Seahawks rookie Winston Guy suspended for banned substance


Seahawks rookie safety Winston Guy has played in only two games this season.  He definitely won’t play in the next four.

Per our newest addition, Curtis Crabtree of KJR (and now PFT), Guy has been suspended four games for violating the league’s policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances.  The sixth-round draft pick from Kentucky won’t appeal the suspension.

“It is what it is.  He is responsible for what he put in his body,” agent Greg Lamont Linton told Crabtree.
Though the agent didn’t play the increasingly popular Adderall card, the agent and the player can say anything the agent and the player want to say, and the NFL can’t say anything in response.  As a result, any steroids user who gets caught can say anything he wants, escaping the steroids stigma.
That’s not to say Guy took steroids.  It means only that he failed a test for banned substances.  And until the NFL and NFLPA agree to allow the league to provide comprehensive information about the violation that gave rise to the suspension, we’ll continue to hear about Adderall and over-the-counter substances whenever any player tests positive.