Dez Bryant: Getting booed hurt my heart

Getty Images

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had a very productive Sunday.

He caught 12 passes for 145 yards to help the Cowboys come back in the second half against the Browns and ultimately win the game in overtime. That didn’t stop him from hearing boos at Cowboys Stadium, though. Bryant heard the razzing after he went out of bounds instead of fighting Browns defenders for a first down on a catch in the second quarter.

“I was hearing it. I was,” Braynt said, via USA Today. “Man, that hurt my heart.”

Bryant explained what happened on the second down play and said it was a lapse in knowledge of the distance the team needed for a first as opposed to a lack of toughness.

“When I seen where we was at, I was like, Damn. I didn’t mean to do that,” Bryant said. “It’s not like me. It’s not like me to run out of bounds. I seen like four or five guys coming so I took a step out. I didn’t see the first down marker. That’s my bad. I should’ve known where we was at on the field.”

Bryant’s scored touchdowns in each of the last two games, both of which were Cowboys victories. If Bryant can keep producing, while keeping the mistakes at a minimum, the winning streak stands a chance of continuing against the Redskins on Thanksgiving.