Clay Matthews called doubtful for Sunday night

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The Packers held their first practice of the week on Wednesday, but linebacker Clay Matthews wasn’t able to join the team on the field.

Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that coach Mike McCarthy said that Matthews is doubtful to play this week against the Giants. Matthews injured his hamstring in Week Nine and missed last week’s game against the Lions. He was ruled out for that game on Wednesday, so this is a slight improvement albeit one that doesn’t bode all that well for the Packers.

McCarthy also said that it would be a stretch for wide receiver Greg Jennings to play this week. He was able to run routes on Wednesday, though, and appears to be making progress in his return from abdominal surgery. Jennings was a bit more optimistic.

“Today was a big step for me. Whether or not I play this week, that’s yet to be determined. As far as health, I want see how I feel tomorrow and how I respond to things today,” Jennings said. “I’m just trying to get out there as soon as possible. That’s my prognosis. I don’t really have a set timetable. Me personally, I don’t feel like I’m a long shot. Playing it safe, I guess you could say I’m a long shot.”

The same is not true of cornerback Sam Shields, since he’s got no shot. McCarthy ruled Shields out for this week’s game and said that he would miss more time after suffering a setback in his recovery from the ankle injury that’s kept him out of the last four games.

11 responses to “Clay Matthews called doubtful for Sunday night

  1. Rest him if not 100%. Need him for the playoffs.

    We had 5 sacks without him, and if would be great to have him but better to have him for the long haul. (Ie Jennings)

  2. As long as the Packers seem to be well-positioned for a playoff spot, why risk getting Matthews and Jennings hurt and lost for the rest of the year? If the Pack keeps winning, ease them back in for the last 2-3 games and then the playoffs. Having a couple of studs like that with fresh legs when the dance starts would be huge.
    Tough break for Shields. He was playing pretty well, but with other young guys gaining experience and also performing well, it’s going to be hard for him to get back on the field. Love having the “problem” of too many capable DBs though.

  3. I won’t blame anyone for picking the Giants over GB in a tough road game.

    Especially 2 players that have been considered for Defensive Players of the Year recently.

    I think if the Bengals can hang with the Giants, the Packers can to, especially since GB seems to play to the level of the competitiont his season.

  4. You know you’re a good team when despite having a skeleton crew and playing like garbage you’re still winning games. Could you imagine if they start to get healthy and play to their potential?

  5. Normally, I’d say rest the guy. However, if there ever was a game that the Pack need most and would be least likely to win without Clay, this would be it. Eli is a machine if he gets time. The Pack can probably outscore every other team they play here on out.

  6. I’ve been counting this game as a loss for a long time, Clay being out adds to it.

    I think the team will play well but come up short. I hope I’m wrong, but I think the loss will galvanize the team and then they’ll end up winning it all.

    Yes, I’m a homer.

  7. Excuse # 1 when the Pack loses the game will be we didn’t have Clay big mouth Matthews…

    The pack is a bunch of whiny little babies the are beyond annoying.

    Get ready for the beat down losers.

    All In…

  8. @justintuckrule

    A non-division game is not as important as the stretch of divisions games that are coming up. The easiest way to get into the playoffs is the division title. Sorry Giant fan but the upcoming games versus the Viking x2, Bears and Lions is a bigger key to the playoffs than the Giants.

  9. Dom Capers for coordinator of the year?
    Dude doesn’t have his four starting linebackers – his most experianced DB misses a ton of games – his NT(raji) and best DE (worthy) miss several games – etc.

    Rest of the crew are young 1st/2nd year players …idk. just throwing it out there that I’m impressed with the job he’s done so far this season.

  10. filthymcnasty1 says: Nov 21, 2012 4:13 PM

    If Clay is doubtful, I’d call the Packers chances against the G-men doubtful.

    Get well soon Clay.
    Oh, I don’t know, the rookie, Dezman Moses, had 2 sacks, a knockdown, and caused a fumble in his first start (in Matthews place). He destroyed the Lion’s left tackle and put him on the bench after 186 straight starts. I’ll try to stay optimistic while hopefully the Giants (and you) think they’re home free!

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