Overconfident Bears expected Kaepernick turnovers

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If the Bears looked surprised by the thorough beating they took last night from the 49ers, there might be a reason for it.

According to John Mullin of CSNChicago.com, there was an expectation that things would be easier, and that 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kapernick would be more generous with the ball.

Mullin said one Bears defensive player said they expected Kaepernick to “throw a couple to us.”

If that’s the expectation, it points to taking him for granted once they found out hyper-careful Alex Smith wasn’t going to play.

Another Bears veteran told Mullin “That’s a different team than I’ve been watching,” while one called it “a wake-up call.”

As much as their defense was caught naepping by Kaepernick (sorry, it was there, and I lack shame), the Bears also showed problems on offense that won’t be solved simply by the return of Jay Cutler. They struggled to protect Jason Campbell (six sacks), and the 49ers basically defied the Bears to throw it to someone other than Brandon Marshall, and they could not.

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  1. They played like they were scared of the defense. Tice also called plays like he was scared. The O-line will be the undoing of this team. Too bad.

  2. If you want a back-up QB to unleash the turnovers YOU must pressure him….and the Bears never really did. The 49ers however did just that and Campbell made a couple bad decisions. Their offense wss one dimensional and predictable and Mike Tice should be ashamed of himself. That was a bad showing in primetime.

  3. I loved seeing both Urlacher and Briggs getting blown up by blockers in the run game. Didn’t realize they like pancakes so much, because Frank Gore kept feeding them.

    But it’s hard to knock the Bears mentality. If there was one think CK needed work on, it was his accuracy. We know he has a cannon arm and excellent running skills, but he’s been very inaccurate and they were banking on it. Maybe a little too much.

    But the way that terrible O-Line for the Bears played, the ONLY shot the team had in winning was turnovers

  4. A truly wretched performance. The 49ers are good, but not that good. The Bears are a good team too, but were pitiful last night. The offense was terrible but I don’t think that shocked anyone given who they were playing. But when the defense was ripped apart early and often, especially by a QB in his first start, WOW!

    The only good news for Chicago may be that while they were suffering an epic beat down they seemed to come out of the game without serious injuries.

  5. Whatever you may think of John Harbaugh, personally, over the course of his College & Pro coaching career he has proven to be THE BEST quarterback coach on the Planet.

  6. I felt bad for the Bears last night, their offensive line was offensively bad and Forte was getting crushed every time he touched the ball. Campbell was beat more than a pinata and Marshall was blanketed all night. On top of that the defense admits they were overconfident. I’ve always made fun of the Bears for having Cutler, but after last night it looks like without him they’re a terrible team.

  7. Overconfident Bears expected Kaepernick turnovers

    Expecting the other team to turn the ball over 4 times and scoring 14 points on defense is not a plan.

  8. The only solid win the weeks is the khad in the past laugher against the Titans. They got lucky in wins against Detroit and Carolina (those teams imploded) and they got beaten by Texas and SF. They can barely move the ball even with Cutler. Hester and Forte look kind of past their prime and that o-line … yikes.

    It does not bode well for the rest of the season.

  9. it was one game people played badly by the bears.how about we hold off on inducting a back up qb into canton just yet. as long as lovie refuses to accept that offense is part of the game the bears will suck in that area. it is obvious tice is no better at running a offense than anybody the bears have had under smith so that tells you he is part of the problem. in fact tice has done the impossible and made ron turner look like a genius. lovie and prevent offense need to go at seasons end. it has been a nice run but it is over. they need to bring in a coach who knows something about offense along with using every draft pick they have on building a offensive line.

  10. The Bears just suck*d, no other way to put it….and the future is in question with their current Coaching leadership.

  11. wayne1693 says:
    Nov 20, 2012 9:31 AM
    Whatever you may think of John Harbaugh, personally, over the course of his College & Pro coaching career he has proven to be THE BEST quarterback coach on the Planet.


    Really? And what does the Ravens’ coach have to do with this discussion anyway?

  12. Gore absolutely tattooed Briggs on that Vernon TD pass. Never seen a RB lay out a LB like that.

    Gore is the most underrated RB in the game.

  13. The bears have four more games on the schedule against teams with winning records.

    Based on their success so far this season against the better teams they face chicago just might finish 9-7.

    I’m wondering if Christian Ponder might just look like Colin Kaepernick after next weeks game? I know AP is better than Gore amd MN has a decent defense that can get some pass rush, especially v. chicago.

    Then chicago has Seattle, MN again, GB, AZ and Det, all good defenses. Hell they might end up 7-9.

  14. It’s only one game people … remember the week before the 49ers could not beat the lowly Rams and I forgot who was the QB for the 49ers.
    The Bears were out coached plain and simple.
    This is the NFL if you are not prepare to play hard every snap … you lose.

  15. Don’t know if this made me overconfident, but I had expected the Bears to at least win one game out of these past two…The fact that they didn’t, I believe, falls squarely on Lovie for not having the team prepared, and for his foolish insistence that there is nothing wrong with the o-line.

    While I still feel this team can make the playoffs, I have doubts they will finish any better than 4-2 the rest of the way (losses to MN on the road and GB at home.) 11-5 sounds pretty good, but not when you start 7-1 and then go 4-4.

  16. Overconfident Bears expected Kaepernick turnovers

    Expecting the other team to turn the ball over 4 times and scoring 14 points on defense is not a plan.
    totally agree, who ever said this should be fired along with whoever made that the game plan. to count on/expect turnovers as part of game plan is completely nuts…….but does totally explain why the defense was standing around all night, they just expected the 9ers to GIVE them the ball. wake up chicago, this is the NFL and you must come to play and win or the results will be…..well u found out monday nite

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