Report: Reid will coach on Monday night

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With the Eagles’ bye week a distant memory, the question becomes whether a week with one extra day in it will result in a coaching change.

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that Andy Reid will remain the head coach when the Eagles host the Panthers next Monday night in a game that will be worth watching only to see how loud and demonstrative the fans will be regarding the belief that Reid should be released.

Though it remains highly unlikely that owner Jeffrey Lurie will fire Reid during the season, the end could come after a Week 15 Thursday nighter against the Bengals — if the Eagles continue both to lose and to look less than competitive in the process.  A change then would give Philly three extra days to prepare for season-ending division games against the Redskins and Giants.

The biggest impediment to an in-season change could be the absence of a clear-cut interim hire.  With defensive coordinator Todd Bowles conjuring memories of the good old days, when the defense lost games in the fourth quarter not the first, and with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg still tainted by his decision to choose to kick off in sudden-death overtime, there’s really no one to whom the whistle could be handed.

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  1. Let Duce Staley coach this team for all I care. I want him gone now. We don’t need a suitable replacement because we do not have a suitable coach. It won’t matter, we will still get blown out by terrible teams.

    I hate this team so much – blow it up and start over.

  2. Bdawk20,

    You have lost your absolute mind? If Reid could not coach, he would been gone long before now. The team is stuck a rut and the players are not playing up to normal Eagle standards. Some of it may be front office related, some of it may be coaching related, and part of the responsibility falls on the player’s shoulders. Point is the Eagles have quietly hit the bottom and no one person is to blame. Reid has proven over the last 13 seasons that he can coach. To assume he all of a sudden lost the ability to coach is absurd. Reid is a great coach with a lot going for him. I for one respect the hell out of Andy and what he has done for the Eagle organization, and I am a Giant’s fan. He deserves a break. He is emotionally burnt out from coaching so long and the recent loss of his son. I hope Andy takes a much deserved break and that fate finds him coaching on a sideline again in the near future. He is one of the best coaches in the NFL.

  3. “The biggest impediment to an in-season change could be the absence of a clear-cut interim hire”

    This is like the argument that you (we, Eagles fans) won’t find a better coach then Andy… WE ARE LOSING WITH ANDY. If Marty or Todd (or any other coach) takes over the whistle and loses, what’s the difference?

  4. At this point, Lurie would be doing Reid a favor if he went ahead and fired him now. I seriously fear for Reid’s safety during home games. Hope his life insurance premiums are paid up. And the police officers assigned to Reid’s security should receive double hazard pay. What a mess.

  5. True eagles fans stick by their team bdawk20. You should be ashamed to even make that your name. Yea we suck this season. Andy and Vick will both be gone, this is indisputable at this point in time. I agree with you in that with or without Andy we will lose, but if ur a true birds fan you wouldn’t sound like such a coward.

    The fans that stick with their team, through good years and bad, I have all the respect in the world for pouring your soul into your team, whatever team that me be.

    BUT, fair weather fans like bdawk20 here should get off the bandwagon, and stay off. We don’t need you in Philly, not for a second

  6. Look everyone know the Eagle’s in a slump but you cant blame Vick..this man been running for his life all season all but 2you of his interceptions have been the receivers fault.. you cant expect to be a productive QB when every play you running for your life.. you want to blame someone blame Reid and the Offensive coordinator for calling the lop sided plays…No Balance

  7. Pick any Philadelphia Eagles fan to coach. Most already know the gameplans / first fifteen play script by heart.

    First Play: Play Action deep ball. If complete, go to Second Play A. If incomplete, go to Second Play B:
    Second Play A: Play Odds & Evens. If Odds, Slant or pass to HB out of backfield. If Evens, Sprint Draw (if you have an offensive line).
    Second Play B: HB Draw (1-2 yard gain)
    Third Play: Incompletion or Possible Turnover (Fumble/Interception). If not Turnover, go to Fourth Play.
    Fourth Play: Punt
    Fifth Play: Play Odds & Evens. If Odds, Incomplete Pass. If Evens, Pass to WR for 6-7 Yards. Go to Sixth Play.
    Sixth Play: Pass to HB/TE.
    Seventh Play: Run for small/moderate gain.

    Go back to Super Bowl 2004 of Eagles/Patriots; they’ve done the same thing since then.

    If fans know this, you can be sure that other teams do too.

    Go back to Eagles vs Patriots in 2004 Super Bowl. First play with possession. Play Action deep ball.

  8. Honestly – and this is coming from a die hard Eagles fan – it makes sense to give Reid another game or two to get something out of Foles. There is at lest some lingering interest due to Foles.

    However, replacing Reid with three or four games left will help keep fans interested for the remaining games. There’s no way Reid turns this nightmare around. I personally won’t care to watch the rest of the season if Reid coaches beyond two more week. That’s saying a lot. I have missed maybe two games since 1999. The two I missed were when Mike McMahon was our QB. Everyone forgets that failed project. Reid most certainly did not guru McMahon into being a good, or even average, quarterback.

    My hopes for next year are this:
    1. A up and coming coordinator for a head coach, not Cower, Dungy, Billick, or Gruden. Lurie has hired two coordinators so far (Kotite, Rhoades) and a QB coach (Reid).
    2. A top ten draft pick on the best quarterback in the draft. Just do it, ala McNabb. Despite how McNabb ended he was really good up to and including the Super Bowl year.
    3. Draft O-line the rest of the way. We have youth on defense. A new coordinator will solve the D.
    4. A new GM. Roseman is the ultimate example oif cronyism. Would you hire an IT person to work on your car? Would you hire a plumber to build your deck? Would you hire a Rabbi to christen your child? No way. Why do we get a football geek to build/manage a billion dollar franchise?
    5. Purge the ranks. After Reid goes, send Marty, Bowles, Mudd, and Washburn with him. Let the new coach bring in his own people.
    6. Focus. Make the coach a coach, not the VP of this or that. Let him tell the GM what he needs. Let the GM find it.

    Lurie has been good at not micro-managing. At this point, he needs to get his hands a bit dirty. It is transition time. What’s at stake is a fan base that is looking for other teams for entertainment. Make the tough decisions, Lurie.

  9. I can see coach Andy going to another team and winning a Super Bowl. This isn’t as good as people think and has quit on top of that. Coach time there has gone too long, change is needed and someone will get a good coach in a year or two.

  10. This self proclaimed Superbowl team has always had high hopes every year but never lives up to the hype it bestows on it self. Maybe they are as good as their record.

  11. Lurie needs to think about having a very unhappy fan base at the Linc on National TV…I guess I will need to bring my earplugs again for them turning the PA system up to 11…

  12. lucky5936 – I have not lost my mind, but you are blinded by this mirage of success that you believe Andy Reid has had. Consider the following:

    Andy Reid:
    His record versus teams better than .500: 48-62
    His record versus playoff teams: 24-45
    65-54 since Superbowl appearance in 2004.
    32-24 since Jim Johnson’s death with zero playoff wins.
    In 13 seasons prior to this one, Reid only has three winning seasons against playoff teams.
    In 12 seasons prior to this one, Reid only has three winning seasons against playoff teams.

    Andy Reid’s best years came with Ray Rhodes draft class. He has also had the benefit of some extremely weak divisions – he just isn’t that good.

  13. December 31, 2012 – the last day of the calendar year is the last day Andy Reid has an office in the NovaCare complex. That’s the day after the Eagles last game. Lurie won’t make the move in season.

    Fire The Walrus

  14. I would like to thank the fans the players and coaches of the Eagles

    When the Season started I saw a week 17 game that I thought would be flexed to a night game but that now will not happen as I doubt anyone wants to see the end of andy and mike prime time.

    Andy a good coach? how when what has he done that was so good? Win any of those SB Trophies?

    Great QB coach where who when?
    McNabb was a first round pick and vick was also a first round pick so what QB did he make great?

    As a parent I do not understand how you have money then you need yet you continue to work when your family is falling apart Andy knew his kids had issues and what did he do he went to work. I would have taken a leave and gotten my house in order.

  15. Yes, I’m sick of every analyst saying how great a coach Big Red is, and that there aren’t any better coaches then him out there, and Philly fans better be careful for what they wish for…I don’t think Andy has been that good of a coach. He tried to turn Donny Mac into a West Coast QB, which he ain’t, the only time the Eagles were truly dominant was when we had TO, and they refused to pay him after he was the only player that showed up for the Super Bowl, and his good win-loss record was when the NFC East was pathetic. He could NEVER beat an AFC team, and I will never forgive him for making Vick the face of the Eagles…oh, and who thinks making an O-line coach DC is a good idea??!? Don’t everyone put your hands up at once…

  16. Eagle fans are great fans. Most fans in other cities wouldn’t root for a bad team if they had not won a super bowl in the past. Eagle fans come back year after year good team or bad team. Plus the best tailgating by far is in Philly. When was the last time an Eagle home game was blacked out?

  17. Haven’t the Eagles been one of the winningest teams in the 2000’s? But losing brings out some righteous anger and frustration, doesn’t it? Because winning is more than an expectation, it’s a RIGHT!

    Try rooting for the Rams. You’ll gain some perspective on what frustration really means. Because you don’t have any. Meanwhile, go away.

  18. computojon says:
    Nov 19, 2012 12:21 PM
    Haven’t the Eagles been one of the winningest teams in the 2000′s? But losing brings out some righteous anger and frustration, doesn’t it? Because winning is more than an expectation, it’s a RIGHT!

    Try rooting for the Rams. You’ll gain some perspective on what frustration really means. Because you don’t have any. Meanwhile, go away.


    Yes if you want to call one of the best teams that didn’t win a super bowl, one of the best teams….lol! I believe the Rams have at least won a super bowl and were cheated out of another in the past 52 years, going on 53…

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