Percy Harvin’s ankle still “sore and pretty tender”


Giants quarterback Eli Manning returned to work after a bye week on Monday and reported the pop was back in his arm.

Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin didn’t have quite the same return to health during Minnesota’s week off. Harvin didn’t participate in the Vikings’ workout on Monday as a result of the ankle injury that kept him out of the victory over the Lions in Week 10. Coach Leslie Frazier said that Harvin hasn’t had a setback and just wasn’t ready to get back on the field despite rehabbing last week.

“Most of the swelling is gone,” Frazier said, via Tom Pelissero of “It’s just sore and pretty tender right now. So, we’ll see how he feels when we come back on Wednesday.”

Another wide receiver was missing for the Vikings on Monday as well. Michael Jenkins got an MRI on his foot after experiencing soreness during the bye week. There was no structural damage, leaving Frazier to say that they’ll also see how he’s doing when the team reconvenes on Wednesday.

The Vikings are in the middle of a multi-team scrap for Wild Card spots and will be a game out of the division lead if the Bears lose to the 49ers on Monday night. They also play the Bears next week, so getting Harvin back as soon as possible would be a very good thing for the Vikings.

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  1. The Vikings need Harvin back for the stretch run.

    With two games against Chicago, two against Green Bay and a trip to Houston in the last six games, the Vikings are going to need all the offensive firepower they can get.

  2. Given his history of being able and willing to play through minor injuries, I’m thinking Percy will be ready to go on Sunday. And don’t expect the injury to limit him on the field even if he’s not 100%. He’ll find a way. He’s a stud and the Vikings should not hesitate to lock him up with a long term contract.

  3. Milking this until the end of the season.

    Next year he’ll be on a new team, and suddenly he’ll be healthy all year.

  4. shut up tokyo he is not leaving next year still has one more year contract and hes not leaving for the packers

  5. thetokyosandblaster says:
    Nov 19, 2012 3:08 PM
    Milking this until the end of the season.

    Next year he’ll be on a new team, and suddenly he’ll be healthy all year.


  6. Cohesive O-line play giving Ponder time to throw is a bigger issue. They’ll have to bring the safeties up out of respect for Adrian.

  7. Headache Harvin wants free agency and a new team.

    He gets paid this season whether he plays or not.

    Some characters care more about money than teammates, their obligations, and personal pride.

    A new team, a positive atmosphere, and a good coaching staff might turn him around.

  8. I can’t believe the people alleging that Harvin isn’t really hurt. He sprained his ankle in three places two weeks ago. Anyone with a high ankle sprain is usually out six weeks. This guy has a high, medium, and low ankle sprain!

  9. Harvin is really milking it. He wants out of Minnesota. Harvin would have been much happier if they could have moved to Los Angeles.

  10. He demanded a trade before, you don’t think he will again, especially if the team takes 3rd or 4th in the division AGAIN?

  11. we are not out of the playoff picture yet and I am sure if we paid him what he is worth he will stay with the vikings AND THEY BETTER HE IS WORTH MORE THAN HE IS GETTING>
    sorry about the caps just venting he does deserve more and I along with a bunch of other fans I am sure would agree we want him to sign on for however long we can keep him under contract.
    We do have plenty of talented players just not great coaching,
    and they are not leaving Dayton is just spewing
    we can also win the bears they are playing crappy tonight against the 49ers .

  12. Every poster saying Harvin is “milking it” is a moron. He is one of the toughest recievers in the leauge and plays hard every single week.

    It is also wishful thinking that the Vikings are going to let one of their best players just walk out the door via free agency.

    He is going to get the long term contract he deserves .. from the Vikings.

  13. Great player and a gamer but has an attitude that even makes Titus Young envious. That display of yelling at Fraiser on the sidelines in Seattle is only outweighed by throwing weights at Childress. I don’t think the Vikings will put up with it if he keeps getting hurt. His tantrums make T.O. and Moss proud.

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