A Black Friday tradition continues

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The day after Thanksgiving has created an ugly tradition of guerilla shopping.  Dubbed Black Friday years ago by retail workers who dreaded the experience and now spun by management types to mean that it helps honest businesses get “in the black,” it’s the one day that in the minds of many represents everything that is wrong with the holiday season.

We’ve developed our own Black Friday tradition in these parts.  For the third straight year, I’ll spend the first three hours of the morning guest hosting The Dan Patrick Show.

Joining me on the journey for the third straight time will be producer Jonas Knox, and we’ll be ready to talk about the three NFL games played on Thanksgiving and the remaining 13 games that will be played on Sunday and Monday.

We’ll also touch on other sports news, because you never know which high-profile athlete is going to be chased around the house on Thanksgiving night with a rolling pin, or a nine iron.

Tune in at DanPatrick.com or on any of the 270-plus radio affiliates.  It’s radio only, which means I can leave the toupee in the washing machine for an extended gravy-removal soaking.

10 responses to “A Black Friday tradition continues

  1. Even though no one listens to that show, I have to admit, at least it beats spending time with your family.

  2. “Good” news – it’s no longer just Black Friday. For many retail places it’s now Black Thursday too. So now hundreds of thousands of us get to wolf down a meal, try to sneak in a nap, and then show up at work to be trampled by the millions more of us who camp out in the cold and dark to buy an even bigger tv screen. And that’s what “Thanksgiving” is supposed to be all about, right?

  3. The reason Black Friday is called Black Friday is because it’s the day that retailers go into “the black” or profitability. It has nothing to do with retail workers’ emotions.

  4. I have worked in the retail industry the past 10 years and to be honest with you it’s disgusting what the holiday season has become, it doesn’t just represent what is wrong with the holiday season it represents what our culture has become, just like professional sports it’s all about the almighty dollar, love for someone is no longer represented by care or emotions, but how much they spend on that person. So For all you gluttonous people who force workers to be at their jobs at 3am I hope you get stuck in traffic and that special item that you want so bad is sold out. Happy Holiday$

  5. Dose anyone else find it ironic that Americans spend the most money on shopping for new thinks on the day after they have been giving thanks for what they already have? Happy Thanksgiving anyway folks.

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