Aldon Smith wants Von Miller to know who leads the league in sacks


Broncos linebacker Von Miller had three sacks on Sunday, giving him the NFL lead with 13 on the season. That lead held up for one day, until 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith had 5.5 sacks on Monday night, giving him the NFL lead with 15 on the season.

Smith, whom the 49ers chose with the seventh overall pick in last year’s NFL draft, said after the game that he planned to make sure Miller, whom the Broncos chose second overall last year, is aware of the current state of the sack race.

I’ll probably text him as soon as I leave here,” Smith said.

Miller is a phenomenal player who was last year’s defensive rookie of the year, but Smith is making a strong case that he’s the premier pass rusher from last year’s draft. Smith had 14 sacks last year to Miller’s 11.5, and Smith’s total of 29 sacks in his first 26 NFL games are the most any player has ever had in the first 26 games of his career.

Whether Smith or Miller is the better player may boil down to a matter of personal preference. Suffice to say, both the 49ers and the Broncos are very pleased with their first-round draft picks from last year.

78 responses to “Aldon Smith wants Von Miller to know who leads the league in sacks

  1. And Von Miller wants Aldon Smith to know who the defensive rookie of the year was…. Not only that, but Von doesn’t rush the passer EVERY down. What a stupid comment by a “pass rush” only player.

  2. Von would of had at least 7 against that junior college Bears offensive line. You can have the sack lead and Von will take the Defensive Player of the year. Just like he earned the Rookie Defensive Player of the year over you Aldon.

  3. I’d personally chose Aldon but both are great players. The benefit we can all enjoy is that now talking heads will stop saying that taking pure passrushers high like jpp, smith, and irvin will be a horrible idea that wont work out

  4. The difference is that Von is not a one-trick pony. He also leads the NFL in TFL’s. Von has been a wrecking ball this season and has surpassed J.J. Watt as the frontrunner for DPOY.

  5. I’m from A&M and love Miller, and.smith doesn’t donate to charity for every sack he makes. Also the bears O line has proven to be weak any less sacks and it would be insulting.

  6. The way he straight bulldozed Gabe Carimi, who is from Wisconsin and no slouch by any means, was just out-frigging-standing. I saw that I my mouth drooped. That was one of the most dominating performances by a defensive player in a game ever. I watched the late Derrick Thomas’ game against the Seahawks years ago and it was that good. DT had 7 sacks, though he wished he had 8 because the sack he missed at the end of the game allowed Dave Kreig to throw the game winning TD.

    Great game by Aldon Smith last night. Great frigging game.

  7. I would take Von Miller on my team, but both are tremendous players. I think Miller is a much more complete defensive player.

    Hard to believe that the 2011 draft has already produced three legit defensive player of the year candidates in Miller, Watt, and Smith.

  8. Uh, to those clowns saying all Aldon does is rush the passer…he’s also a beast against the run, and has been very good in coverage this year too.

    And to the Broncos fan talking about how Miller would have eleventy billion sacks against the Bears line…Miller gets to go up against the sad Chargers, Raiders, and Chiefs twice a year each…

  9. Always take quotes in context. These dudes are buds. Both are beasts as well. Opposing QBs dont wanna see either of these guys across the line.

  10. Ummm, Von is better player. Aldon is better pure pass rusher. But Von is a 3 down defensive player, that can fit in 3-4 or 4-3 scheme’s, he can rush, blowup the run, and cover.

  11. This is where stats can be deceiving, as anyone who has watched the two play can tell you Von Miller is the better overall player. Aldon Smith plays 3-4 pass-rush-only linebacker (which is in my opinion the easiest position in the NFL, see Shawn Merriman, James Harrison) whereas Von Miller is like Lance Briggs where he’s a great all-around outside linebacker.

  12. Who else on the Bronco’s defense do offensive lines have to account for? Lets see how well Smith does when he is the only big name on a defensive front 7.

  13. Their friends. Get over it people. There’s no animosity between them. Just for kicks.

    But for all the geniuses saying Aldon didn’t win DROY, Aldon wasn’t even a starter!!! And he still had 14 sacks.

    And quit saying Aldon is a one trick pony. The Bears were down early so they had to pass to try and get back in the game. Hard to get Tackles for losses when they’re in pass only mode

  14. Throw in JJ Watt and you’ve got one of the most impressive pass-rushing draft classes in recent memory. I’m a Watt guy, but it looks like these two are making an even stronger case for Defense Player of the Year. JJ’s got to step it up on Thanksgiving.

  15. For all those that are calling Aldon a one trick pony, should note that he did not get nearly the amount of playing time as Von did; as he had to transition from a 4-3 DE to a 3-4 OLB. He’s still got a lot to learn, and from what he’s picked up thus far, is pretty impressive. Von is more well rounded today; regardless – at this pace, the future looks bright for both.

    The two are great at what they do and are really coming into their own. Prior to the draft, they were rooting for one another so it’s nice to see friendly competition between them.

  16. It’s clear that some of you have no idea about Aldon Smith. randyschwimmer7 being the obvious one. Aldon plays the run very well and has been playing every down this year. And he and Von are friends so this is nothing but a friendly competition. Stop being so sensitive.

  17. Eh, both great players. No need to waste breath arguing about who is “better” as they have a little different skill sets and fit well into their respective teams overall defensive mindset.

    Kind of arguing between Reggie White and Mike Singletary 25 years ago-either way you choose, you can’t go wrong.

  18. I can’t believe “fans” actually get pissed in the name of players who are friends and rivals texting each other. Hey, get mad at something that matters, and in the name of someone who needs your help.

  19. Ah… I remember all of the pundits giving the Niners poor draft grades for selecting Aldon Smith at #7 (said he “played scared”)…. Bleacher Report gave them a C+ but I remember seeing worse. Man I wish I had that job— I make stupid predictions all of the time and pretend to know what coaches and GMs should do.

  20. Can’t believe this guy is bragging about getting sacks against webb and gabe. Can we put an asterisk beside the sacks people get against the Bears?

  21. If the two of them weren’t friends, it would make me want to tell Aldon to quiet the talk and just play. But this kind of amiable competition helps both players and their respective defenses.

    For those of you who say Aldon is a one-trick pony, try WATCHING this year’s play instead of just regurgitating the talking heads from last season when that was the case. Smith is playing very well against the run as an every down OLB this year.

  22. Exactly.. sounds like a good natured competition between to friends. The fact that all you Von Miller fanBOYS are getting soo upset makes it even more hilarious.

  23. Look at the quality of QBs Miller has had to go against this season. Also Miller is not just a force in the passing game, but in the run game as well. But the biggest advantage Aldon has is rushing alongside Justin Smith. Most of the time Von rushes next to Derrick Wolfe or Kevin Vickerson. Both great players but no doubt Von is the better of the two.

  24. Ask ANYONE who has more class, Von or Aldon. Answer is Von by far.

    Id rather have Von Miller anyway. Hes more of a complete player than Aldon who is only worth anything as a pass rusher anyway. Plus he plays for a classless organization.

  25. I guess we know how many Niners fans are on this site. They are both sensational players. But while all of the other numbers are close, Von has 12 stuffs and 23 tackles for loss, Alden has 2 stuffs and 13 tackles for loss.

    Von is still the more complete player even before you add in the fact that his two LB mates he’s played with this year are low to undrafted FA while Smith plays with 2 all pros. Yes, boys and girls, being the big dog is tougher.

    Please don’t spin this as an insult to Smith, it’s not. Every team in the league, Broncos included, would love to have Aldon Smith. But right now Miller is the better player.

  26. while we are on the topic of DPOY

    JJ Watt: 39 tackles, 12.5 sacks, 2DFR, 11PDef

    These three along with Charles ‘Where were you last night’ Tillman…Gonna be a battle for the award the remaining several games

  27. lol at the haters acting like getting sacks against the Bears don’t count. It’s not like Aldon got all 15 of his sacks against the Bears and Von Miller and every other pass rusher gets to go up against offensive linemen that may not be all pros.

  28. I like Von and Aldon, both great players. Let’s hold off on DPOY comments when considering what JJ Watt, at 11.5 sacks has done. He has batted 12 passes, 4 of which have been intercepted. Talk about not being a one trick pony. He is the most instinctive player I’ve ever witnessed. If he is not going to reach the QB, he stops and has an impeccable sense for when the ball is being released.
    More impressive, or concerning if you are a Texans fan, he is doing it while being double and sometimes triple teamed as the Texans’ areas of strength last year (Outide LB’s) are not producing at all.
    San Fran has by far (as in today) the best defense in the league and Aldon plays a huge part.

    Von Miller is a beast. I still think let’s see how the rest of the season plays out. JJ Watt will be in contention. Dude was averaging 2 sacks a game, forcing one turnover until Cush went out.

    When everyone starts to key on one guy, you would think the others would have a clear path to the QB…not so much in Houston!:)

    Great game last night by San Fran!

  29. Can we all just agree that last years first round was loaded with elite front 7 talent. Miller, Smith and JJ Watt all look like annual all pros.

  30. a lot of haters in the house. von miller sholdnt have been the rookie defensive player of the year when aldon smith played a third of the snaps miller did last year and had more sacks than him. aldon smith wasnt even a starter last year. you guys are all salty. Smith is the truth!

  31. Miller’s the more complete player at this point – I’d take him every week over Aldon, as great a pass rusher as he is.

  32. The Bears o-line looked terrible and Jason Campbell looked largely immobile. However, Smith was steamrolling professional football players all night and I’m pretty sure that he even helped with a couple of sacks that he didn’t get any credit for. Some of his moves were downright awesome. I don’t remember the last time I saw someone dominate a team so badly. He never let up. Both of them are great players.

  33. Aldon smith is 3 down linebacker, could play coverage and the run. He never comes off the field. Yes aldon does have justin smith, but lets not forget who plays on the other side of miller, dummervil is one of the best pass rushers in the game

  34. At the end of the day its who has more sacks, its a pro league with pro players they are not playing ncaa teams so quit hating on a great player. So cry me a river all of you that dont like smith he is monster and will continue to terrorize opposing Qbs.

  35. I watched that Bear/49er game last night and Aldon Smith was a one-man wrecking crew. Move over De Marcus Ware, step aside Von Miller, Aldon Smith is Thee best pass-rushing OLB in the NFL…;-)

  36. Woah, Von Miller fans! The Aldon and Von are friends, I don’t think he would have the guy’s phone number if they weren’t. Just friendly trash talking. And I know the Bears don’t have the best offensive line, but the Broncos do have it pretty easy in the AFC West as well. Give credit where credit is due, Aldon made those guys look like children last night.

  37. Both players are great.I would take either on my team.Smith is a cinch to break Strahan’s bogus(Favre laydown) single season sack record and Miller is destined to join LT and Derrick Thomas as Legends among outside linebackers.They could very well meet in New Orleans this Feb.

    This is from a NYG fan.

    PS: I can only hope my Giants wake up derail that possibility!!

  38. Von’s numbers are obviously boosted by playing in the AFC West, and Smith’s are by playing the Cardinals.

    They are both great players, but it will be another five years (if even then) before we can fairly decide who is better. Smith may out play Miller this year, but that could change next year. Or Smith could develop his pass coverage game and run away with it, or Miller be more consistent. Fun watch no matter what (unless you’re playing against either of them.)

  39. buffalobills2012 says: Nov 20, 2012 8:55 AM

    Somewhere Marcell Dareus is eating a hamburger.

    As a Bills fan you should know that Marcell Dareus isn’t called on to become the league sack leader. He is there to take up space for the run D and pull double teams in order to give Mario Williams, Kyle Williams and Mark Anderson easier lanes to the Quarterback, which he does a damn good job at. Numbers aren’t everything as a Defensive Tackle, teamwork is. Dareus was brought in to shore up the run defense, not to rush the passer. Two different type of players were talking about here.

  40. It’s fantastic to have a proper race for the sack title again. Blocking either of them isn’t funny for O linemen. I hope they can both stay fit to make this race go down to the end of the season. Smith is slightly more dangerous IMO but Von is an overall better defender. Future league MVP.

  41. All the Von Miller fanboys should take note that Von Miller likes Aldon Smith better than the fanboys he’s never even heard of or met.

    Which is better? An apple or banana? They are both every down players and will both be Pro Bowl/All Pro players for years to come.

    Discrediting players to make the player you support is goofy. Uhhhh he played against the Bears. It’s the NFL and none of us could ever hope to be in that elite club. 5.5 sacks vs. NFL players is impressive no matter how you look at it.

    He’s chased down RB’s and WR’s to save TD’s and has been very good in coverage so try watching him play before you say he’s just a one trick pony.

  42. Von will take the sack lead back this week, and should with our schedule. I’m afraid Aldon Smith isn’t touching Brees, or Brady.

  43. You also have to understand that Von did not play two games of that 2011-12 season due to the thumb injury, and he wasn’t optimally performing the rest of that season. Who knows how much further he could’ve gone. Still though two amazing key defensive players that contribute a lot to theirs teams.

  44. What most people aren’t talking about is how many TFL Von Miller has. He is leading the NFL by a long shot with that stat. If I’m right, it’s around the 22-24 TFL mark for this season already. Paired with his 13 sacks… that is an impressive stat.
    While I will agree that Aldon Smith is also very good, I would still take Von Miller any day as I think that he is more versatile. For those saying that Von “gets” to go against the AFC West 2x a year… Save for the Chargers, both the Raiders and Chiefs have pretty good O-lines. MUCH better than that Chicago team Aldon went against last night, and the O-line currently working in AZ (Aldon’s division opponent).
    I think the DPOY will come down to Von Miller, JJ Watt, Charles Tillman, and Aldon Smith. That would be my order of rank as well if someone were to ask. It will be a fun competition to watch play out for the remainder of the season.
    But yes, I think they are both friends and just having some friendly competition.

  45. Miller missed one game last year and was wearing a cast for 7 games. tie one hand behind Smith’s back and he’s not gonna dominate like Miller did.. oh wait, maybe he will since hes got guys like Willis, J. Smith, and Bowman taking away so much attention.

    4-3 OLBs should not have as many sacks as Miller has. Eatin greedy!

  46. Okay

    1) Its easier to sack Rivers, Cassel, and Palmer than it is Russell Wilson, Sam (sack me) Bradford, and Ryan Lindley/Kevin Kolb/John Skelton??

    Ehh wrong, stop the weaker division comparison.

    2) Von played half of his rookie season with one hand and Aldon still only beat him out by 2.5 sacks.

    3)Aldon leads Von by 4.5 sacks for their careers and Von leads Aldon by 16 tfl’s. That is 11.5 more plays made in the backfield.

    4)After gaining the sack lead Sunday Von said ‘I dont know how many sacks I have. I know we have a 3 game lead in the division. That’s what counts.’

    After Aldon takes the sack lead Monday he says “I’ll probably text him as soon as I leave here.”

    5)@zaggs The Broncos don’t have any other pass rushers to account for in the front 7??? Ever heard of a guy named Elvis Dumervil? He happens to be leading the league in sack/fumbles….. So just be quiet dunce.

    Im a football fan. If these stats don’t tell you enough then watch them play. I’ve never seen anyone play the way Von Miller does, I feel bad for opposing offensive linemen and qb’s. It really just isn’t fair.

  47. @broncosfanssuck

    No, you suck. Broncos have already played Texans, Saints, Steelers, Falcons, and Patriots. The toughest schedule for the first half of the season. So, simply, you are blowing hot air.

    So the 49ers D is already stellar? Wouldn’t that make it easier for Smith to eak through the cracks? When Von is a main component of what has made the Broncos D, one which recently held opponents 0-for in 26 consecutive third downs over three weeks, just as stellar.

  48. briank1ne says: Nov 20, 2012 10:56 AM

    a lot of haters in the house. von miller sholdnt have been the rookie defensive player of the year when aldon smith played a third of the snaps miller did last year and had more sacks than him. aldon smith wasnt even a starter last year. you guys are all salty. Smith is the truth!

    This just proves why Von Miller was the better player their rookie years. Von started and played almost every down and with one hand for almost half the season. Obviously, Aldon wasn’t developed enough yet to do the same. Von was the better player. I’m glad to see that Aldon has improved to an every down player this year and I hope to see a 49er/Broncos Super Bowl.

  49. For those of you saying that the sacks against the Bears shouldn’t count because of their OLine should remember that Von got his 3 against an in drafted rookie backup for SD. Both great players and I agree…throw Watt in the mix and that’s an impressive draft. No need to argue who is better, it’s impossible to tell. Football is a team sport and individual success often depends on the teammates/coaches that surround them

  50. And Von would like to remind Aldon who leads the league in tackles for a loss. Miller has 21 which proves that he is the better player cause he doesn’t just blitz. He can also drop back in coverage against HBs’ and TEs’. All I know is that it’s going to be a close race for DPOY

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