Cedric Benson may still have foot surgery


Last week, there was optimism that Packers running back Cedric Benson could return to practice this week, six weeks after his placement on revocable IR.  This week, there isn’t as much.

Benson said he could still undergo surgery, which at this stage of the season undoubtedly would shut him down for the rest of the year.

It’s still a lingering possibility,” Benson said, via Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  “And that’s not cool when you’re trying to get back to play.

“I’m going to a doctor who they trust.  I’m going to have a one-on-one with him.”

Now that he’s six weeks removed from his placement on injured reserve with the designation to return, Benson can return to practice at any time.  He can return to game action eight weeks after placement on IR.  Once he returns to practice, he must return to the active roster within three weeks.  Otherwise, he’ll be shelved for the season.

14 responses to “Cedric Benson may still have foot surgery

  1. Have surgery Cedric and hit the sled. You just might be able to finagle another one year deal and parlay that into 3.

    I thought he looked pretty good the last few weeks leading up up to the injury. It was ugly!

  2. Wow, surprised by the pro Benson crowd.

    Were you guys seeing a different Cedric Benson than the one I saw? He showed no vision, no cut, and no burst. He stutter stepped to the line, missed getting to any holes, and was only useful as Aaron’s checkdown, and Cobb has shown he’s a MUCH better option for the swing outs.

    He turns 30 next month, will be carrying along the effects of his injured Lisfranc joint for the foreseeable future, and doesn’t fit the scheme that the Pack run here.

    Maybe he gets a 1 year deal and POSSIBLY make final cuts on a different team next year, but in my eyes, he’s done.

    So once again, enjoy your retirement, Cedric.

  3. Shame The Offense were super pass happy early in the season – We feed Cedric – Get him Going – Rodgers doesn’t get sacked 8 times in a single game – we open up the play action – idk…
    now we finally run it close to 25 times a game – with Starks/Green – smh.

  4. I loved the move Ted made signing him, but he’s been a so so signing. Now I see why Ted avaoids the free agents. But I would like to see Clifton brought back as a back-up now, and tell Finley to take a short jump off a tall cliff, and to write us occasionally from Chicago or Dallas and explain why Cutler and Romo have “no chemistry with him” when he drops any pass with contact close. He hates to block or take a hit. Jerruh will give him the world and good riddance. I’d hope the new Chicago GM is smarter than Jerruh.

  5. I don’t get it with the Packers. Now there trying to say Sam Shields injury may be worse than they thought and he’s not coming back right away, ditto Mathews, Perry went from a bruise to surgery and is lost for the season and they won’t talk about Bulaga at all.
    I don’t know if they are trying to hide the seriousness deliberately or their trainers and doctors are getting it wrong.
    All I know is this team has a small army of players who have a propensity for injury and Benson is just one of them.
    Mike Neal is just now playing two games in a row after three seasons and he is limping around in those games.

  6. Too bad, he was just getting accustomed to the offense and the Zone Blocking scheme when he got hurt. When they said Lisfranc I cringed, living in the SF bay area I watched as Darren McFadden struggled with a Lisfranc injury for a year and a half, and I knew this could be bad. I would have loved to have seen what Ced could have done with a little more time. Too Bad, he might have been a difference maker.

  7. When Benson signed with GB for the vet minimum 900k and change he also agreed to a split salary of 300k and change in the event that he went on IR. I wonder if that split was triggered by the new designate to return IR or was there an exception made because its not season ending?

    That might have an effect on his decision to play on or not this season.

  8. Its just a fact of the NFL that the shelf life of RB’s is considerably shorter than any other position.

    He’s pushing 30, looked alright to semi-good this year but hardly set the world on fire. Going by the history of Ted Thompson, he won’t play next year in GB so that’s why he is holding out hope to return, it might be his last chance.

  9. Why oh why can’t we just draft an effective tailback who was a stud in college…? Someone like Jonathan Franklin from UCLA this year?! PLEASE!!! That means drafting in Rds 1-3 to fill this void but not accepting no-names like Alex Green (3rd Rounder) to get the job done.

  10. Bad news! Benson is a great pickup for the pack!he was getting familiar with the zone blocking scheme. He is the only RB on our roster that defenses feared. He runs with power and always fell forward. That speaks volumes of how good he is behind our terrible run blocking oline. Those who speak negative about him don’t know football period. Get well soon ced! We need u back!

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