Brady, eloquently, on Gronk: “It sucks”


When Tom Brady left Gillette Stadium last night, he was enjoying a 59-24 win. The reality that he lost one of his most dangerous weapons didn’t kick in for about an hour afterward.

“I know he got injured, but I obviously didn’t know the extent,” Brady told WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan this morning (via the Boston Herald). “He’s such a great player. It sucks that he gets hurt, but it’s part of the game, so he’s got to do his best to get back as soon as possible. We’ve got to go out there and win some games without him.”

Gronkowski suffered a broken arm and will have surgery today, leaving the Patriots without one of Brady’s favorite targets. There’s no timetable for the injury, but it’s not expected to be season-ending.

“He does a lot for us,” Brady said. “I think there’s a reason why you have other guys on the roster, too — Visanthe [Shiancoe], Daniel Fells, [Aaron] Hernandez, [Michael Hoomanawanui], everyone has to step up with having Gronk out. . . . No one cares what’s going on with us. We’ve got to still go out there and win.

“We have some flexibility in what we do. We try to play to the strengths of our players.”

Brady tried to be philosophical about it, noting the Jets were without Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes for the season.

That’s easy when he still has plenty of weapons, as Julian Edelman had 222 all-purpose yards in last night’s win, and a return to health of Hernandez and Wes Welker would give Brady plenty of choices.

“I think Julian plays to some different strengths,” Brady said, when asked to compare Edelman to Welker. “I don’t think they’re a similar player. I think they’re different players with different skill sets. They’re both very good in their own right.

“Wes is one of the best players to ever play at that position, if not the best player to ever play at that position. I think he is. Julian plays a different role for us. That’s why you can have them out there really at the same time doing different things both very effectively.”

That doesn’t mean they won’t miss Gronkowski, but it softens the blow a bit.

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  1. Gronk missing 3-4 weeks is bad, but not fatal. With all the weapons at his disposal, TB will be able to present a very difficult challenge for opposing defenses. Great teams find ways to win big games. The Pats have several tough games left on their schedule, and they must win them to put themselves in the best field advantage in the post season.

  2. This game has a long season and it’s a war of attrition; all teams lose key players at times. The Patriots will still win their Division, but will likely be playing games on the road throughout the playoffs, due to losing three games by a total of four points (thanks to the Rent-a-Refs). The teams that have most of their starters healthy in the end have the best chance of success. Two Backup O linemen played for NE yesterday and they still won; it’s a team effort. Sounds like Gronk can be ready for post season play.

  3. Why do we have the best TE in the NFL in the lineup for a PAT when a player can get hurt in the game in any given play? Why not put Brady in there as well Bill if your answer is going to be we cannot play the game scared and no player is more important to the team than other one.

  4. Yes it does SUCK but at least he will be back by the playoffs. Hernandez is about ready to come back and hopefully Shiancoe can step up.

    I am not ready to agree with richwizl as I think Houston could lose Thanksgiving Day and still has to come to Foxboro and the Ravens look like there are a couple more losses on the horizon which would give the Pats a first round bye.

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