Dennis Allen: I’m just as disappointed and frustrated as Mark Davis


Raiders owner Mark Davis said after Sunday’s loss to the Saints that he expects to see progress, and right now his team isn’t giving him that. Raiders coach Dennis Allen said today that Davis is right to be upset.

“Hey, I’m right there with him,” Allen said today. “I’m frustrated. I’m disappointed. You know, you wake up this morning and your gut hurts. But, at the same time, when a man gets knocked down and man gets up and fights. And that’s exactly what we intend to do. I understand his frustration; I can appreciate that. And let me tell you, there’s nobody that’s going to work any harder to get it corrected than I will.”

Allen said, however, that changing things in Oakland is as simple as playing better in the Raiders’ next game, on Sunday against the Bengals.

“When you lose, it hurts. Rips your gut out,” Allen said. “But a win turns everything around. A win makes everybody feel a lot better. And that’s what we need to do. We need to come together as a football team and we need to all make a decision that we’re going to do whatever it takes to win football games.”

NFL head coaches are rarely fired after just one year, so Allen’s job is probably safe. Then again, the Raiders haven’t always given coaches two seasons to prove themselves: Hue Jackson was fired after just one season in 2011, Art Shell was fired after just one season in 2006, Joe Bugel was fired after just one season in 1997 and Mike Shanahan was fired just four games into his second season in 1989. Davis’s comments may have given Allen a renewed sense of urgency about doing whatever it takes to win football games right now.

38 responses to “Dennis Allen: I’m just as disappointed and frustrated as Mark Davis

  1. From a Raiders fan: This is what happens when you fire the HC after every season, there needs to be consistency at the top. Bring Gruden back now.

  2. Guess he should have been smarter and not rushed to leave as the defensive coordinator at Denver. Play it smarter and choose a team that is not notorious for firing a head coach every year. Look what it has done to the rest of their head coaches… Where are they now? He is going to get fired and end up not being a head coach for a while. Just not very smart.

  3. The problem isn’t CP and the offense, it’s the last 3 games by the defense. Playing from 2-3 scores behind is something great teams do, not this team.

    Too many injured players on D and not an inspirational leader on that “D” to hold the others accountable.

    Too many bad draft choices like Slolando McClain and Mike Mitchell (1 & 2 round) that are terrible players. They should be impact players and they’re not.

    This mess DA inherited can’t be fixed in one year. The new guys (Bartell and Spencer) have barely played at corner due to injuries.

    It’s time to show some pride. Those that throw in the towel on this season can get cut and make room for guys with heart and pride.

  4. As the late great Al Davis would say….Rather be right than to be consistent. We don’t need any consistency with this rag tag coaching staff. We’ve been through the Knapp nightmare before, and every unit on this team is poorly coached and has regressed significantly since last year.

    All I hear is be patient. Wait til Dennis Allen gets his type of players. Who’s his type of players…DJ Williams, Elvis Dumervill, Von Miller, and Champ Bailey?? Good luck with getting players like that. They don’t grow on trees.

  5. Listen, Al Davis is dead, so that means all decisions prior to his death and immediately following are NOT RELEVANT to how things are done today in Oakland.
    Mark Davis does not know more football then the people he’s hired, so he will not be quick to pull the plug. End of story.

  6. like i said before, the raiders went bargain shopping for a coach in the off season, they hired dennis allen because he came with a cheap price tag, along with his cordinators. They better fire knapp n hire jason garret after dallas lets him go, or at least let al saunders run the offense that the raiders were running in 2011.

  7. No coach of any repute would go to Oakland if they fire this guy after one season. Besides firing after one season they also find a way to break contracts. Terrible ownership for a team with such a big fanbase. The brand is worth so much more than it is currently bringing in. A move back to LA would help.

  8. At least the bills stick with a guy for awhile, I thought Cable had them going in the right direction then he got fired and I though well at least they made his OC their HC so he knows how things were going then BOOM he’s fired… Need to have consistency at the top. I feel sorry for Raiders fans, two good HC’s let go in two years… Coming from a bills fan

  9. Could be a lot worse. Al Davis could still have his hands in things.

    There hasn’t been enough time yet to undo all the damage he did over the decades yet. I’d give them one more year for that. They might be struggling but there have been noticeable improvements, too.

    On the other hand, there are going to be several current coaches available very soon. And probably a couple from the college ranks.

  10. Raiders need to start a new trend. Hockey players grow beards (as do other sports teams) some get Mohawks, some shave their heads completely! Raiders and their fans, need to get the Mark Davis hairdo to show solidarity. It’s simple really, just sit in the kitchen with a salad bowl on head, hand mom or other loved one the shaver, and Wallah! It might save some Raiders jobs!

  11. snap0179 says: Nov 19, 2012 6:54 PM

    From a Raiders fan: This is what happens when you fire the HC after every season, there needs to be consistency at the top. Bring Gruden back now.


    That’s funny. You say that we need consistency, then advocate for change in the next sentence. You probably think Palmer is to blame too.

  12. It all started when Mike Waufle left – one of the best DL coach in the league – Raiders should have hired him as HC and he wouldve left Saunders in to be the OC – The dl has no heart, no pizzazz and no one wnats to buy in Knapp’s game plan. Tarver lost the team with his complex defense, and no one is playing thru injuries –

    all the players that were cut are not doing anything for their respective teams so you cant blame that on the team. Its just bad green coaching and i knew coming in we were going to be going thru coaches in training. and a GM in training – blow up the team …seriously.. just blow it up now and start from scratch –


    West Hills, CA.

  13. Why would anyone want gruden back? We dont have a team of talented Vets and he has NEVER been one to play young guys or develop talent. That is what we need. Any chance Dungy wants to come here? That would be a get

  14. Prince Valiant isn’t going to axe Allen after one season. The fans have rightly been critical, and owners are like politicians in the sense that they will tell their constituents what they want to hear. Allen, McKenzie, and even Davis have stepped into a mess they didn’t create, and it won’t be cleaned up overnight. Allen might have to replace an assistant or three, but most of the turnover will continue to be player related.

  15. This whole thing that Hue almost took the Raiders over the hump is a myth. They lost 4 of their last 5 and the defense was just as bad. They laid the biggest egg of the year their last game when a win woulda meant the playoffs.

  16. You get BLOWN OUT … 3 games in arow … sorry that’s the coaches fault.
    Look at Jacksonville they got blown out on national tv and they come back the next game and took the Texans to OT.
    There is no excuse for 3 BAD games in arow. Seriously to give up that many points on defense and special teams is pathelic week after week.
    Thank god for Palmer … the Raiders would be 0-10 without him.

  17. Yeah bring Gruden back…the guy wouldn’t know talent if it hit him the face. If he would have stuck around in Oakland he would have been fired a few years down the road just like he was in Tampa.

  18. DA: Don’t talk about it, be about it.

    Make this kid Mark’s intern and find a real coach that knows what he’s doing. Terrible choice in the first place.

  19. Raiders need heart and passion which the HC lack by watching him stand around making notes on the sideline..I believed that the raider nation need to be patient but the defensive staffs need revamping specially special team.

  20. everyone says we need consistency yet says fire Allen. Nobody remembers Al passed last year?? whole new system. one that needs time. period. Salary cap disaster and no draft picks. Followed by change in defense scheme, run scheme, and pass scheme and no chance to pay/draft the players for the schemes. This isn’t McKenzie or Allen fault. They were dealt a bad hand and deserve time to correct the mess with cap and draft picks before ill call for a change.

  21. Truthfully this team is under performing. They were placed in a bad situation with the salary situation and bad deals made by Al in the past. With that said, they should be better than what they have shown this year. I think they should do something that they have not done possibly ever, trade the first pick and try to acquire additional depth. Cut the overpaid non-performing players and try to expedite the improvement.

  22. I think Dennis Allen may be in over his head right now, but I don’t think they should fire him. He’s young and this is his first time as a head coach. I don’t know if Reggie McKenzie had the money to hire a big name head coach so I think he did the best he could. Same with the rest of the team. I DO think they should get rid of Greg Knapp immediately. The worst play caller I’ve ever seen. And Carson Palmer needs to go right after they find a siutable replacement. But the rest of the coaching staff should be given more time. I think Mark Davis is taking the right approach. Hands off, but not so much that everyone thinks their job is safe. Good job Mark, but I agree that the hair looks goofy.

  23. The Raiders were left with nothing when McKenzie took over.The cap was a mess and they got rid of some of the players who were high salary low production.This is exactly what I expected to see for them this year.This offseason they will have decent cap space and actual draft picks.Also the secondary has been beaten up all year and when you have no cap money you’re not exactly attracting the best players to come play when you offer peanuts.Could be worse we could be the Chiefs.

  24. I like DA alot and think in the long run he will be a good coach. There is no doubt he needs to make changes to his coaching staff after this season. I dont like how he came to hire Knapp by saying he knew him with Atlanta and always thought he would hire him if he became a head coach.. I would rather him find someone that can call a damn game, thats a great offensive mind.

    All that said damn did Chucky look good in black wearing his sun cap like he always use to when he coached us…I had goose bumps and was ready to run through a wall for him with that look…And that look only comes through with the mystique of the silver and black.

  25. I am so tired of the get rid of Palmer stuff. He is probably one of the most talented QBs this franchise has had, and we can win with him.. Is he Payton or that bum Brady no. But he can be a big Ben type that can win with a good defense and a good o-line protecting him…though Ben never had a good o-line but hes had better recievers and TE and a running game…Carson Palmer is one of the top leaders in passing right now

  26. Think you have your pix crossed, folks… That is DC Tarver, not DA..

    Truth is, nobody like the losing…. BUT, look at the cesspool of inflated contracts and lack of draft picks DA and Big Reg had to start with.. Nobody in their right minds can expect this team to be playoff bound… This year is the first of a gut and rebuild season… Unfortunately, the next couply might be similar…

    I understand the love for Palmer (though I question his read ability) and I dont question that he is the best QB on the roster. But at this point, if they dont get Pryor on the field to some capacity (slot receiver/QB), they are wasting talent and the young man’s time.. Look at what Kaepernick did last night.. Dude has similar game to Pryor… Gotta give the guy a shot at some point, if it doesnt work, cut the ties!! We need guys on the roster that we intend on developing and using!!

  27. i find all the comments about a poor organisation and same old raiders to be very funny. it doesn’t get a ton of press but this is essentially a new owner. everything from the owner down to the water boy is new. reggie gutted the new organisation and the organisation is starting all over. he is bringing it into the 21 century with the rest of the league.
    this cannot be done over night and it will take time. especially with the mess that was handed over to reggie

  28. I get the questioning of his read ability but I also believe alot has to do with young guys not running crisp routes and fighting for the ball, as much as I like Myers and believe he is a good TE that will grow now that he is starting, but that pick 6 against the saints was from him not fighting for the ball and cutting in front of the defender instead of letting the defender cut his route..Not makin excuses for Palmer just think with the right tweaks this could be going the other way. We need our defense to step up and sack somebody

  29. jlb10:

    I love this excuse, the most. The best counter-point would be the superior Bay Area team, from the City. They went from rubbish to the NFC Championship game in one season.

    Try again.

    The new owner, will be the same as the old owner, but with even less football acumen.

  30. Funny to see some people say that there needs to be consistency at the HC position, then ask for Gruden back in another breath. Retreads to the same franchise generally don’t work that well – look at how well Art Shell did the 2nd time around.

    I’m still not giving up on Allen, but there are two problems right now – lack of personnel on defense and horrible playcalling on offense. One can be solved by giving Greg Knapp his pink slip today. The other will have to wait for the offseason, to get rid of big contract dead weights like McClain, Seymour (not effective/too injured), and maybe even Kelly and Huff.

  31. The honeymoon period is over. It’s clear that some changes still need to be made, like OC, maybe even DC. We need depth, but that looks like a 4-5 year deal since those early draft picks are gone. I think Reggie can do it. Just look at last year for example. Not many picks going into that draft and still managed to get some young talent. Maybe we can trade someone and get a 1st rounder back. Since most of the first round picks don’t turn out to be stars, i’d like to see if Reggie could find the ones that do.

  32. rookie head coach, rookie defensive coordinator, rookie owner, rookie general manager, and an offensive coordinator that is terrible..enough said

  33. dougydougdoug says: Nov 20, 2012 2:25 PM


    I love this excuse, the most. The best counter-point would be the superior Bay Area team, from the City. They went from rubbish to the NFC Championship game in one season.

    Try again.

    The new owner, will be the same as the old owner, but with even less football acumen.
    Most of the rubbish that went to the NFC title game in one season was already in place. Nobody is bragging about the football acumen of the superior Bay Area team’s owner. If anything, he gets credit for his personnel skills. He was closer to start with, and delegated well.

    Try again.

  34. As a Raiders fan going into this year I was expecting a down’s going to take some time to get things to where they need to be…the d needs to be revamped up front..Seymour/Kelly pay cut or bounce
    Situational guys @ best..if you put the pressure up front on the qb you can get by with a so so secondary.

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