All signs point to Alex Smith playing

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The only hurdle reportedly in the path of 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is a so-called “contact” test, which as Jay Glazer of FOX reported on Sunday will entail hitting Smith with a pad in the helmet and monitoring him for concussion symptoms.

Though it’s unclear when that test will occur (or whether it already has), a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Smith intends to play on Monday night against the Bears, and that it would be a surprise if he doesn’t.

There’s a chance Smith could be inclined to do whatever he has to do to suppress any mild symptoms he may experience when he’s hit in the head with a pad.  That’s an obvious extension of the warrior mentality; not only will players hide concussion when they happen, but they’ll say whatever they have to say to stay on track to return from one — especially when not playing would mean giving the player’s hand-picked successor a chance to show that he’s ready to do some successing.

The 49ers plan to say at some point on Monday whether Smith will play, wisely hoping to take full advantage of the lingering uncertainty as to whether it will be Smith or Colin Kaepernick on Monday night.

UPDATE 9:13 a.m. ET:  If you had “surprise” in the pool, congratulations.  Doctors have prevented Smith from playing.

5 responses to “All signs point to Alex Smith playing

  1. You always want to beat the opponent at their best.
    Unfortunately, the Bears will be without Cutler. It was going to be a difficult challenge beating the 9er’s at home with a healthy roster, without Cutler, Jason Campbell has a tough assignment in San Fran. If somehow the Bears win this one, Greenbay may not catch us.

    Go Bears !

  2. still not giving up the Kaepernick cheer leading eh mike? if the coaches thought as highly of him as you do then Smith getting a concussion would be the perfect time to see what he has wouldn’t it? so what if it is a game against the bears,if he is as great as you think he should be able to handle it right? I do not know a single 49er fan calling for this to happen since harbaugh took over and Smith started playing like a nfl qb should play.

  3. So the test to see if a player has a concussion is to hit him in the head with things? I’d have thought modern medicine would have been further along by now.

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