Devin McCourty will stay at safety

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When the Patriots traded for Aqib Talib, they may have done more than just solidify their cornerback position for the rest of the season.

They feel the move also helps them at safety. Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that the team plans to keep Devin McCourty at safety for the rest of the season after he moved back to cornerback to help the team deal with their ineffective play at the position in the first half.

That plan is in place even though Steve Gregory and Patrick Chung are both expected back from injury in the near future. Young believes the best safety combo for the Patriots is McCourty at free safety and Chung at strong safety, an alignment that is much easier to employ with Talib installed at one of the corners. Talib returned an interception for a touchdown against the Colts, as did rookie Alfonzo Dennard, as part of a defensive performance that was much better than what we saw from the Patriots earlier in the season.

Once healthy, the Patriots should also have a lot of options when it comes to deploying players in the secondary. They can employ multiple corners or multiple safeties against opposing passing games without the sense of just throwing players out there in hopes that it will all work out somehow.

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  1. Chung is more hype than substance and can’t cover. they’re better off with McCourty and Gregory at safety, even though it’s not the ideal picture at SS. Chung is a coverage liability of Sergio Brown proportions.

  2. I agree. I used to like Chung a lot and I still do somewhat I think he’s a good run defender but he can’t cover anything and especially struggles covering tight ends.

    Mccourty is a good safety, if you combine his good play with Talib, Dennard, and Gregory Belichick may feel comfortable dialing up more blitzes and creative schemes in general without the fear of getting burned deep.

    Talib could have a very positive trickle down effect on the secondary but the postseason is when this experiment will get it’s true trial.

  3. Their defensive backfield is a mess, but it’s better than having Slater and Edelman playing in passing downs like last year. Not a Pats fan, but even I know that.

  4. McCourtey seems a much better player with the ball and the action in front of him. Outstanding speed, range and awareness for the Free Safety position.
    Should be a permanent position change, IMO.
    This will have more of an impact on the Patriots secondary than people think.

  5. Their Defense is going to end up being much better than last year’s, once everyone gets healthy and their Offense is much better than last year’s. If they can stay relatively healthy, The Patriots will be dominating opponents down the stretch and hoisting another Belichik Trophy.

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