Further review of this week’s key officiating calls

Every Monday on NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk, former NFL official and current NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos looks at three of the questionable calls from the Sunday that was.

This past Sunday, it was particularly ugly in Atlanta when coach Mike Smith tried to challenge a play that was subject to automatic review.

Daopoulos also took a look at an apparent catch and fumble that ended up being a non-reviewable incomplete pass in Dallas, and the notorious “second act” exception in San Diego’s game at Denver.

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9 responses to “Further review of this week’s key officiating calls

  1. I’d just love to know why my repeated posts congratulating the Ravens on their win over my Steelers last night have been censored. Are you only allowed to post if you make an ass out of yourself?

  2. I can’t believe what I a watched tonight. First, they took a sack/fumble away from the 49ers where Campbell lost 15 yards, then the ball is batted illegally out of bounds by the Bears, then they call a push on the 49ers, no illegal batting (I believe is a 15 yard penalty). So instead of 4th and around 40, they Bears get 1rst and 10!!! I am not a niners homer, but what a crock!

    Later, another sack/fumble, picked up by a Bears offensive lineman, and he flings the ball forward, and they call it intentional grounding!!! WHAT?!!!

    Then they change the ruling and the official says “the ball was thrown by the offensive lineman in the end zone, so we’ll ‘GO WITH’, intentional grounding…”.

    Unbelievable. If the replacement refs would have made either one of these mistakes, they would have been crucified by the media and the fans.

  3. It seems that we’re all too focused on officiating since preseason, but shouldn’t we be worried about football? None of these clowns, downstairs or upstairs are going to perfect the game. So just let them play.

  4. So looking at a total of three plays is fine when you do it but bad when another network does? Be more hypocritical please, and this isn’t even anything other than advertising your show so it’s not even a solid review of the THREE plays.

  5. In my opinion, there is one rule that needs to be changed immediately. A week ago, the QB on 3rd down is hit while his arm was going forward. The referees allowed the play to continue. The defense picked up the ball and ran it in for a touchdown. A penatly flag was thrown for excessive celebration in the end zone. The play was reviewed and it was determined the QB’s arm was going forward and thus it was an incompleted pass. But wait! A 15 yard penatly was then tacked on giving the offense a 1st and ten. If the referees had called it correctly, the whistle would have blown and the defense would likely not have been celebrating excessively. In this case, unless there is a flagrant (intent to inflict harm, i.e.throwing a punch) personal foul, the flag should have been picked up and it should have been 4th down. I do not see why the offense should benefit for throwing a incompleted pass.

    Similar situation in the LSU vs Ole miss Game. LSU punt returner fell to a knee and the refs did not see it. As he ran down field, there was an illegal block (hit to the helmet) called. The play was reviewed and it was determined the returner’s knee did touch the ground and thus the play was dead. However, tack on a 15 yard penalty for the illegal block that would have not occurred had the refs call the play dead when the knee touched the ground.

  6. It’s a good thing the MNF game was a blowout, those refs in San Francisco could have found themselves on the wrong side of an angry mob with some of those calls. Beyond pathetic.

  7. In my opinion if a coach throws his red flag on a play that’s subject to” automatic review” anyway, the penalty should be the flag takes precedent meaning the challenge would go against his allotted challenges for the game. To take away the auto challenge entirely AND 15 yard penalty is ridiculous makes absolutely no sense!

  8. Maybe someday other people will realize the NFL was doing the right thing by playing hard ball with the refs because when it comes down to it the replacement refs were no worse than the “real” refs. It’s a shame one questionable call on a Monday Night primetime game is the reason the NFL caved.

  9. The coaches are told prior to each game in no uncertain terms to put the challenge flag away on automatic reviews as well as after the two minute warning (because the same thing will happen). Sometimes, the assistant coach will actually take the red flag away at the two minute mark because they know the penalty is harsh.

    Yet he threw it anyway. The reason is because it slows things down and moving games along is priority 1 and 1A.

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