Marvin Lewis says Dalton and Maualuga have stepped up


Last month, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis called out quarterback Andy Dalton and linebacker Rey Maualuga, telling them to step up and be vocal leaders of their respective units.

Lewis says they’ve responded well to the challenge.

“It’s been great,” Lewis told Russ Thaler on Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk.  “I think both players have done that.  I think their players have rallied with them.  They have been demanding of the other 10 guys in the huddle with them day in and day out, in their daily work, in the meetings after practice that they run.  That’s what I wanted, I wanted them to continue — I was trying to give them the green light to go ahead and empower the rest of the team, take hold of team and know that they had myself and the rest of the coaches behind them in order to do that.”

Though the Bengals didn’t respond right away, losing to the Broncos and Peyton Manning, Cincy has seized the day since then, beating the Giants and Eli Manning and the Chiefs and . . . and . .  . and whoever they currently have who can make a difference in a game.

Lewis also reflected on his relationship with former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, who’ll return to Cincinnati this weekend as the quarterback of the Raiders.

Speaking of former Bengals, Lewis also says that second-year receiver A.J. Green is already better than Chad Johnson in his prime.

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6 responses to “Marvin Lewis says Dalton and Maualuga have stepped up

  1. Lot of finger pointing earlier this season from Lewis, a coach that’s never won a playoff game.

    I can see Dalton and Green as leaders, but Maualuga is plain awful.

  2. Oh sure. Win one game against the mighty Chiefs and all is well.

    One thing you can always count on from the Bengals as a team and an organization is that they set their sights nice and low.

  3. Marvin is clearly praising himself and asking for validation from the masses.

    Truth be told though, the Bengals aren’t very good and weren’t very good last year either. They had a cream puff schedule and they beat teams they should have beaten.

    They also lost every tough game last year and this year though.

  4. stoptrippn says:Nov 21, 2012 12:19 PM

    Now put Taylor Mays back in the starting line up. Stop letting DC Zimmer play his OLD TIMERS. you would be 8-2 with Mays.

    Hmmm… Can’t say I agree with you there. There is a reason the 49ers let him go for such a high draft pick. Dude is nothing better then a situational safety and special teams players.

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