Carson Palmer on leaving Bengals: “It was time”


Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer knows he’s going to get booed when he returns to Cincinnati for the first time since threatening to retire and being traded.

But he said simply that he thought his Bengals career had run its course, and it was time to move on.

When asked why he decided that time had come after eight seasons, Palmer declined to get too specific

Just a culmination of things,” Palmer said, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Some things that I had learned that ownership, . . . just some things that built up over time and it was just time for a change.”

Palmer said he didn’t want to elaborate, when pressed on completing that thought.

“It was time,” he said. “Anytime you are somewhere for five, six, seven, eight years, sometimes it is just time for a fresh start, a change, something new and that’s obviously what I thought and obviously the ownership there didn’t – until the last second.”

Asked if he was better off now than two years ago — which is a reasonable question as the quarterback of a 3-7 team who watched rookie Andy Dalton take his old team to the playoffs — Palmer said he was.

“Yeah. My last year there was physically, mentally and — really, mentally just draining,” he said. “That’s part of the reason it was just time.”

The Bengals fans might boo, but holding firm was the right play for owner Mike Brown, who took advantage of a desperate Raiders team, and the Bengals are clearly better off for it.

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  1. Palmer quit on his team and the fans. Say what you will about Ocho, but he showed up for work everyday until he was traded. The fans and Palmer’s former teammates will have the last laugh on Sunday. He’s not built mentally to step up in this situation.

  2. Idk about you other bengal fans but i think Carson “holding out” was Mentally Satisfying…. hey he only did to ownership exactly what Us Fans have wanted to do since about 91′.. i think we all had it with the Carson/Ocho/TO show… breath of fresh air…thank u carson it was time for a change… fans shuld Cheer ya when youre announced but after that Hope that you play like the Carson here 07′-10′

  3. I enjoyed Carson in his time he and when he was with Cincy he was my favorite player in the league. However, he left on the worst possible note. Sometimes fans of other teams don’t get the circumstances. Since he arrived in ’03 our franchise was built on this man’s back. We made him the highest payed QB in the league at the time of his extensions, we gave him whatever players he wanted (He begged for TO), and all of our fans adored him. Then, after a dismal season in which he played terribly, he just quits on us. After 7-8 years of devotion he quits on us in the blink of an eye. Luckily we’re better off without you Carson. I hope you’re enjoying the west coast, but don’t expect us to ever cheer for you again. You are not welcome in Cincinnati.

  4. Dalton >Palmer
    Dalton Palmer
    Comp % 64.2% 60.7%
    Yd/att 7.4 7.3
    Td/int. 20/11 17/11
    Rating 92.7 85.8
    Wins. 14 7

  5. Palmer has been one of the few bright spots this year for the Raiders. The man has played well – period. The offense has fallen apart compared to last year, and the defense is just as bad and, perhaps, worse than last season.

    I doubt even Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers could have done any better considering there has been absolutely no running, horrible pass protection, awful defense, and poor special teams play. Without Palmer I doubt we would have one win at this point.

    I’m glad we have him. Now, if we could only do something about the rest of the team.

  6. It may have been a controversial trade, but I think CP has done a great job with the mess he is playing under (another coaching change, Knapp, ZBS). Playing in his first game after 5 days with the team last year was completely silly to ask of him. He has been a complete pro since he’s been on board. Sometimes a change of scenery is what’s needed and I hope he gets some help from the front office along the way.

  7. Lifelong Bengals fan here. I cant hate him for leaving. If i could up and pick a new favorite team i would have years ago.

  8. Palmer has done a fine job with the Raiders, so let’s not attach their issues to his performance.

    Last year, Palmer got thrust into a game virtually the instant he was rostered. No OTAs. No training camp. No pre-season. Just get in there on a borderline team and do what ya can kind of thing.

    This year, Palmer has played well – still playing for a team with a lot of holes.

    Also, I think it’s too early to say Cincy is “clearly better off for it.” They could have used the Dalton premium draft choice elsewhere and had a solid vet (in his early 30’s) behind center gunning to A.J. Green, Gresh and company.

  9. Kudos to him for taking a stand against the terrible Bengals ownership. He handled it well, and still is trying to take the high road.

    I just feel bad he ended up in similar or worse situation. Brown would have let him rot if Hue Jackson hadn’t been silly enough to get fleeced. I think if the demands had been reasonable he would have ended up with Pete Carroll in a great situation. The Hawks were very interested in him but realized the price was absurd.

  10. Bungle fans should be cheering for Palmer since his holding out brought them Dalton who has clearly developed well and will probably bring lots of wins to the Cincy faithful…..that is until Mike Brown gives him the “Carson Palmer” treatment and then he flakes on you too.

  11. I Have been a fan my whole life of the Bengals. I am a woman and I tell you that because some people might not know that women not just the men stay with the team they love no matter how bad they play. I am 46 now. I loved Carson Palmer. I think Carson wanted to go to another team that might make it to the playoffs more. I don’t think he was thinking oakland haha. Carson’s last year he really was bad and often blamed the receivers most of the time. I have no hard feelings for him leaving if he thought he could do better somewhere else and I think that is the real reason he left but he wouldn’t say it because well lebron said that and everyone hated him which I don’t get. the one that left that hated cinci and through his jerseys in the stands or on the field. got a superbowl ring, dillon. I dislike how he treated the fans, teamates before he left and that is why I don’t like him. He was a great back but hated cincinnati and the team and was not shy about it. I understand if you want to move on so you can win with a team when you see your team not getting anywhere but the way he went about it was sickning. he even said he rather flip burgers somewhere then play with the bengals still. That is the only one of the players I couldn’t stand. He was just downright mean. anyway my favorite player of all time on the bengals was Isaac Curtis. yeah some of you are saying who? I hope we beat the raiders but I wouldn

  12. Bengal fans that congratulate him for taking a stand are idiots. Raider fans that think he is doing a great job…idiots. I can’t wait to boo that California diva. He HAD all the physical intangibles but has always lacked leadership and fortitude. Now he has neither.

  13. I guess everyone is just forgetting the Bengals being a joke of a franchise for the entire decade before they got Palmer. He came in and lived up to most expectations you have for a #1 pick, certainly more than the previous QBs they’d selected. The knee injury was terrible just when he was reaching that ‘elite’ level.

    Ultimately he gave up once the going got tough, which is indefensible. He should be booed, but definitely gave that franchise some good times while he was there. Bengals got fortunate that Dalton and Green have worked out, or else there’d be more clamoring for Palmer back and less s talk about ‘pick 6s’.

  14. One piece of info this article gained was that “last minute” comment – I generally read that as ‘they finally fired Bratkowski’. Bottom line though is Carson quit. It has worked out nicely for my Who Deys, for sure, but that is incidental to him quitting.

    Bengals HAVE TO win this game.

  15. I have read comments from Bengals fans for years about how Mike Brown is the worst owner in the NFL (which is likely the case). I never understood why a Bengal fan who acknowledges his owner is the worst in the game expects the players to remain committed to playing for him. If you had a boss that was widely regarded as the worst around is it not reasonable to find another company to work for?

    I also have to laugh at the idea that the Raiders got “fleeced” in the trade. Since the trade Palmer has thrown for about 5,000 yards and 30 TD’s. The Bengals got 2 draft picks, one used last year on Dre Kirkpatrick who has 3 total tackles and a 2nd round pick next year. Don’t get me wrong, the Raiders suck this year, and will probably get beat on Sunday, but I’d probably rather have Carson’s production than Dre’s 3 tackles plus a 2nd round pick. At the level he is playing this year Palmer is a top 10 – 12 QB in the NFL with some good years left. He needs a lot of help if the Raiders are going to start winning again but the Raiders didnt get a bad deal with last year’s trade.

  16. Carson left and never thanked Cincy fans who worshipped him…We were saddened when he tore his acl, proud when he recovered, soldout PBS stadium 60 games in a row, and made excuses for him when he played poorly (now I see Oak fans doing that)…He did say: “I have $70 million in the bank, I don’t need to play football anymore”. In a bad economy, this alienated fans more…He also did not show any gratitude to his teammates (to date) that fought for him every Sun. and were supposedly his friends…Finally, Mike Brown gave him $100 million, any receiver he requested, and his brother (not NFL caliber) a job…Palmer gave us 0 playoff wins and tainted his NFL legacy by spitting on the franchise where he was loved and had his best years

  17. Geno Atkins must be foaming at the mouth just thinking about the opportunity to rush this statue of a QB…the raiders better triple team him if they hope to even get Palmer through this game healthy

  18. I had no idea that he said I have 70 million in the bank and I don’t need to play football. He must of left for only one reason. That he thought the bengals had no chance and he wanted a super bowl ring like dillon. welll I am glad he didn’t throw his shoulder pads and stuff in the stands his last game like Dillon did.

  19. Rangerrick you cant be serious.. He came in and lived up to the expectaions of a #1 pick?? Palmer had a couple good years.. He made the pro bowl a couple times.. But he never lived up to expectations. A #1 pick at QB, has the expectations of a couple playoff wins at least.. How many did Palmer get in Cincy?? 0. Also your supposed to be the leader of the team, he was far from it. Do you think Peyton Manning or Tom Brady would have let that locker room get the way it was? Look what happened to Randy Moss as soon as he started acting up, the Pats cut him.. Palmer is a joke, he will be in the league 3 or 4 more years tops, ands I cant wait to never hear his name again. Thanks for the 1st rd draft pick, and this years 2nd rd pick, which will set your franchise back for years to come.

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