Justin Tuck says Giants haven’t lost their confidence

Getty Images

The Giants got back to work on Monday after their bye and returned to face the same kinds of questions they were facing before being given the week off by coach Tom Coughlin.

Those questions have to do with the team’s poor play in two losses before the bye and a stretch of ragged play that stretches back through the final two wins of their four-game winning streak. Defensive end Justin Tuck doesn’t think that the problems came from a lack of confidence.


“No. Not confidence. Maybe a little focus. We lost a little focus. I think everybody on this team feels that we can be the best team in the league when we’re playing our style of football. It’s just unfortunate that we haven’t played our style of football the last couple of weeks and we have to find a way to get back to playing that because it’s going to be needed leading up into these next few weeks,” Tuck said, via the team’s website. “But confidence? No. I think we always have been very confident. Sometimes maybe too confident, borderline cocky a little bit. But our confidence will never be a… I don’t think it will ever waver on this team.”

There would seem to be a correlation to being “borderline cocky” and losing focus so perhaps the reality check delivered in the last two games will bring things back into the proper alignment. It’s a good time for that to happen as the Giants kick off a closing stretch against teams with a 36-24 record with a home date against the Packers on Sunday night.