Jammal Charles wants Romeo Crennel to stick around


The Chiefs’ latest loss left quarterback Matt Cassel pretty sure that his run in Kansas City is coming to an end, but running back Jammal Charles isn’t ready to give up on coach Romeo Crennel.

In the wake of Sunday’s 28-6 loss to the Bengals, Charles said he feels bad for the coach because he feels the players aren’t performing up to their capabilities. Charles also believes the team would be making a mistake if they were to fire Crennel after giving him only one year to succeed.

“I don’t know what the outcome is, what you’re going to get if you keep on changing head coaches and changing head coaches,” Charles said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “If you keep doing that, he can’t get the right players here. I feel if you stay with one system and continue to get players, I feel you can be successful. If (Crennel) is here for one year, you just can’t kick him out because he’s not having a good year. Let him get his stuff together and have a couple of years, then we can have a successful year.”

There’s definitely something to be said for not changing coaches so often that you wind up with four in six years, which is where the Chiefs would be if they move on from Crennel after this season. Having said that, Crennel’s track record is long enough across his two head coaching jobs to have a pretty good idea about what you’re getting with him as the man in charge. His record is 27-50 and the Chiefs are showing no signs of progress as this year unfolds.

Charles may be right that the players are a bigger problem than the coach, but that record and an increasingly hostile fan base should guarantee a new direction from the executive suite down through the roster in 2013.

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  1. Hey Jammal,

    Your team was a missed field goal away from winning the division last year. Now you are the worst team in the NFL. That means Pioli/Crennel are moving in the wrong direction.

    When you are a missed field goal away form a division title, you shouldn’t need to “get his stuff together and have a couple of years”.

    It may only be a couple of years for you and Romeo but it’s been over 40 years for Chiefs fans and they are tired of it.

  2. Agree that having four coaches in six years is bad for a football team, and you’ll almost always be better off sticking with a single coach for 4+ years. Unless, of course, that coach is Romeo Crennel…

  3. 5 Division titles and 1 playoff win in the last 40 years is bad. The players are there now except for the QB.

    What they need is leadership from players, coaches and the GM and they have none of that from any of them.

    This team is totally demoralized from top to bottom. Clean house and hire some leaders.

  4. Wait until the Chiefs-Browns game in two weeks. The number 31 and 32 teams will go at it. Lets see if Romeo can rally his troops to play a competitive game. If not, cut him now. No easier challenges will come his way.

  5. Romeo Crennel is the most “by the book” vanilla, coach in the league. You can pretty much call his coaching decisions for the next game TODAY. He takes no risks, therefore he gets no reward. He needs to be gone. The Chef’s may be the worst team in the league, but it’s not because they don’t have the talent. They have enough to warrant a better record, they just need new direction

  6. “Your team was a missed field goal away from winning the division last year. Now you are the worst team in the NFL. That means Pioli/Crennel are moving in the wrong direction.”


    Where was this so called FG and by this logic every team in the west was a missed fg or blown call away from winning the division because SD, Den, and OAK all had 8-8 records and the chiefs were in last with a 7-9 record. So to say you were a missed FG away from the divison title isn’t saying much at all. Oakland lost to Det in Dec by a blocked FG as time expired to lose by 1 so were they a pt away from the divison title? yes, but it’s still dumb logic.

  7. How does this guy keep getting work??!!


    Really, do you have to ask that question? See the Art Rooney rule…..

  8. One win on the season and yet at 1pm on Monday, still nothing but silence from the owner.
    That should tell you all you need to know.

  9. And by stick around Jamaal means get fired yesterday. Romeo, good guy, very good d-coordinator, and a lousy head coach. I offer his record in Cleveland and KC as evidence. Your witness…

  10. I wouldn’t look for any news anytime soon. According to flight tracker (I’m an air traffic controller) , Clark Hunt was over the Gulf of Mexico headed to Costa Rica at 4pm today…

  11. The Chiefs have failed to finish with a winning record in five of the past six seasons. That’s terrible.

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