Raiders just don’t have the kind of depth necessary to overcome that many injuries.

  3. Injuries or not you shouldn’t need a calculator to tally what the Raiders have given up in the past three games.

  4. Saints will still fall short of post season berth..Oakland just does not have the personnel to match up with many teams..going to take a few years to build this team up…some pieces are in place

  5. iceshocker says: Nov 18, 2012 7:20 PM

    Saints get mad at Falcons’ taunting then get two taunting calls of their own the following week…lol.
    because who “taunts” and lose… smh!

  6. Drew Brees did what he always does the the raiders, bends them over and has his way. Eh but they let anyone do that to them.

  7. norcalmafia says: Nov 18, 2012 8:05 PM

    Isnt every game against Oakland an easy victory?
    Not every team is good enough to fight the Rams to a draw on their home field, but what are you gonna do? There are no easy outs in the NFL, but talent shows, and Oakland is lacking. The best thing you can say about the Raiders is that they know they aren’t a good team, and are owning it, unlike San Diego and Kansas City, a couple of teams that tried to bluff their way through the season. Not only that, I can also say they have never sported uniforms as ugly as what the Steelers are wearing tonight.

  8. Oakland is terrible top to bottom. I love my Raiders, I don’t know who these freakin’ jokers are.

    Just terrible, awful! Thank God for KC. At least we are better then them. I think we play them one more time, I better just stop now.

  9. The Saints’ resurgence must be driving The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person to distraction. If this were the NBA, the word would be out to the officials, “Put them in their place, or you’ll be working games in Sacramento, Minnesota, Cleveland, and Milwaukee for the next two years.”

  10. Taunting calls are out of control. If it doesn’t delay the game or is disgustingly offensive, let’s give it a rest. Y’all (all teams) are big boys and can take a little jeering. Do we really need these calls?

  11. Got to agree , where is the line about “celebration” vs. “Excessive celebration” after a score? Did the Raiders not do their little dance after they scored? Sure they did, so does most teams. So its a refs opinion of what deserves a flag for excessive depending on which team hes pulling for. If its not applied to ALL wiggly dances after a TD, it should not be allowed for any, unless it gets vulgar or just down right demeaning. Victor Cruz has his lil salsa dance, so do many others yet they don’t draw a flag. Rules have to be a “No doubt in your mind they broke it” not oh I think this one deserves a flag but maybe not the other one by a different ref.

  12. I’m a big time Saints fan. But, I don’t like the taunting. And, I think after the game some of the Radiers let it be known that they didn’t like it either. That aside, I have the funniest feeling that the Saints are going to rule the day that we blew that lead against KC. I think this may be one of those years that they’re going to be some 10 and 6 teams sitting at home for the playoffs. In fact; I can invision a senario where there’s a 11 and 5 team at home. I can see a 9 and 7 divison winner out there this year.

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