Woody Johnson convenes a meeting of Jets’ brass

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In the same week that Jets owner Woody Johnson complained publicly about a perception that he cares more about making money than winning, he also called a meeting to privately address how the team can turn things around on the field.

Bob Glauber of Newsday reports that Johnson and team president Neil Glat sat down for about 45 minutes with all of the top football decision makers in an attempt to find out what can be done to improve the 3-6 team. Present at the meeting were General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, coach Rex Ryan, offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff.

Jets public relations director Bruce Speight confirmed the meeting took place and said Johnson wanted to “discuss how we can improve our performance moving forward.” Speight called the meeting “calm and constructive.”

But even if it was calm and constructive, when your boss calls you in for a meeting about how the work you’re doing isn’t good enough, that’s not a great sign for your job security. If things don’t turn around in the final seven games of the season, some or all of the people called in to speak with Johnson will be looking for work in 2013.

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  1. “he also called a meeting to privately address how the team can turn things around on the field.”

    Find a quarterback, for one.

    It’s not rocket science – unless you’re the Jets, apparently

  2. The last team decision Woody Johnson weighed in on was the decision to trade valuable draft picks for Tim Tebow, who creates pressure on the current starting QB, as opposed to using those picks on a right tackle or wide receiver, who would HELP the current starting QB.

    I think maybe Johnson should leave football decisions to the football people, because the Tebow experiment has been a nightmare to both Sanchez (who has to deal with the constant pressure) AND Tebow (who has to deal with constant questions about his happiness as a backup and teammates who resent the media attention he gets).

    Literally a lose-lose situation.

  3. I bet 90 percent of the meeting consisted of him asking the coaches to brainstorm on how to sell more PSLs.

    I think even if I was a Republican I would have voted for Obama, just because this joke of an owner was campaigning for Romney.

  4. Wow, he met with his management for 45 minutes? With a team as messy as this?

    I take dumps longer than 45 minutes… This just confirms…. HE DOESNT CARE

  5. I actually like all of the people in the Jets org… But for whatever reason, it is just not producing results. I think a change at GM & Head Coach is necessary.

  6. You are what your record says you are, Rex you are all talk and now your team is a joke. It’s time to say goodbye!

  7. oh snap! when the big cheese call for a meeting about his struggling franchise at 3-6 Change is coming or else! Rex, I hope he has a magic wand in his back pocket or he might get the ax…NFL is not about loyalty but if Rex don’t make a QB change soon…his days as a coach could end…I don’t believe in loyalty, Sanchez is struggling..he gets benched and next man up deserves a shot to turn things around to help team win football games

  8. Now he cares about winning, hmm back when the losing started he said its more important that Mitt Romney wins the presidential election than how the Jets do this year. Now that his candidate lost he cares about the Jets record? Sounds like the second coming of Al Davis(in his later years). Or maybe he’s just sick of losing at everything lately. At this rate he’ll pack up shop and move the team and his company to Shanghai.

  9. Start former Heisman Trophy winner and Nationsl champion at Florida QB Tim Tebow, sooner than later to breathe life in this team, I’m sorry but achieved things in college that former USC QB Mark Sanchez never did. It’s time, believe me it’s time !

  10. My guess is Woody said: “If we lose tomorrow, Tebow starts Thanksgiving night against the Pats.”

    Woody is more concerned about making the news than actually trying to turn that mess of a franchise around.

  11. I think everyone but Jets fan called this disaster way back during training camp.

    Successful teams never talk as much as this group of circus clowns.

  12. Way back (2009 and 2010) when the Jets were winning on a more consistent basis, they did so with a stellar defense and a solid running game. Mark Sanchez was the quarterback.
    So, what’s happened since then? Well, that stellar defense has since disappeared, which means there’s no need for a solid running game when playing catchup football.
    As a result, more pressure has been placed on Sanchez, who has zero weapons to work with, including an offensive coordinator who does cartwheels over field goals…
    The Jets need to either rebuild the defense or get Sanchez some weapons.
    Not complicated.
    Pretty simple.

  13. This may actually cause Rex to zip his lip from now on. I mean, how stupid are you gonna look out there talking trash when your owner is having emergency meetings? Of course no one ever accused Rex of being smart.

  14. Johnson already publicly admitted that he cares more about making money than winning. He said that that Romney winning (he won’t raise my taxes) was more important than the Jets winning. How’s that working out, you clown!

    Now that the election is over, he decides to discuss the team’s performance with “the team brass”. Too late. Look at the standings. And you wonder why this team is mired in mediocrity?

  15. Woody you can not be serious. The team loses their best receiver, the best cornerback in the game, your GM made numerous decisions that hurt the team and then you want to know what?

    What Rex is doing for Thanksgiving.

  16. Jet fan here. Granted, Sanchez has regressed, but it is probably 80-90% managements fault. Consider the following: Put Sanchez with some TALENT around him, how would he do on the following teams listed?

    CHIEFS-(Charles, Bowe)

    He may never be an ‘elite’ QB but he has already proven by his playoff performance that he is worthy of being a solid #1.

  17. So this is where the owner forces the coaches to start Tim Tebow even though he hasn’t earned the job?

  18. Still no mention regarding the team-killing remarks recently and continually published by members of the Jets. As long as management thinks that is ok, the Jets have only one path and that is to continue downward. And, as long as fans think it is ok, you are getting your just desserts. To be clear, I am a fan of another team and if players on that team mouthed off like the Jets players and nothing was done, I would no longer support that team. No worry, it wouldn’t happen .

  19. During this meeting, did Rex once again mention how he was the better choice when Harbaugh got the Ravens HC job and how much better his Jets have done than those Ravens since he got his HC job?


  20. Gee, it’s amazing that Sanchez, a young fragile QB who’s coach didn’t think he was ready for the NFL, didn’t thrive when his head coach “guaranteed” he’d win the Super Bowl his second and third year in the league!

    If you consider the “gift” games Wrecks was given when the Colts pulled their starters or Cowboys collapsed he’s only had one season that wasn’t mediocre.

    Still, as a Patritos fan, I have to admit this has been a very entertaining run with Wrecks as HC. I hope they re-sign him to an extension!

  21. It’s going to be a long and sleepless flight back from California!
    Let’s face it – it is a TEAM thing from the top down. If everyone is going in a different direction then there is no unity. Rex should be the glue that holds it all together while he teaches his players how to produce through effective execution. Not happening. Instead, it seems that he is trying to motivate his players by convincing them how good they are by talking to someone (media) else. Sorry Rex, that only works when there is communication within the organisation.
    If it’s Woody’s fault, like many of you think, it’s only because he is trying hard, like many other NFL teams, to find good leadership (coaching staff) that will solidify this TEAM. AND, there IS a shortage of good head coaches out there.

  22. No W/R no playmaking R/B, Sanchez is not put in a situation to succeed. Why not start Tebow? He beat the Steelers in the Playoffs!?! Theres no quit in that kid. Im just an idiot with a laptop and I can see the solution…

  23. I don’t think Sanchez is a great QB but he’s not a bad QB either. The problem is the total lack of talent on that team. The difference from just 2 years ago is very noticable.

    It’s Woody’s fault, from what i understand, that Tebow is there instead of a player who could actually help the team. He wanted his PSLs over making a solid football decision.

    The other part of the problem is waiting until after the trade deadline is over to hold this meeting. You can’t acquire any new talent, all you can do is rearrange the deck chairs.

    They do need to make smarter football decisions next year, whoever is in charge and bring in some talent for that offense, a new RB and at least 1 good WR minimum. Oh, and a new OC who knows how to use them.

  24. Good thing Wood was born a multi-millionaire. He’s spent big money on McCain, the Jets, Ryan, Sanchez, and Romney. He’s not getting much of a return on his investments. At this point, he’s NY number one counter-indicator.

  25. Everyone who has ever worked in Corporate America knows meetings are a waste of time. Football games are won on the field not around a conference table.

  26. Good for Woody. He is trying to win. He may have to enforce his will on the team, and that may not be a bad thing. Rex is hoping and always looking ahead instead of concentrating on only the game in front of him and players game performances.

    Bunch Sanchez , time for McElroy..at least if he completes 60% of passes. Defense may actually get a breather.

  27. Speight called the meeting “calm and constructive.”

    Rex must not have had anything to say . . .

  28. Look at the bright side. The’re getting close to that #1 draft pick. They’ll have to pick up their games to surpass Cleveland, Jacksonville, Carolina and Kansas City though. Sheesh…these guys.

  29. Well, considering that he said Romney winning the Presidency was more important than the Jets winning football games, I guess his feeble mind has been re-directed.

  30. Since Wrecks took over a talented roster from Mangini, name one good roster decision, or one good draft pick, that has improved, or made the team better at his position. I can’t name one. That’s the problem with the Jets. Many, many bad personnel decisions.

  31. The actual meeting took less than 45 minutes. I mean, how long does it take – after roll call and coffee – to say “Rex, start Tebow” …. ???

  32. nflrocks says: “If I was 3 – 6 at my job I would be long gone by now….”

    Me too. Luckily I’m not in a job where I have to sit next to 31 other employees that are the best at what they do and every day 16 of us are guaranteed to lose by design.

  33. bluewinger – Where do you guys get this “Tebow’s a winner” stuff? He didn’t win his first year, he didn’t win his second year and he isn’t winning this year.

    Denver started 1-4 last year with Orton and finished 1-4 with Tebow. So if Timmy’s a winner, Kyle is, too, right? And neither of them have won as much in the NFL as Sanchez.

    The only qb on that roster who hasn’t gotten a chance is the other SEC and National Champ qb, Greg McElroy.

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