A.J. Smith’s Hail Mary throw could be coming

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With the Chargers losing to the Broncos and falling three games plus a tiebreaker behind the Broncos with six games to play, the chances of an AFC West crown have fallen into the gulf residing between “slim” and “none.”

But the postseason remains a possibility, given that both the Colts and the Steelers lost on Sunday, dropping them to 6-4, chased by the 5-5 Bengals and a quintet of 4-6 teams.

If the Chargers don’t pull it off, a house cleaning is coming, with both G.M. A.J. Smith and coach Norv Turner getting the broom-and-dustpan treatment.  So how can  the General Manager specifically manage to save his job, especially at a time when Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego is specifically blaming Smith for the team’s current predicament?

Easy.  He can fire Turner now.

We’re not saying it will happen.  Instead, it could — and probably should — happen.

By giving the reins to fiery special-teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia, the Chargers could wake up. There’s no guarantee they will.  But they could.

They also could have an easier time selling tickets at Qualcomm Stadium, where they’ll play four of their final six games and where they had trouble moving merchandise even while winning three of their first four.

That’s right.  The Chargers have gone from a 3-1 start to a 1-5 free fall.  So something needs to change.  And that change could be coming, soon.

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  1. This move doesn’t make sense. Norv Turner is the play caller/offensive coordinator. YOu think the team is bad now, try doing it without anyone capable of running the offense. Phillip Rivers is no Peyton Manning. Turner will be fired at the end of the season, no sooner. He already has a reserved seat at the Black Monday table.

  2. So let see, the GM is making a plea to save his job by firiing Norv Turner after allowing Vincent Jackson an Darren Sproles to walk. In fact, it was the GM’s role in Vincent Jackson contract talks that fueled him leaving. He publically spoke about his contract talks with Vincent Jackson. Now he is producing in Tampa. And this is Norv’s fault how again?

  3. AJ Smith doesn’t have the authority to fire Norv Turner. Only Dean Spanos can make that decision. People forget that Norv Turner became head coach of the Chargers after Spanos unexpectedly fired Marty Schottenheimer a month after the end of the season in Feb. 2007, weeks after most other coaches had already been hired.

  4. A.J. Smith let Vincent Jackson and Darren Sproles go.

    A.J. Smith drafted Ryan Matthews in the first round.

    A.J. Smith paid Eric Weddle more money than any safety has ever been paid in the history of the NFL, dealing a crushing blow to salary cap space.

    Norv Turner isn’t a great coach, but he is far from the main cause of the Chargers’ problems.

  5. I think Turner is a very good OC and actually a decent coach. Smith has always seemed like a ego maniac and a jerk, obviously I don’t know him personally. I agree with the poster above in regards to Jackson, Sproles, and even other players may be a step below, such as Kevin Burnett. It is hard to make up that talent, as well as Gates being injured quite a bit. I would rather have Norv Turner than Jason Garrett anyday.

  6. Non Charger fan here. AJ Smith is a control freak. Should of never fired Marty. Norv Turner is the parent who lets his kids eat ice cream for breakfast. This team has been undisciplined since that bum took over. Go look at their last play off lost to the Jets. They gave that game away.

    No wonder Archie did not want his son to play there. I think he said they were not committed to winning. After letting VJ and Sproles leave in back to back years it’s hard to find fault with his train of thought.

  7. If you want to pinpoint one reason why the Chargers are a failure it’s because AJ Smith bailed on Drew Brees when the rest of the team was just starting to enter their physical prime. By the time Phillip Rivers was ready to be a top guy the rest of the guys LT, Merreman, etc. were already on the slide.

    A championship team is a group that all peaks at the same time, not all spread out over a 5-6 year span resulting in winning seasons and no rings.

  8. I think that A.J Smith should fire Norv now, get Bisaccia (or even Pagano) in control of the team while we’re still in this failing, god awful season so it’ll give him a leg up on next season.

    And then as soon as this season is over, Spanos should Fire A.J smith.

    Make the right decisions here Spanos, your fans are FED UP with these two jokes.

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