Georgia QB Aaron Murray undecided about next year’s NFL draft


Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray says he hasn’t yet made up his mind about whether he’ll return to school next year or enter the 2013 NFL draft.

“I don’t know,” Murray told the Macon Telegraph. “I’m not thinking about that. I mean I’ve had friends and everyone ask me. I’m like, I don’t know, I’m not worrying about that until after the season, and then I’ll sit down with my family and make the best decision for myself and for my future.”

Murray is in his third year as Georgia’s starter, and this season he has completed 65.7 percent of his passes, with 28 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Tony Dungy, who has known Murray since he was a high school teammate of Dungy’s son Eric, wrote on Twitter Monday that if Murray decides to enter the NFL draft he could be the first overall pick.

“Coach Dungy’s a great guy, I know him, I played with his son Eric,” Murray said. “So he shoots me a text every now and then, saying, ‘Great season so far, good luck,’ things like that. Just an unbelievable guy, a good coach. That was definitely cool to hear.”

There are questions, however, about just how ready Murray is to face NFL defenses. His two worst games this season came in Georgia’s two games against top defenses: He completed just 11 of 31 passes for 109 yards, with no touchdowns and one interception, in a 35-7 loss to South Carolina, and he completed just 12 of 24 passes for 150 yards, with one touchdown and three interceptions, in a 17-9 win over Florida.

There are also some questions about Murray’s height, although Murray (who is listed at 6-foot-1) says he believes the success of Russell Wilson, who’s a couple of inches shorter than him, should alleviate those concerns.

“Oh yeah him, Drew Brees. Short quarterbacks doing well, I love it,” Murray said. “It definitely helps out that when everyone perceives short quarterbacks can’t do well in the NFL and [Wilson is] pretty darn short and he’s doing extremely, extremely well for Seattle.”

Murray is confident he can have the same kind of success. The only question is whether it will come in 2013 or 2014.

16 responses to “Georgia QB Aaron Murray undecided about next year’s NFL draft

  1. Has a team with a shot to go to the National Title Game this late in the season ever gotten less national attention than Georgia?

  2. Can the short QB argument finally be put to rest? Drew Brees won a Super Bowl. Short QB’s can do well in the league if they have the ability to play the position just as well as the tall QB’s.

  3. I am a big University og Georgia Fan, and I like Aaron Murray, but I have to disagree with Coach Dungy. Murray is not 1st round material in my opinion. He doesn’t have a great arm by any stretch.

    Maybe I am wrong though.

  4. I just do not see QB’s being the strong suit of the 2013 draft-lot of second or third round backup/project type guys there. No doubt somebody will “reach” a great deal for a few of them though. Never really been that impressed with Murray-those few times that Georgia needed him to win the game for them, he didn’t get it done.

  5. Georgia’s schedule has been pathetic, and the only times they’ve played tough teams they lost (USC) and should have lost (Florida). Throw in need a massive rally to beat a coach who is now fired (Dooley), and that sounds like one mediocre team.

  6. The next good game Aaron Murray has against a quality D with Sunday talent will be his first. Against UF and SC this year he was mostly awful only managing one truly good series vs UF. Any talk of him being the number one will go out the window if and when he struggles on the national stage in the SEC championship vs Bama. I will also be very interested to see what his measurable are at the combine; UGA lists him at 6’1″ but that seems very generous IMHO. NFL teams don’t draft QBs his size #1 unless they run a 4.3 and can effortlessly throw it 70 yards.

  7. Any college QB who won’t substantially improve his draft status by staying in school should declare for the NFL draft.

    There’s way too much at stake to take the risk.

  8. If Georgia wins the National Championship (a rematch of the 1980 season championship, anyone?), and he’s the reason why (Player of the Game), he’s coming out. No brainer.

  9. Scouting reports have Murray at somewhere between the second and fourth rounds if he comes out now. I think tony Dungy is overestimating Murray’s talents a bit. I haven’t been terribly impressed when I’ve seen him play this year.

  10. As much as we all like Dungy, he’s off his rocker on this one. Murray is good, but not great and certainly not No. 1 overall talented. I never thought he had more talent that Tyler Bray, although Bray is an immature jerk and shouldn’t be drafted by anyone in an early round. Just a weak year for QBs. Sorry Chiefs.

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