Cardinals think they can win six straight

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Never mind the fact the Cardinals have lost six in a row.

Cards linebacker Daryl Washington thinks they can win six in a row.

“The season is never over until it’s over,” Washington said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “As easily as we’ve lost six straight, we can easily win six games in a row.

“Is it tough to do in the NFL? Yes, it will be. But I think these guys are still positive around here and I’m positive in believing we can finish the season off strong.”

“It just takes one game to spark us,” defensive end Calais Campbell said. “We know we can beat anybody that we play, so if we get that one win that sparks us, we’re going to try and go on a run here and make a push for the playoffs.

“I think 10 wins usually gets you in the playoffs. It’s going to be hard to win six games in a row, but it’s very possible.”

Of course, having a quarterback helps the process of winning one game, much less six. But there’s at least some degree of background there. Last year, they lost six straight before closing with seven wins in their last nine.

“That’s all you can try to do is stay together,” Washington said. “You don’t want to do that finger-pointing and say they’ve got to pick it up or we’ve got to pick it up. . . . We’ve just got to stick together. We’re a team before anything. We win and lose as a team. Everyone’s got to continue to keep encouraging each other.”

It’s funny, the teams you usually hear such statements from are the ones where one side of the ball is doing all the work.

7 responses to “Cardinals think they can win six straight

  1. Uh, no!
    Average team at best that got off to a hot start.
    You can have all the defense you want but its all about the QB, and they don’t have one.

  2. Not so sure you’ll even beat your division rivals let alone the Bears, the Jets and the Lions. Sorry you’ve lost too many games and its too late.

  3. Considering that Whisenhunt couldn’t find an NFL-quality QB if he had the first 20 picks in the draft–highly doubtful.

    Last year the cards O-line gave up more sacks than any other team in the league when opposing defenses rushed 4 or fewer men. In other words, teams didn’t even need to blitz to get to the QB.

    So what do you do when you have an offensive line who gets your no name QBs killed every game? You draft a receiver out of Notre Dame, because heaven knows when your O-line can’t protect the QB, and your QB can’t hit the receivers you already have, another receiver is just what you need.

    If this isn’t the Ken Whisenhunt-Rod Graves farewell tour, the team deserves to stew in its mediocrity.

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