David DeCastro returns to practice


The Steelers may be running low on quarterbacks, but they got an offensive lineman back at practice on Wednesday.

Guard David DeCastro, their first-round pick in April, has been cleared to return to practice. DeCastro has been out since tearing his MCL and doing other damage to his right knee in one of Pittsburgh’s preseason games. He was placed on injured reserve with the designation to return after final cuts and has been eligible to return to practice for several weeks.

Now that he has returned to practice, the team has three weeks to decide whether or not to move him back to the active roster. Until they do, DeCastro does not count against the 53-man roster so there’s no need for a corresponding move. If they don’t, he’ll revert to injured reserve for the rest of the year.

DeCastro was immediately pencilled into the starting lineup when the team selected him and he’ll likely get a chance to win back the job if he’s healthy. Ramon Foster’s done a good job at right guard, though, so DeCastro probably won’t get it just for showing up in a uniform. At the very least, having him healthy would improve the options available should there be an injury down the line up front for the Steelers.

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  1. He’s lucky he wont be back for the Raven game…if he was his knee would be turned into a pretzel and he’d be out for the next TWO YEARS.

  2. In the past few years it has been the OLine decimated by injuries. This year the OLine is healthy and playing great, but the other 17 positions cant stay out of the training room.

  3. Bright-spot and hope right now for the Steelers is DEFENSE. They are #1 and barely surrendering yardage. Turnovers are missing. If they find a way to produce turnovers, they’ll ball-hard until our elites come back.

    Stupid for any fanbase to count us out. We’re the last team to give up on. Beat Cleveland, survive Balty without any more injury and the rest of the games are winnable.

  4. Steeley McBeam: How is this o-line playing great? They got 2 Qb’s hurt in 2 games. Mike Adams is the worst Tackle in the NFL. He has horrible hand work and gets burnt over and over again. Browns will force 3rd and longs all game and destroy Batches old body. They sacked Ben 8 times last year in one game. Batches old legs will not get him outta trouble. Long day for the steelers in cleveland.

  5. Steeley- I wouldn’t call the Steeler O-Line injury-free. 2 of the 5 Steeler starters on the O-Line are out, DeCastro and Gilbert.

    Foster has played well. Amazing how drafting a player in the the 1st round to replace you can motivate.

    The DeCastro return to health is good for depth, but he will have to wait until next year to win a starting job.

  6. WRONG stoogy. I love Ben, love when he extends the play even though he risks getting hurt, but his injury was due to him holding onto the ball too long, not the olines fault.

    Lefty is made of GOO and hurt himself running in that 31 yard rushing TD when he landed awkwardly. The Steelers o-line has been playing exceptional compared to the past few years. Adams is a rookie and has been great in the run game. He’ll only get better.

    May be a long day Sunday, but same for Cleveland. Steelers defense will come after the 40 year old rookie QB.

  7. @stoogy Ben was hurt on a play long after he threw the ball and Leftwich hurt himself rolling over into the endzone. I fail to see how either are the OLines fault.

    What I do see is a major decrease in sacks, a major increase in run efficiency and better offensive production overall. Adams may be one of the worst pass blockers in the league, but he is one of the best run blockers. Regardless, ask Suggs how lining up across from him worked out.

    If you were spewing the normal ravenator no-facts-to-back-it-up hate then disregard my post. Otherwise, you’re wrong and the Browns will do no better.

  8. The steelers run behind the guards they r doing decent. To bad they do not have a good RB. Regardless the browns have lost alotta close games and will beat steelers sunday. The steelers have 4th worst ol in nfl. Eagles, cardinals, bears, steelers. The sacks have down due to haleys short throw passes. This team is weak get over it

  9. You yinzers need to stop listening to 93.7 the fan they are filling your head with too much false hope.

  10. @stoogy, Slow your roll dude. Your hatred of the steelers is very obvious as is your lack of objectivity. The steelers have their flaws this year and may not get to the playoffs. End of the world no. Will it make your pitiful little mind rest at ease , yes. If there was a bounty allowed on morons yours would be very high. And have a nice t-day troll. LOL

  11. Steelers have several bright spots to this season despite all the injuries. The defense is back where it belongs at #1 in the league. Haley offense is starting to show some promise. Several players have stepped up in the absence of the starters injured. And the signing of Plex. I personally think they will make the playoffs. They are not out of it at all. Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving!

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