Vick could be back as soon as next week


Mike Vick’s concussion symptoms could be subsiding quickly.

With the Eagles struggling (again) on offense and defense and rookie quarterback Nick Foles not playing very well, the Eagles no longer have any reason to overstate the condition of Vick following the “significant” concussion suffered last Sunday.

And that’s precisely what the Eagles were doing, we’re told.  Though Vick’s concussion definitely was bad enough to keep him from playing on Sunday, a source with knowledge of the situation says Vick could be ready to play next week.

It’s believed that the Eagles applied the “significant” label to justify keeping Vick on ice, in the event that Foles played well.  Now that Foles hasn’t played well, we could see Vick back sooner than believed.

Either way, we likely won’t see Vick in Philly after this season — unless the next coach really wants him and Vick is willing to dramatically reduce the money he’s due to earn in 2013.

34 responses to “Vick could be back as soon as next week

  1. Because we need to see what else Vick cant do? We already have that answer. Let Foles play so we can figure out if we need to use that top 5 pick on a new QB.

  2. Its amazing sometimes,these coaches seem to not use common sense. You let foles throw 22 times in the first half,yet you give mccoy about 7 carries! rg3 threw it 15 times the whole game

  3. forthehaters says:
    Nov 18, 2012 8:00 PM
    Vick please get out of philly before you get seriously hurt behind that joke of an offensive line!
    No…”Vick, please STAY in Philly UNTIL you get seriously hurt behind that joke of an offensive line.”

    Hate to wish injury on anyone, but I honestly can’t think of a more worthy individual.

  4. Not really sure what the point would be of putting Vick in. Let the rookie get some experience. The Eagles aren’t making the playoffs and Vick won’t be here next year. Then again, neither is Andy so why not start his best bud Vick.

    I found it interesting that Foles, a rookie, is having to tell players what to do on audibles. I saw him manually directing players on where to be. I guess a year and a half of Vick let’s you not have to remember what audibles are.

    If you take away Celek’s 2 major gaffes in the first half he would’ve had a much better game. It seem’s like Celek isn’t used to a QB hitting him in the chest as he comes out of a break.

  5. What could the point of playing Vick possibly be? We aslready know he isn’t good. No one thought Foles was going to come in and play well,but the Eagles were losing every game anyway, so its not like he needed to to justify playing him.
    The reasoning being, its not like it could be worse than having Vick at QB since Vick loses every game.

  6. Philly fans! It’s not your QB’s fault that he has to run for his life, every pass play! Your offense line is terrible! They are forced into making bad plays, because the line can’t hold up anything!

  7. Vick has taken a pounding the last 1 and 1/2 seasons but suffered a “significant” concussion on a play where his head barely hit the ground. He should never play again, come on people…who would sign him next year? He’s done. He is one hit away from calling it a career, why bother?

  8. If you take away Celek’s 2 major gaffes in the first half he would’ve had a much better game.


    2 INTs, QB rating of 40, 6 sacks, less than 50% completion %, 3 fumbles (luckily, recovered), and repeated balls thrown at the feet of receivers. Umm..Foles was awful. Not sure what game you were watching LOL.

  9. Seriously? Vick had a concussion and with recent law suits against the NFL, it’s tough to believe that teams (even sleazy Eagles) would try to play the system.

    “Oh the back up played poorly so Vick is looking better all of a sudden.” Come on man.

  10. I like Andy Reid, I love the Eagles but somebody has to answer for Dallas Reynolds, Dennis Kelly, King Dunlap and the fireman dude Watkins and Kurt Coleman and Bobby April the list goes on. Firing Andy means nothing if Howie Roseman stays as GM

  11. Funny how so many Eagles fans (the most knowledgeable fanbase in sports, just ask them, they’ll tell ya) salivated over Kolb and Vick and now Foles (hell, they salivated over Bobby Hoying and AJ Feeley), yet they hated the only QB in the last ten years that ever actually accomplished anything.

  12. People who say Vick stinks are immensely biased for whatever reason or don’t know football. He’s got a gun of an arm and is still fast even if he’s a half step slow (or just banged up from the line). He has not been the problem with this sinking ship. The org is cheap and doesn’t put the right pieces on either side of the ball and andy’s flawed o system (small targets, no run, predictable play calling) and now worst o line would make any qb look bad (and make nick foles look horrible)

  13. sure blame foles, when the defense defensed only one pass all game. All the others were caught! What a mess eagles… with vick it will only be worse.

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