Chilo Rachal leaves Bears for “personal reasons”


Bears guard Chilo Rachal has walked away from the team.

The Bears announced today that they have placed Rachal on the reserve/left squad list for what the team described only as “personal reasons.”

Family issues have affected Rachal in the past: When he announced that he was leaving USC to enter the 2008 NFL draft, he said it was so that he could take care of his parents, who were in poor health. And in 2010, during his third season with the 49ers, Rachal was benched after he skipped a practice for the birth of his son. But there have been no recent reports that would indicate any issues in Rachal’s family that would cause him to quit on the Bears.

Rachal, who has started the last eight games for the Bears, got some unwelcome attention on Monday night against his former team: He had two holding penalties, and he also recovered a fumble in the Bears’ end zone and awkwardly tried to throw the ball forward to avoid a safety. Replays showed that Rachal’s knee was down when he grabbed the ball, so it was a safety.

To fill the spot on the 53-man roster, the Bears called up offensive lineman James Brown from the practice squad. Chris Spencer, who started the first two games of this season before being benched in favor of Rachal, will presumably go back into the starting lineup in Rachal’s absence.

13 responses to “Chilo Rachal leaves Bears for “personal reasons”

  1. It is possible for the Bears o-line to actually get worse?! What happened to Tice knowing how to get an o-line performing well? Not that he has any talent to work with, but still….

  2. Beast Mode.

    We certainly don’t miss him in SF. Singlecell for some reason saw him as starter material. Harbaugh only needed to see a few practices at last year’s training camp to realize that he is not starting material. He was benched straightway for Adam Snyder.

  3. If you can’t crack the starting lineup on the bears o- line it’s probably time for a career change anyway. So I can’t say I blame rachal. I’d love to know why they refused to put Chris Williams back at lg. he was their best linemen last year, not that that is saying much

  4. GOOD he cant play O-line no way.
    now Chicago needs the rest of the
    O-line to go with him…TODAY.
    If Lovie dont fix that offense and right NOW…. he shouldnt have his JOB until the season end. Emery should fire him NOW!!

  5. They told him he was being demoted and he walked off the team…Way to end your NFL career, genius.

    Good riddance.

  6. There is not enough space on the internet to describe why the Bears are the worst 7-3 team in the league but the o line is a place to start. What I don’t get is that this was Tice’s job last year and they promoted the guy this year to call plays? Let me outline his favorite calls:

    1. First down, 2 yards for Forte off left tackle
    2. 2nd, Forte sweep left, loss of 1 yard.
    3. 3d Up the middle check-off pass to Davis
    that would have been good for 5 yards but Davis drops ball.
    4. Bears punt. Lovie doesn’t seem at all bothered on the sideline.

    And no I don’t have a stolen copy of Tice’s game plan for the Vikings this week but copy and paste the above and you’ve got one.

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