David Wilson isn’t sure how he’s supposed to show improvement


During the bye week, Giants running backs coach Jerald Ingram said that first-round pick David Wilson had to show the team that he’s more than “just a runner” before he’ll be able to gain more playing time with the team.

Wilson responded to that when the team returned to work on Monday and expressed some confusion about what he can do to prove that he’s improved on areas like pass protection when the team won’t put him on the field. Wilson said that he has never had opportunities to do anything other than run the ball in the NFL and that he feels like his performance at practice has been sound enough in the non-running areas Ingram says he needs to improve.

“When you say show more, do more, you wonder, ‘Where?'” Wilson said, via Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I mean, I work hard at practice and do my plays when I’m in and, so, (I’m) waiting.”

Wilson didn’t forget how to do anything but run the ball after getting drafted by the Giants, so they had to know what they were getting just as they had to know about his fumbling problems in college before slashing his playing time dramatically for fumbling in the first game of the season. At some point, Wilson is going to need to get a chance to do things on the field during games. Otherwise, the whole thing will turn into a circle where Wilson doesn’t play because of the things he can’t do and he can’t do those things because he doesn’t get the playing time he needs to work on those aspects of his game.

That opportunity may not come this year and, barring injury, almost certainly won’t come in the next couple of weeks after the Giants whittled their margin of error down to zero with two losses before their bye week.

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  1. Important life lesson Mr. Wilson, it’s SO important to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves because if you don’t it may be a looong time (if ever) before they come back around. May not be fair, but in the words of my late, great father “who in the hell told you life was fair?”.

  2. They need to play him I like seeing him fumble or would really like to see him miss a Block so Eli” the kiebler elf” can get put on U got jacked Up. Oh yea they don’t do that anymore, because the NFL has gotten soft & they don’t want to promote hard hits cause that’s not where the league is headed. Instead it’s he looks like a ballarina when he made that catch because the defender didn’t want to hit him because of fear of losing a game check & being suspended.

  3. these things always cracks me up because how is the player(s) supposed to show improvement, in any sport,without playing time? practice is all fine and dandy but gametime is where it counts

  4. “the Giants whittled their margin of error down to zero with two losses before their bye week.”

    The Giants are up 1 in their division. So their margin is one, not zero.
    I do love how Bradshaw can fumble, and he goes right back out there. Wilson fumbles once and its the dog house.

  5. One way players need to show maturity is when not airing grievances with the media. If you have questions, talk to your coach, not the reporters in the locker room.

    I do agree that Wilson needs to get more of a chance from the coaching staff. You don’t draft a 1st round running back to give him less than 20 carries 10 games into the season. But I’d like to see that running back show a little more maturity and keep his mouth shut when the media prods with these kinds of questions.

  6. he’s a first round pick, unless he can’t hold on to the football in practice you got to start playing him. sounds like the Giants are killing his confidence.

  7. I see where he’s coming from. I thought it was odd he got benched for one fumble. Sure, it happened right away, but it’s possible that was his one fumble in 500 touches or whatever. The coach doesn’t have to be fair, but he probably does want to give his talent an honest chance so his team is the best it can be.

  8. This reads like my youth baseball career years ago. I didn’t get playing time because I didn’t hit well, didn’t hit well because I rarely got playing time.

  9. It must be the twitter world we live in because nobody remembers that all-important virtue of patience anymore. Wilson will be just fine. Tiki’s path followed the same trajectory and he ended up the greatest Giant RB of all time. Same with Bradshaw. Lest you forget, he didn’t come on until December of his rookie year. The season is long and there’s a better chance Wilson makes some noise this year vs. him doing nothing. Watch and see fans of teams whose teams have been nowhere near as successful the last 5 years.

  10. I don’t care what any interviews say, I still believe Wilson will be a key aspect of this offense before the 2012 season is completed.

    Too much talent and the team needs a spark.

  11. This kid is clueless. First he tells the media he thinks he’s an HoF talent and he just needs the chance. Coughlin then buries him. Now he seems to think he’s done enough and deserves to play. Sense of entitlement much?

    I can picture the disgusted look on Coughlin’s face after reading these most recent comments. He won’t see the rock until he finds an ounce of humbleness.

  12. Also worth noting is that it turns out Bradshaw and Brown are pretty capable in their own right and I don’t see either telling the media how great they think they are.

  13. Not worth the risk seeing if he can protect Eli throughout a game. I have full faith in the Giants coaching staff in regards to Wilson and his development. Pass protection seems like his #1 problem. He is just a pup.

    I like that he is frustrated but I do not like how dumb he sounds.

  14. i hate that coughlin doesnt use wilson more, hes clearly got talent..he reminds me of leshaun mccoy with his skill set..

    ill just chalk this up to another brilliant kevin killdrive moment in NYG history.. i pray we make the playoffs win a game or two and some sucker swipes him off our team…

    i can dream cant i..

  15. Honestly, I don’t know why the coaching staff isn’t giving him more of a chance. I get that he fell in bad graces when he fumbled opening night, but Bradshaw’s fumbled 3 times and Coughlin has no problem keeping him in.

    Although I think it’s more loyalty to Bradshaw seeing as TC refuses the idea that Diehl lost his job to injury despite Locklear playing MUCH better in his absence.

  16. This kid needs to catch a clue….talking about this in the media is NOT the way to get more playing time! Especially since he plays for the Giants….an organization that doesn’t care for this type of behavior. All he’s accomplished is extending his stay in the dog house.
    While he makes some valid points, this is something he should have talked to his coaches about behind closed doors. Hope he learns his lesson.

  17. He needs to improve on pass protection and the way David Diehl is playing right now, Eli needs all the protection he can get. With how the offensive line has played as a whole the past few games, Barry Sanders would have a tough time making plays.

  18. I love coughlin and this staff. However they shouldn’t escape criticism either. Inserting David diehl back into the lineup was a terrible mistake and locklear needs to start again. Also the running back situation. I live Bradshaw and everyhjng he has given the giants. But there’s a clear indication he doesn’t have it anymore. No burst, no breakaway speed and a ton of impatience behind the line. The running game took off when brown took over for him. Give Wilson and brown the touches they deserve. Not to mention Bradshaw has lost fumbles quite a bit this year but you don’t see him in coughlins doghouse.

  19. I dnt understand the Giants playcalling. They have ALL the weapons of any playoff contender. But the playcalling is atrocious. The Gmen should be 9-1 right now and intimidating opponents b4 they step on the field. Instead they get called out by AJ Green???? and then he blows up the Giants on the 1st series????? Listen the Giants should score on every Possession, They have 3 Running backs and they should be rotated on every down like they do in N.O. The Back should be catchin passes out the backfield, U have 3 Pass catching Backs. That opens up the field for Cruz, Nicks, Hixon, Bennett. 3 and outs make the defense tired and deflated, The Offense needs to lighten the defense load and put points up on the board. and not FG’s. Get Wilson in there and run screens, flares, and Flat pass plays for him along with some runs.

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