Torn ACL for Brandon Meriweather, season over

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Redskins coach Mike Shanahan just announced that safety Brandon Meriweather tore the ACL in his right knee yesterday, and would miss the rest of the season.

That’s less than 24 hours after Meriweather said he felt fine and that he could have returned to the game if the score wasn’t as lopsided as it was.

“It was more thinking about the future than me going back in there when we were already up by so much, and the defense was actually playing great,” Meriweather said, via the Washington Post.

Sunday was Meriweather’s first game for the Redskins, after missing the first nine with a sprained MCL and PCL in his left knee, and having his returned delayed by an odd collision in pre-game warmups with a teammate.

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  1. I cant believe this man. He looked so good for the time he was in there. These injuries are killing us. Ive never seen anything like it.

  2. Can we cut this guy now? He played(s) well, but he can’t stay healthy.

    He is like Mr glass body or something. We need to drop his salary and start working towards someone who can actually be on the field.

  3. Real bummer for Washington. Meriwether may not be a superstar, he may not even be a talented player, but he is a real NFL safety, and just having a real NFL safety in the secondary seemed to be a big difference maker yesterday.

  4. hate to see Meriwether go down. he is a quality safety. Him being out eliminates the going over the middle fear for Cowboys receivers. That Washington secondary is about to get torched. Dez Bryant owns Deangelo Hall!

  5. Skins fans, Philly fan here. Are we supposed to blame injury for how bad we suck, now? Is that how being in the cellar works?

    Not for me. We are a farce in Philly.

  6. With all do respect to Redskin fans and your injury bug… we will be playin you guys Thursday with a O line that I could probably replace with some guys from my work….should be an intersting game !!!

  7. Well, hey, look at the bright side- At least nowadays when we sign free agent DB’s, they’re not too horrendously overpaid anymore!! (Deion, Archuleta, et al)……..Meriweather coulda shoulda woulda, but what can we do??

    Somehow Haslett better figure out how to get to Romo on Thursday, that O-line of theirs was BAD yesterday, which should help the Redskins, IF they can capitalize without their once-and-future-and-former Safety Brandon Meriweather

  8. He sucks. Redskins fans don’t fret over this, he may have had a good game but he isn’t consistent and he acts a fool.

  9. Our 3 biggest FA acquisitions were Garcon, Meriweather, Jackson.

    Garcon gave us one good quarter, Meriweather one good half, Jackson got suspended the whole year.

    Plus theres Orakpo, Davis, Kerrigan, Helu, Brown, etc. etc.

    Never ends for this team.

  10. my skins are truly cursed .. I have never seen this many injuries year after year .. season ending from the most needed people on the team .. this cannot be coincidence …
    it’s uncanny ..
    shouldnt even count him .. but j. brown ..
    not to mention tanard jackson being suspended ..
    it is what it is ..

  11. How does injuries happen to the Skins more than any other team? You have to start questioning the trainers and whoever else is involved in getting players ready to play, something just isn’t right

  12. I am thisclose to dedicating the rest of my life to researching acl tearing prevention. Once I make a discovery on how to stop theses injuries ill be the richest man alive

  13. skins fans quit whining and crying, ALL teams have had big injuries and lost major players on their teams this year and any year, but yr top 5 pick in next years draft will help yal out…..oh wait nevermind…

  14. peytonsneck18 says:Nov 19, 2012 7:18 PM

    lol there you are…. you’ve been invisible since your Colts got Shawshanked yesterday…. what happened, that reality check hit you a bit too hard? See what happens when Colts actually play a real NFL team?

    You still want to talk about how Luck is so much better than RG3? Even though RG3 leads every stat and Luck had the same # of turnovers yesterday that RG3 has all year?

    Save me the win/loss… Colts have played a creampuff schedule… guarantee if they played the Skins schedule they’d be 4-6 or worse… especially with the injuries and the cap hit we’ve had.

  15. Is there an issue with the Redskins training staff? I know that every team has injuries. But it seems like guys here just don’t get the care that they should. We had a great corner for many years in Carlos Rogers and didn’t realize it – because no one suggested to him that he get laser eye surgery so that he’d actually be able to catch an interception. LaRon Landry. Pierre Garcon. Now Merriwether. I don’t know enough to know how our training staff compares to other teams but this is something to take a look at.

  16. We will have to move on with the players we have.Good or bad,we got to move on,it is a physical game and players can and do get hurt at anytime.I believe in my SKINS,and we will do what needs to be done to keep winning.The season has six more games and then the playoffs.Yes, I said playoffs!!!!,we will be in the playoffs. Do you feel me? 🙂

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