Jets taking the humble approach to this Pats game


Rex Ryan has never hesitated calling a shot, but said Monday the time wasn’t right for boastfulness.

The same guy who said “I think we’re going to beat them” prior to last month’s overtime loss took a more diplomatic approach this time through, heading into Thursday’s game with the Patriots.

“We’re behind where we have to be and we can only focus on ourselves,” Ryan said, vua Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I’m not worried about tweaking New England.

That’s fine by a segment of his players, the ones that don’t mind attaching their names to things.

“Coach has seen what kind of both sides can do,” quarterback Mark Sanchez said. “[When] you come out and say something, it almost puts you in a position where you’re supposed to win. And if you win, it’s like, ‘Yeah, you already said you were going to win.’

“So, who cares? So I don’t see any point in it. It’s never really been my style. It’s just a different approach. And I’m all for it.”

Ryan admitted a sense of desperation, saying his 4-6 team has taken away any margin of error. “We’re just trying to punch our way out,” he said.

Of course, just because Ryan’s taking a low key approach doesn’t mean the local media has to.

This morning’s cover of the New York Post has a smiling Ryan carrying a turkey on a platter, with Bill Belichick’s head photoshopped onto the bird. The screaming headline says “THANKS BILL: Jets lickin’ their chops as butterball Belichick’s brainlock shelves Gronk.

Ah, New York. Don’t ever change.

11 responses to “Jets taking the humble approach to this Pats game

  1. Nice to see Ryan finally getting a clue; much better not to poke the bear with a stick. I expect the Jets will play a very tough game as they usually do against NE. GO PATRIOTS!

  2. Were the Jets on the cover of the National Enquirer too? They don’t have a chance against the Pats.

  3. So, after a one-game winning streak, the hapless Jets—a team whose defense is their offense—are now “lickin’ their chops” expecting to devour the Gronk-less Patriots? That is amusing. If, as expected, New York again falls to New England, then I expect to be reading about old news, with Bill Belichick portrayed as the server and Rex Ryan as the turkey.

  4. The same guy who said “I think we’re going to beat them”

    Is this what’s qualifies as “bravado” now?

    Admittedly I’m a Jet fan, but I have a huge problem with the way the media handles this team and others like them. The media complains to the high heavens anytime a player or coach give these canned cliche non answers. Yet, once we get someone that actually say what he feels and what most say behind closed doors, they get roasted for it.

    I used to kill the Mangini’s and Bellichick’s for their paranoia and never giving any info, but seeing how the media feasts on every freaking word that any Jet says, I now see that they are smarter than I thought. Being honest is not worth it.

  5. Good read until the shot at the end. But whats a Jets article without saying something negative about the team. Ah, Pro Football Talk. Don’t ever change.

  6. As a lifelong Jets fan, I’ll take the slice of humble pie that Rex is slicing this Thanksgiving.

    Jets level of focus was dead on last Sunday @ St. Louis. I think they can repeat the effort and pull the upset 24-20 and possibly salvage their season.

    Boy would that silence all of the critics. Maybe Rex should prepare more of that humble pie to pass around!!!

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