Larry Fitzgerald on Cardinals quarterback problems: I’m far from flawless

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The Cardinals haven’t announced who will be playing quarterback for them this weekend, but none of the options qualify as the kind of talent that has been missing from the team since Kurt Warner decided to retire.

While the entire Cardinals offense has struggled as a result of the revolving door of mediocre quarterback play, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s perceived missed opportunities have been discussed more than any of the other members of the team. One of the best wide receivers in the league has not been able to enjoy the benefits of working with a quarterback in the same class over the last three seasons.

Fitzgerald’s never made a stink about the play of the quarterbacks over the last three years, though, and he doesn’t seem to be on the verge of doing so. When asked about the play of quarterbacks John Skelton and Ryan Lindley in the 23-19 loss to the Falcons last weekend, Fitzgerald chose to talk about himself.

“I’m far from flawless. I make my mistakes week in and week out. I have to make sure I am doing everything I can to be the player I know that I am capable of being and [Sunday] wasn’t my best performance. I had the opportunity on 4th and 2 to make the play that I had made before in the past and I didn’t make it,” Fitzgerald said in an interview with Dial Global Network, via “That wasn’t the youngster’s fault. That was my fault. I take responsibility for that, but as a leader and as a captain I have to always go out there with an optimistic mindset when we can go out there and accomplish our goals and that’s making the playoffs and I am not going to stray from that.”

It’s a classy response, but it goes without saying that Fitzgerald is way down at the bottom of the list of problems with the 2012 Cardinals. The fourth down play Fitzgerald refers to came late in the fourth quarter and was a catch that Fitzgerald certainly could have made. It was also one of dozens of chances the Cardinals got to grab a victory because Matt Ryan was completing more passes to the Cardinals than either Skelton or Lindley. They didn’t take advantage of enough of them and the quarterbacks were the major reason they fell short.

23 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald on Cardinals quarterback problems: I’m far from flawless

  1. I love stories on Fitz. I always know they will be positive because even though he is an elite player, he exhibits no entitled behavior. He is a true pro’s pro and an outstanding example for youngsters to emulate whether they play sports or not.

  2. Fitz is the ultimate teammate. Some guys on the Jets should take notes.

    That said, I feel bad for him because he’s a HOF talent that’s wasting away at the hands of a scrub coach and a collection of scrub QB’s.

  3. I feel bad for this Guy..but he signd the extension, bad choice. he will vanish in Arizona and become irrelevant. Kurt Warner isn’t comming back. he should have left like Bouldin did

  4. It’s such a shame that most people don’t realize how good this guy really is because of the Qb situation in Arizona.
    Makes me wonder what his stats would look like if he had a qb like Brady or Manning for his whole career…

  5. I would put Fitz in the same high class as our Texans Andre Johnson, a respected player who does his talking on the field. As Bum Phillips once said “Don’t know if he’s at the top of the class, but it don’t take long to call the roll”.

  6. Having to watch what Andre Johnson had to go through for years here in Houston having David Carr as our QB, I certainly feel for Larry and all AZ fans.
    Hopefully they get it right in the next couple years. Fitz is too special a talent to be wasting away.

  7. Either the Rams need to trade for Larry Fitzgerald or the Cardinals need to trade for Steve Jackson. These two deserve to play on the same team and have a chance to win.

  8. Not to downplay the “team player” story, but Fitz signed an eight year deal in 2011. He could have signed with a more competitive team.

    Of course, by the end of the contract, he’ll have 120 million reasons not to. All those January vacations are nice, and they’ll save him a whole season’s worth of contact, too.

  9. Larry is a classy guy. I wish some of the Eagles players like Babin would learn from him, instead the Eagles players want to blame the fans for the fact that they stink.

  10. Every time the Hawks play Cardinals I wish Fitzgerald was a free agent and would sign with the Hawks. The man is a great receiver and better class act.

    Now if he would just get the flu before every Hawk game I could relax a little.

  11. Larry’s biggest flaw was signing that extension. I have over a 100 million reasons not to feel sorry for him. He either choose the money ( more power to him) or faithfulness to the team that drafted him ( more power to him ), but he knew this team had issues and now he is doing the right thing by not complaining about it. Larry made his 100 million dollar bed and he is sleeping in it like a man.

  12. “It’s such a shame that most people don’t realize how good this guy really is because of the Qb situation in Arizona.”


    Everybody knows how good he is, in spite of the situation in Arizona.

    Unbelievable player, unbelievable person. What a shame that this hall of famer has been in the wrong place at the wrong time for most of his career.

  13. Make no mistake that Fitz knew how rotten the offensive line was in the past and was going to be in the future with the same players the coaching staff was gambling on miraculously improving to decent. Peyton Manning saw first hand the offensive line the Cards had and knew right away the offensive line was going to sink the team. Now, Whiz has damaged his team by panic decisions like pulling Skelton who starts slow and finishes decently for a unproven rookie who did not even get most of the snaps in their bye week. Skelton had over 300 yards even with 10 dropped passes that hit the hands of his receivers in their last game against the Packers. With that record in Skelton’s last game, Whisenhut panics and plays a rookie with a college career completion average of 55%. In the pros, Lindley did not even manage a 50% completion rate and gave up the fumble that lost the game.

    Remember and feel for Fitz as he has to play for this coach who puts crummy rookies on the field.

  14. what a class act,cant say that about many pros now days,never complains,and when team loses he says he could do better to help his team and qb out,alot of players could learn alot from him,rookies and veterans,he sure would look good in seahawks blue

  15. The Cards solution to the problem will be to sign Mike Vick as a free agent after the Eagles release him, and giving Whisenhunt another year. The result of this brilliant plan will be Vick burying yet another coach as the Cards continue their tradition of fail.

  16. larry seems to be a really good guy, but is he a good leader? i know that blasting the qb in the media is no way to make friends but why does larry seem content enough to sign an extension with a losing franchise? he’s the barry sanders of this decade. great player, classy guy – but not a winner or a leader.

  17. God I love Larry. Such a good person, he deserves some rings on his hands, I hope they draft a QB that turns out to be a huge get, he needs it.

  18. What real football fan is unaware of the talent of Larry Fitzgerald? That dude is a beast and the ultimate team player. I cannot say enough nice things about Fitz. How can you have anything but respect for him?

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