Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy still in Stage 1 of concussion recovery

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After Andy Reid said he wasn’t going to quit on the Eagles, he moved on to updating the status of quarterback Michael Vick and running back LeSean McCoy.

Both players are recovering from concussions and both are still at the first stage of the process. Reid said that both players are in Stage 1 of the post-concussion protocol, which means that they haven’t tested at baseline levels. Vick’s been trying to get to that point since getting hurt against the Cowboys in Week 10, although Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Reid said Vick has been improving and there have been reports that he could play this week.

Reid also said that McCoy has a “bit of a headache” and that the team was considering him day-to-day for the time being. Reid also said that he didn’t regret running McCoy on the play when he got hurt, which came just after the two minute warning with the Eagles trailing 31-6. He also said coaches had to walk a fine line when it came to taking players who want to play out of games and took responsibility for making the call in McCoy’s case.

“It’s my job to weigh that out. If you want to put that on me, I fully take that,” Reid said. “I also have a pretty good feeling, I think, for my football team.”

That’s a little different than what Reid said on Sunday night about trying to win the game, but the result is the same for the Eagles.

12 responses to “Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy still in Stage 1 of concussion recovery

  1. But what stage of recovery are Eagles fans in from watching their horrid play this season?

  2. I’m no Reid fan, but it’s tough to criticize him for playing McCoy – look at what happened to Gronkowski. If Reid wasn’t trying to win the game he would have been criticized for laying down, so there you go…but running McCoy being 25 down and under 2 minutes isn’t like trying to win the game – he needs a better (job) answer!

  3. Reid has made plenty of mistakes this year, but playing McCoy isn’t one of them. If he wanted to keep playing then he should stay in the game. The Eagles aren’t going to make the playoffs and McCoy’s injury isn’t going to keep them out of the Super Bowl. If you’re going to start sitting healthy players you might as well just put you backups in at halftime like some glorified exhibition game.

  4. Andy Reid (AKA The Lorax) has been blaming himself for YEARS. Im sick of it. He should not have had McCoy. Other suggestion: Andy, when it is time to run how bout you trying lining up in the good ‘ol fashion ‘I-formation’. Might help McCoy having a FB. Enough of this draw draw draw with the OCCASIONAL stretch play. Guy makes me SICK!

  5. I feel Vick was more of a fluke injury wise.. Save himself for another team next season. This is just opinion of course. My opinion is he quit.

  6. If you give someone like McCoy incentives in his contract then you have to let him stay in the game long enough to achieve his goals. McCoy might have a couple of million dollars riding on his yards gained for the season. If Reid sits him down he’s inviting a complaint from the union where the union says, “You didn’t let him play because you didn’t want to pay him”.

  7. Andy took to many hits to the head and look how he turned out

    Hey Philly it was McNabbs fault no it was Kevin Cobb no it was Juan who’s fault is it now?

    All kidding aside your team has no heart they have bank accounts not heart.

    You need a new coach and he needs a really big broom to sweep it clean coaches players the works.

    Start over this renting talent has not worked

  8. Let’s see. Rookie QB making first start- lets try and sling the ball all over in a, at the time close game. Down 25 w 1:44 left – lets handoff cuz were trying to win the game with a 26 point play.

    Bad coaching, bad gameplan, bad all around. said it 20 times. Team has went slowly downhill since Reid got power to draft, and nosedived after Jim Johnson passed and bDawk left. Actually starting to think mcnabbs ability to make plays and westbrooks gamebreaker ability covered for a bad offensive system.

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