Report: Steelers to workout Brian Hoyer, Mike Kafka

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With the Pittsburgh Steelers down to third-string quarterback Charlie Batch after injuries to Ben Roethlisberger and Byron Leftwich in consecutive weeks, the Steelers are looking to add another arm to their roster.

According to, the Steelers are expected to bring in free agent quarterbacks Brian Hoyer and Mike Kafka for a tryout on Tuesday. Per the report, the Steelers intend on signing one of the two.

Hoyer was most recently with the New England Patriots before being released during final cuts in August. In three years with the Patriots, Hoyer completed 27 of 43 passes for 286 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

Kafka spent his first two seasons in the league with the Philadelphia Eagles before also being released during final cuts this August. Kafka only saw playing time last season for the Eagles and completed 11 of 16 passes for 107 yards with two interceptions.

26 responses to “Report: Steelers to workout Brian Hoyer, Mike Kafka

  1. charlie batch gets no love. Maybe age is playing a part, but it seemed like other guys got to play in ben’s absence when he couldve done a good job in past season. Kind of like jeff garcia

  2. Hoyer would be the wise choice as he knows the afc, Pats and steelers better than Kafta.

  3. Kinda surprised no one signed Hoyer sooner – and will be surprised if Steelets don’t. With so many first & second year starting QB’s, a solid backup, who trained under Belicheck and Brady should be an asset. That said, Big Ben should return by mid-Dec.

  4. This may sound dumb due to his lack of actual NFL snaps, but I thought Hoyer showed a lot of promise in his time in N.E. he played well in the pre-season, has a strong accurate arm, learned what he knows from Brady and Belichick. I was always surprised he wasn’t picked up as a number two. Seems to have a lot more promise and ability than some other backups (Campbell, Lindley, Leftwich, Tebow, Quinn)

  5. I’d love to say Batch will be fine but after the way the O-Line let Leftwich get punished all game, combined with how fragile Batch is, they should probably sign both of these guys.

  6. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren’t we? What, JaMarcus Russell’s phone got shut off or something?

  7. I’m suprised Hoyer hasn’t been picked up yet, he was a pretty capable backup for Brady. Doesn’t have all the talent to be a full-time starter, but he is very smart and a good passer. Definitely would be an improvement of Leftwich or Batch.

  8. Have fun with that….the Steelers run is over, no chance Ben can stay healthy for 16 + playoffs anymore

  9. i was kinda shocked to see Hoyer not get picked up, he’s shown signs of real promise in the extremely limited reps he got…..but then again, so did Cassel.

  10. Probably ought to tryout some O-line too. You know…just to keep the QB de jour from getting crushed every play.

  11. It was tough for Hoyer to hook on with anyone as he was part of NE’s last cutdown and most teams were pretty set with guys that knew their respective offenses. He’s still better than Mallett, but was going to be a free agent after this yr. He’s a decent NFL backup, maybe as good as some starters(Henne, for example). Decent arm, can make all the throws, very smart.

  12. Why no love for Jerrod Johnson? He really looked decent in the final preseason game. The quality of his throws seemed better than Dixon’s at a comparable time in Dixon’s career.

    If TOmlin has half a brain, he would cut LEftwich now and resign him only if he is needed when healthy. Use the roster spot to get JOhnson or Hoyer. No more retreads like Palko.

  13. Whoever said above that Hoyer looked good in the preseason couldn’t possibly have watched him play. He looked absolutely awful, but in all fairness he didn’t get any help from the slew of throw-away wideouts that made up the bulk of the pre-season snaps.

    It’d be great to see him do something in Pittsburgh. He’s a much better quarterback then what he’s shown.

  14. it doesn’t matter which of these guys (or anyone else possibly) they bring in. if Batch goes down and one of these guys need to start, the Steelers are done.

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