After clearing Florence Sunday, Lions diagnose concussion Monday


Lions cornerback Drayton Florence made the tackle on Detroit’s first defensive snap in Sunday’s loss to the Packers, and he immediately looked like he might have suffered a concussion: He and Packers receiver Randall Cobb had a helmet-to-helmet collision, and Florence fell down face-first and struggled to get back up.

So it was surprising when Florence returned to the game after briefly being checked on the sideline, but return he did: Florence played the rest of the game and made six tackles.

And now it turns out that Florence did, in fact, have a concussion.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz confirmed that Florence woke up Monday morning with a headache, and doctors diagnosed him with a concussion. So what happened? Schwartz said the proper procedures were followed.

“The official removed him from the game,” Schwartz said. “Our guys checked him. He passed all the tests on the sideline. He returned to play. He played pretty well. Didn’t have any signs as we went forward. Didn’t seek any treatments, wasn’t having any symptoms after the game. This morning woke up with a headache. Can’t say mild or severe or anything else, but our guys did diagnose him this morning with a concussion, so he’s listed today with a concussion.”

If a concussed player can pass all the tests on the sideline, that suggests that the sideline tests are insufficient. Mark this down as yet another example of the NFL’s concussion protocols proving to be insufficient.

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  1. Watched the game. Am not a doctor. Could have told you he had a concussion. NFL still doesn’t get it. Hope a billion dollar settlement clears their eyes

  2. Lions offseason to do list: Fire Linehan, fire Cunningham, put Schwartz on the hot seat for the 2013 season, and draft Tyrann Mathieu. ~Fin~

  3. How about a doctor hired by the NFLPA on the sidelines? That would be someone who (at least theoretically) would be there strictly in the interest of the player’s health and safety.

  4. who cares, this is what they signed up for. if you dont like it retire and give someone else an opportunity. for that kind of money i dont think they will have a tough time finding replacements.

  5. Don’t forget what a concussion is – your brain smacking up against the inside of your skull. Just as with any other injury, the degree of severity may not be immediately apparent – a sideline test that occurs within 60 seconds of the injury may not reveal anything, given all the adrenaline and endorphins coursing through the player’s body, masking a lot of symptoms. The real harm may not become apparent for a few hours.
    If the NFL wanted to get serious about protecting players, helmets should be equipped with shock sensors (watch an episode of MythBusters) that would provide an objective and demonstrable measure of the impact sustained by a player. If the player sustains a blow to the head (helmet to helmet, helmet to knee, helmet to ground, etc.) and the shock sensor is tripped, the player should be done for the game.

  6. Schwartz is a defensive coach who really defers to his coordinators and assts. on offense. And the OC he defers to is a joke. It’s starting to look like Fisher held those Titan teams together and Schwartz was just a good follow the leader coordinator. From the last couple drafts, the Lions front office is showing shades of Matt Millen, which makes sense because Mayhew worked under Millen. It doesn’t make any sense, draft all these offensive players (when the defense is clearly not good) and then run the most predictable, conservative offense. Schwartz might not be on the hot seat, but he definitely needs to make some big changes to his staff to stay off it.

  7. How many players is that this season that continued playing (either for a series or more, or the rest of the game) after a hit that probably caused a concussion and then were diagnosed with a concussion? I would really like to know. Does anyone else know?

  8. “Our guys checked him. He passed all the tests on the sideline.”
    I thought there is no more”Our Guys” checking anything under the new policy and that an independent Dr. is to be used . Is that correct or not?

  9. Concussions can take up to 72 hours to show signs or symptoms. Should everyone who hits be removed from the game? One hit per game. Bring in the next guy after a hit, wait 72 hours then clear the starter. Good luck!

  10. Didn’t see the game so not defending anyone but there are a couple different areas where bleeding can occur during a concussion, one of which is a subdural hematoma in which case the bleeding is much slower delaying the onset of symptoms

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