Cassel sees what’s coming, Quinn stays positive


Matt Cassel won’t say as much, but he seems to know it’s over.

And Brady Quinn doesn’t seem to know where he is.

After being benched for the second time this season, this time at halftime of a 28-6 loss to the Bengals, the Chiefs opening day starting quarterback gave every indication that he was aware he wasn’t getting his old job back.

I’m not going to go into that right now,’’ Cassel said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “I don’t know what my future holds, but I’m going to continue to be the same guy. I’m going to continue to work hard and do whatever I can to help this team win. It’s a tough situation. Anytime you’re the quarterback. There is a lot of weight put on you whether it goes good or whether it goes bad.

“I wasn’t anticipating it. I came in at halftime and Coach [Romeo] Crennel said he wanted to create a spark so he was going to make a change at the quarterback position. I wasn’t anticipating that at halftime after we came down and put three points on the board [before] the half.’’

That three points is viewed as an accomplishment speaks to the state of the 1-9 Chiefs.

“I wanted to start Cassel, so I started Cassel,’’ Crennel said, explaining it nicely. “When I felt like I needed to make a change, I made the change to Quinn. So Quinn got into the game in the second half and then after this, I will evaluate it and I will let you know what I am going to do next week.’’

To his credit, Quinn’s taking it all as a positive, despite the fact being the quarterback of the Chiefs doesn’t seem like such a great gig. Best by injuries on the offensive line and without his best receiver (Dwayne Bowe) for the second half, it is fair to suggest he didn’t have a chance.

“Look, I feel like I’m one of the most privileged people in the world,’’ Quinn said. “I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to do what I do. [Playing in] the National Football League is a dream, really. It’s not only changed my life, it’s changed my family’s life forever.

“I don’t care what team you’re on or what your record is, it’s without a doubt the best job you could ever have. I don’t care what the circumstances may sound like or look like to everyone else. I love what I do, and I love the game of football and I also will love being under center and going back there and slinging the ball around.’’

At least until he’s the one getting slung around.

9 responses to “Cassel sees what’s coming, Quinn stays positive

  1. Someone remind Brady Quinn that Von miller is coming to town next week. We will see if he’s still so enthusiastic after that game.

  2. Wow…you mean Cassel can finally see the same thing the fans saw the day he got to KC?

    As far as Quinn vs Cassel, their numbers are almost identical.

    The Chiefs should put Stanzi in just to see if there is anything there.

  3. Browns fans would love to see Brady Quinn start for the Chiefs when they play at Cleveland in two weeks. Having Romeo on the sidelines is sure to bring back memories. Bad ones.

  4. The Chiefs need to start former Iowa Hawkeye QB Ricky Stanzi, and give him a shot…he can’t be any worse than Quinn or Cassel… Heck, Stanzi beat Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert in their bowl game their senior year and looked better than Gabbert in that game, yet Gabbert was a top 10 pick in the NFL draft and Stanzi was a late round draft pick. Plus, Stanzi played with Chiefs Tight end Tony Moeki at Iowa so they already have good chemistry.

    How did the Chiefs let Kyle Orton go in off season free agency and kept Cassel after Orton beat the undefeated Packers last year ? Orton has to be better than Cassel, great front office !

  5. Stanzi sucked in college! I am not sure why he is allowed to be on a NFL team. He played in the BIG 10 which is the easiest conference in CFB. KC would be better off just finishing the season and cleaning house.

  6. Why Stanzi isn’t being given any chance–

    Pioli was with the Pats when Cassel had his one good year in relief of Giselle’s husband. Plus, he went to USC, renowned for the NFL success of its quarterbacks (Cassel, Leinart, Sanchez). This entitles Cassel to multiple chances.

    Quinn is from NOTRE DAME (ooooooohhhhh, let’s all face South Bend and bow) and has been the Golden Boy. He was a top draft pick when Crennel was the head coach. Never mind that he’s never produced for Crennel or any other coach in the NFL, he’s to be given more chances because of his college pedigree.

    Stanzi? Low draft pick. Non-glamor school. Not the pet of either the GM or the coach. No connection to New England.

    However, let’s face it, there’s more wrong with the Chiefs than the QB. It wouldn’t hurt them to see what they have with Stanzi (heck, they gave Tyler Palko a chance), but that would be against the book as written by Pioli and his sidekick Crennel. God forbid a 1-9 team should try anything different.

  7. He should be glad he got his 15 minutes and got paid care of the mediot driven hyperbole that gives sub-par players like him too much credit like he did in New England.

    Other than Lame Kiffen, no one has gotten paid more for doing less. Falling up is something to treasure.

  8. Typical Cassel, thinks putting up 3 points in a half is a job well done. This guy isn’t worthy of backing up JP Losman in the Arena League.

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