Lions coaches growling at each other during loss


The Lions didn’t stomp on any Packers Sunday.

Keeping them off each other might have been more of a challenge.

Lions receivers coach Shawn Jefferson was seen barking at offensive coordinator Scott Linehan after a conservative set of play-calls in the red zone.

I’d rather not go into it,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said, via Anwar Richardson of “Everybody was disappointed not to be able to score a touchdown on that last drive.”

Leading 17-14 with the ball the Lions turned a first-and-10 at the Packers 10 into a field goal, when Mikel Leshoure ran twice and Matt Stafford threw incomplete to Titus Young. They settled for a field goal to push the lead to 20-14 with 4:25 left.

The Packers responded with a touchdown, and after Detroit had to punt on the next possession, Jefferson was seen yelling at Linehan, saying: “I said throw the ball.” Linehan did not respond.

Jefferson’s biggest beef could have been ignoring Calvin Johnson there, despite the fact he had 113 yards and a touchdown at that point.

“It’s not unusual [not to not get the ball on first-and-goal late in the game],” Johnson said. “I mean, the coverage kind of dictates what happens a lot of times. They were playing a little two-trap, so it made it tough.”

Frustrations often boil over on the sidelines, but it’s usually between players, or a player and a coach.

When the guys charged with keeping control lose theirs, it’s not hard to wonder why things are the way they are for the Lions.

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  1. Maybe Jim Harbaugh should join the staff and keep the peace. Teams assume the personality of their coaches. They’ll never be a serious contender as long as Schwartz and co. are in charge.

  2. So who was the Lions’ player who was complaining about how the Lions were not being regarded as highly as the Saints even tho’ they had the same record?
    Well yesterday is why.

  3. So that is the extent of the game management meltdown? How about that Detroit that quit thinking at the end of the game. Not one of the coaches could suggest “LET THEM SCORE!”

    If ever a situation to let the other team score, this was it. Do the math! 8 POINT GAME with 1:50 remaining and two time outs while returning a kick, or 4 point game with 18 seconds left and no time outs at your own 17 yard line??????

    Did not Tampa come back in final minute from 8 pts down just yesterday? It happens a hell of a lot more often than a team going 83 yards in final 17 seconds to win a game.

    The late game meltdown should have nothing to do with the assistant coaches–all on the head coach!

  4. Didn’t the Lion’s oline give up 5 sacks?
    Walden actually pushed the pocket in on ’em…
    Factor in that pressure on Stafford along with his sort of inaccurate day throwing it – idk.

    They were doing an alright job running it with that Big Predator looking dude.

  5. It all starts with Schwartz, he’s a loser, just like the rest of the team. Hope the Lions sign him to an extension.

  6. You knew this team was going to implode sooner or later. Scumbag coach, injury-prone frat boy douche QB, and the rest filled in with loudmouth clowns with Suh as the head clown. Calvin Johnson is the only long-term positive thing they got going.

  7. It is becoming increasingly more clear that the Lions organization lacks discipline from the head coach on down.

  8. The Lions are very talented. Instead of fixing the few issues they hadn’t year and become that 12-13 win team, they changed to much all over from the offensive coordinator smartness and some of the players thinking that they are untouchable. Tackling and backfield on defense is the teams main problem. Along with the coordinator. Fix that and the team will be back next year as a 12-4 or 13-3 team. As big and long as a fan I am, I can only wish that everything goes right from here out and we win but I believe it’s to late. The Texans will beat us I’m sure on Thanksgiving. I don’t even want a barely win because the Texans deserve to be in the playoffs with an all around solid team. Maybe next year.

  9. The Lions off the field mngmt and tactics have a lot more issues than just one drive. It’s a global concern and they need leadership from the top down to get the most out of the players and devise an overall game plan and system of team culture and chemistry. There are dozens of small and large problems that have to be fixed first, not just looking at one drive and saying we should have passed instead of run. That’s just a byproduct after effect of the conceptual challenges we face that the top of the leadership structure is not addressing properly!

  10. I feel like I’m the only person who noticed that when Fox showed Jefferson yelling at Linehan, Nate Burleson was standing behind them. But he was suited up to play! So the video wasn’t even from yesterday’s game!

  11. Jeremy W says:
    Nov 19, 2012 5:28 PM
    I feel like I’m the only person who noticed that when Fox showed Jefferson yelling at Linehan, Nate Burleson was standing behind them. But he was suited up to play! So the video wasn’t even from yesterday’s game!

    You probably are the only person because it wasn’t Nate Burleson, it was Stefan Logan.

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