Aldon Smith wins NFC defensive player of the week


The surprise isn’t that 49ers pass-rusher Aldon Smith won NFC defensive player of the week honors. The surprise would have been if anyone else was even considered.

Smith had 5.5 sacks Monday against the Bears, giving him a league-high 15 on the season.

Smith’s now piled up 29 sacks in 26 games, the most in league history over a similar span.

13 responses to “Aldon Smith wins NFC defensive player of the week

  1. Aldon Smith is a great player but sacks against the Bears this season should probably just have asterisks by them. That O-line in Chicago is so bad its a crime. I felt embarrassed for Bears fans during thatMNF game. Phil Emery should fire himself.

  2. You say that, but this is the same team that was 7-2 with the same offensive line prior to MNF. They had demolished every team in there wake….unless they were a playoff caliber team.

  3. “but sacks against the Bears this season should probably just have asterisks by them”

    That is ridiculous. You do know a great Houston DLine couldn’t get any sacks against the Bears Oline.

  4. Chicago was 7-2 before the Niners punched em in the mouth with their backup QB. Even Obama thought the Bears had the best D…Welcome to Frisco baby!

  5. Why would Phil Emery get fired he just got hired less then a year ago. I don’t think you can blame him for all the failed draft picks in prior years. Jerry Angelo is the guy that should never be given a GM job again. Let’s give Emery a little body of work before we run him out of town. I think he is going to get to fire Lovie Smith and staff at the end of this year if they fail to make the playoffs anyway.

  6. As a Niner fan and big (former) Manny Lawson fan, I had my doubts about Aldon Smith. Man, it felt sooooooo good to be wrong. Aldon Smith is the best number 99 we’ve had! Finally nice to have a double digit sack guy who shows up in big games and forces teams to gameplan for him. This guy is a STAR!

  7. @stealthhawk

    It amazes me to read the comments from a bitter Seahawks fan. To put an asterisk by someone who gets 5.5 sacks is ridiculous . If u do that , why not put an asterisk by the 4 sacks Chris Clemmons got against a weak GB line. Don’t you think after sack #2 they were trying to double team A.Smith but couldn’t. Give the guy props , he is a monster. Stop hating and congratulate .


    Since when has Aldon Smith become a convicted felon. Makes one bad decision to drive intoxicated and you crucify the kid. Man get a life . I see u live in a glass house..He was a victim in the other 3 instances (Stabbed at his party, in the accident, and allegedly getting jumped) so if you write something make sure you know what you are talking about…

    Aldon Smith is young and will only get better from a true Niner fan…keep it up Aldon and the haters will soon jump on the bandwagon…

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