Pasadena approves up to five years of NFL at Rose Bowl

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Ground won’t be broken on a new stadium in L.A. until a team is lined up to play there.  And once it’s known that a team will be playing there, it means that the team will have a hard time continuing to play in the “there” that they’ll be abandoning.

So a temporary home in Los Angeles will be needed.  And it’s looking like that place will be the Rose Bowl.

According to the Pasadena Sun (via SportsBusiness Daily), the powers-that-be in that Southern California city voted on Tuesday to allow an expansion of the permissible number of annual events at the Rose Bowl from 12 to 25.  After a five-hour meeting that included plenty of citizens who complained about the traffic, noise, and other drawbacks to hosting NFL games, Pasadena City Council voted 7-1 to approve the increase for up to five years.

“We have a fiduciary responsibility to the whole city to take the next step,” Councilwoman Margaret McAustin said.   I’m not excited about the NFL, and clearly [the Rose Bowl’s neighbors] are not excited, but it’s the responsible thing to do.”

Six years ago, a divided council blocked by one vote the possibility of the Rose Bowl providing a permanent home for an NFL team.  “[T]his is different,” Councilman Steve Madison said. “This is a temporary matter when we have dire financial needs.”

Currently, the Rose Bowl hosts UCLA home games and, yes, the Rose Bowl.

The addition of 13 events and not 12 adds a little potential intrigue to the move.  With the NFL’s current scheduling formula putting the maximum number of home games in any given season at 12, the expansion to 13 hints at either a Super Bowl or an extra home game that would come from expanding the regular season to 18 games and keeping the preseason at four.

The more likely (but far less interesting) explanation is that some NFL regular seasons finish in early January, which could result in a maximum of 13 regular-season games played in a given stadium in a full calendar year, if the next regular season finishes in December.

Either way, the foundation has been put in place for L.A. to house a team temporarily, while it’s permanent house is being built.

The biggest problem for the NFL could be coming up with a way to relax the blackout rule, given that it will be a tall order to fill the continuous bowl to its 92,000-seat capacity on a consistent basis.

49 responses to “Pasadena approves up to five years of NFL at Rose Bowl

  1. I don’t see how this helps. With the TV blackout rules, there is no way any team sells out the Rose Bowl.

  2. They beter renovate the entrances and exits to that stadium because it’s a death trap waiting to happen.

  3. How many teams have to moved to LA…and then leave? They don’t seem to have the football fan base to support a team.

  4. I still say it’s gonna be the Chargers at the Rose Bowl and the Raiders at the LA Coliseum until their new stadia (Farmer’s Field and Los Angeles Stadium in Industry, respectively) are built.

  5. Should be Rams and Chargers to LA

    Don’t overreact on Carolina or Jacksonville

    Award St. Louis an expansion possibly down the line

  6. Let’s just say that the Rose Bowl, while legendary, is far from the nicest stadium I’ve even been in. That place needs major renovations.

  7. I dont get the “they failed because they get no support” BS

    its cause of 100 year old stadiums and lack of fan experience. Plus we havent had a new stadium built since the Home Depot center, and thats for Soccer.

    You wanna go down to South Central to watch football?

    I sure never did.

  8. realy vikes? cmon dude it not even funny anymore last time i check we opening up our new stadium in 2015

  9. bobnelsonjr says:
    Nov 20, 2012 8:16 PM
    LA Vikings!! Skoal


    Yes folks – packer fans still hold on to the LA Vikings dream even though the vikes have a new stadium on their way. Classy bunch huh!?

  10. It’s inaccurate to say NFL teams in LA havent had fans. They haven’t had lucrative stadiums. The Rams and Raiders both played at the LA Coliseum, which was impossible to sell out, causing TV blackouts locally. It made no sense for a big market team to stay in TV town if they weren’t on TV. Farmers Field would be huge for an LA team. Lakers games and Staple Center are sellouts at inflated prices. I’m shocked local residents haven’t already blocked Rose Bowl participation though. What’s up with the Vikings? Seems like they have a little more leverage in Minnesota now.

  11. I am so sick of hearing about LA wanting a team. Now they won’t build a stadium until they know for sure and they will play in a stadium that was build in roman times, plus the league would have to relax the blackout rule. How big of a deal do they want. No team in the NFL deserves to lose their franchise to this city. They have had 2 teams in the past 20 years and lost both of them. They don’t have football fans out there. To them it is a social event, and the problem there is they don’t have enough social people there to fill a stadium

  12. Those who don’t live in SoCal have no idea how many football fans we have here. Every Sunday every bar, restaurant, where ever a game is being shown is jammed packed. Also the NFL wasn’t as popular as it is now, so saying that there’s no fans to support a team is ridiculous. Now as for what team, I say the Raiders. The fan base here eclipses all other mentioned. If you’ve been to a Oakland game the vast majority are from Socal, and a Raiders vs Chargers game half if not 3/4 are Raiders fans.

  13. Any team that relocates to LA will have to pony up ~$600 million the NFL requires for a team to relocate to LA. Chargers owner Dean Spanos doesn’t have that kind of scratch. Don’t forget, if AEG builds the stadium they also require a minority share (at less than market price) of whatever team moves there. Spanos may be a lame owner, but he isn’t going to give away a share of his team for less-than market value.

  14. We’ll find out if it’s the Bolts in February, since that month is open to the Team to decide whether to stay in SD with no new Stadium or leave for another City. They have had this option for several years, and have elected to stay put. So we’ll know by 2/29/2013 if they are the Team, or possibly one of the 2 Teams to move to L.A. …or in their case return to L.A.

  15. if the nfl wants a team in the second largest market in the US, they Will relax the blackout rule for 5yrs., while the fan base builds. then once the new stadium is built, and the team moves in, blackout rule back in effect..
    this isn’t a government operation, this is a private company looking to make money..they’ll do that for sure. they can make up whatever rules they want..
    woohoo, I’m excited to finally have a team coming to LA. it sucks driving anywhere from 4-10 hrs just to see a game!

  16. “The addition of 13 events and not 12 adds a little potential intrigue to the move. ”

    Not really.

    The Rose Bowl is set to go into the NCAA playoff rotation along with hosting the Rose Bowl.

    Maybe they’re just buying themselves some wiggle room. What happens if there is a disaster in another city and they have to move a game. San Diego had to postpone a game a few years back due to wildfire and New Orleans had to play at Giants stadium.

    The extra game gives them wiggle room for adding another NFL or college game without having to ask the city council for permission.

  17. If the NFL wants a team in LA so bad, then they never should have allowed that evil woman sneak the Rams away in the middle of the night. When you burn loyal fans, they don’t forget. They’ve moved on. Most of the people I know in LA came from somewhere else and are loyal fans of their home teams anyway. This whole NFL team in LA thing is nothing more than someone trying to make money.

  18. contra74 November 21, 2012, 2:29 AM CET

    bobnelsonjr says: Nov 20, 2012 8:16 PM LA Vikings!! Skoal


    Yes folks – packer fans still hold on to the LA Vikings dream even though the vikes have a new stadium on their way. Classy bunch huh!?


    Yeah, Green Bay fans are super excited for the Vikings to leave so they can play against 3 professional teams in their division.

    Not directed towards normal Viking fans, just the trolls. 🙂

  19. “Andre’s Johnson says:
    Nov 20, 2012 8:56 PM
    The Jags can just bring their tarps.”

    Maybe we could move one of the 11 teams with worse attendance than the 1-9 Jaguars. Like the 6-4 Buccaneers that average 10k less people a game.

  20. The Los Angeles Chargers

    How could this be anything else? With the NFL saying as soon as next year, the Charger’s lease up, all the front office, coaching and personnel changes coming this makes sense. Divisions don’t even need to be realigned to make it a sensible move.

    Throw in a new Nike designed uniform and it is the true fresh start that this team needs.

  21. I get really tired of hearing that LA fans won’t support a team. That’s balony. The Rams left because of the problems with the people who ran the coliseum. They wouldn’t reduce the 100,000 seat capacity and Orange county offered them a better deal. The Raiders left because the Northridge earthquake destroyed the Coliseum. Any team that gets the LA market will probably double the value of it’s team. I’m just not sure the Chargers management is smart enough to realize that.

  22. sourdough says:
    Nov 20, 2012 10:08 PM
    Any team that relocates to LA will have to pony up ~$600 million the NFL requires for a team to relocate to LA

    i say raiders will not pay a penny
    , and secondly, whatever team it is will pay the raiders, not the nfl….even if it means going to court……Raiders own the rights to L.A. period.

  23. Where did you get that Raiders own the rights. That’s balony. The NFL owns the rights to LA. They have stated that any team that want’s to move there must register with the NFL and they alone will pick the teams. They want two. The Chargers and the Rams or the Raiders and the Rams. All of their leases expire in 2013. The Chargers doesn’t but they can buy out any time they choose.

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