Arians likes the fact Luck was “mad at himself”

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There was one important reason Colts interim coach Bruce Arians wasn’t panicking about Andrew Luck’s performance in New England last night.

“It was a lot better than the first day Peyton Manning came up here,” Arians said, via Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “I was here that day.”

He was referring to Manning’s three-interception game in his first trip to Foxboro. Luck matched that, with two picks returned for touchdowns, and added a fumble which led to a Patriots touchdown.

“I think they were the right reads. Just some high balls, a ball behind a guy,” Luck said, the last part of that statement a reference to his throw behind Reggie Wayne that Dennard picked off. “(The Patriots) are good enough. They don’t need those gifts, per se. But to their credit, they created those and we didn’t. Such is the game.”

Arians said he was impressed by the way Luck “was mad at himself” for the mistakes, which was evident by slamming a helmet and other acts of frustration, particularly after the second pick.

“That’s the beauty of him,” Arians said. “He’ll come off the field and tell you exactly what he’s thinking and we don’t hide anything between each other.”

Luck’s impressed with his maturity, which is much of the reason the Colts are off to a 6-4 start.

But learning to deal with the downs, as well as the ups, will be crucial as he pilots the Colts through a period in which they don’t have the horses to compete with an on-their-game Patriots team.

9 responses to “Arians likes the fact Luck was “mad at himself”

  1. “He was referring to Manning’s three-interception game in his first trip to Foxboro.”

    I think you might be off a bit there.

  2. I don’t care who you played against, these are all NFL teams, and to be 6-4 at this point of the season with a rookie QB after a 2-14 season is damned impressive. The fans of Indianapolis should be damn proud of this team, because if they’re not they sure don’t deserve it.

    FYI – I hate the colts.

  3. Arians is a fool to make a comment like that and PS….just so ya know, don’t hug your qb like that when he comes off a bad game. Looked silly

  4. After I watched the Colts get whacked by my Bears in week 1, I NEVER thought they would get to 6 wins. Maybe if you added last year, this year, and next. And that was before Pagano’s illness. This team and city should be very proud of themselves.

  5. Luck is a class act , I don’t think he needs to be babied like he is some fragile child. He will get his game together and will be a great QB in this league . I don’t really understand the constant slamming of Payton just to boost this kid up …..

  6. Arians continues to embarrass himself by comparing Luck to Manning. It was a different era, different rules.

    The Patriots never hung 55 on Manning’s Colts even when they were cheating.

  7. Luck threw a lot of good passes and made first down yardage throughout the game. He faced a greater amount of blitzing than normal from the Pats D and it seemed this threw him off a bit. He did not duck and run for cover which shows a great deal of courage. The future looks bright for Indy.

  8. calling peytonsneck….

    “Luck is better than RG3, no question”

    Except for every QB stat that says otherwise.

    Luck had as many turnovers yesterday as RG3 has all season.

    Looks like the Colts finally played a decent opponent.

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