Finley may be trying to talk his way out of Titletown

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When I first stumbled across the story from Rob Reischel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I thought it was from last month.  It turns out the item was from Tuesday, even though the quotes were from last week.

Yes, Packers tight end Jermichael Finley once again has been carping about a lack of chemistry with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“Both of us need to just go out, maybe have a drink or two and just spill everything,” Finley told Reischel last week in the story dated November 20.  “It sounds easy, but it’s not.  He’s throwing it to who he’s comfortable with.

“I think [Randall] Cobb’s taken my position from ’09.  I want to line up where Cobb’s lining up because I know the ball’s coming there.”

Regardless of where Finley lined up on Sunday in Detroit, he ended up with three catches for 66 yards and a touchdown.  Perhaps it was an aberration.

“[M]e and 12 just ain’t been on,” Finley said.  “He’s had some guys come through this year, and he’s gone to them instead of me.  And really, it’s out of my hands at the end of the day.  If I could throw myself the ball and run under it, I’d do it every play because he’s just not throwing me the ball like he used to.”

Finley thinks that, even without Greg Jennings on the field, Finley occupies a low spot on the football-distribution totem pole.

“I’d say about fourth,” Finley said.  “I don’t really want to put a number on it, but I’d say four if I had to.  I’m pretty disappointed in it.  I’m pretty disappointed in the numbers side of it, but I ain’t had the opportunities either.”

Reischel suggests a specific reason for Rodgers’ shunning of Finley.  Before Finley’s agent, Blake Baratz, criticized Rodgers’ leadership skills on Twitter, Finley was getting 5.5 catches per game.  Since then, it’s down to 2.6 on average.

Regardless of whether Rodgers is holding a grudge, the Packers are winning and the offense is working and Finley comes off as immature for whining about not getting the ball.  And that may prompt the team to not keep him for the second year of the two-year Band-Aid signed in the offseason, as a fight was looming regarding whether the franchise tag should pay him tight end money or the much higher number for wide receivers.

Maybe that’s what Finley is trying to provoke.

“I love that question man,” Finley said of his future. “I don’t know.  All I know is I have talent.  And if Green Bay decides to do something with me, I’m 25 years old.  I got a decade under my belt, yet.  Who knows at the end of the day?”

One thing we know is that, regardless of how things play out, Finley’s smartest move is to quit talking about it, and to keep playing like he did on Sunday.

94 responses to “Finley may be trying to talk his way out of Titletown

  1. He has had too many drops when he did get the ball thrown to him,he didnt support his QB over his agent who made an asinine remark,he is and has been very immature,the Packers dont regard him as good as Cobb and the other recievers because he him to Oakland,KC,Jacksonville,Carolina or any other team for a second round draft room for troublemakers in GB.

  2. When your team is winning and you are complaining about not getting the ball, it makes YOU look like the ass Mr. Finley. If you want out, shut up and play. TO has no job because he just couldn’t shut up. Even Randy Moss is quiet this year. Grow up dude, there are not a lot of teams with a better QB than you got.

  3. Finley, don’t you get it? You drop half of the passes thrown to you. Of course he’s shunning you. I don’t see how going out to get drinks with him is going to help you learn to catch the ball.

  4. As a Packers fan this guy is weak link on that offense. Maybe if you didnt drop the ball most of the time you would be higher on the distribution from Rodgers. Finley is over rated and I would have no problem w’ the Packers letting him go. He needs to keep his mouth shut. The fan base already know the deal w’ this guy. Now he is showing himself to be a little bit of a drama seeker/mental case.

  5. Green Bay was at its best offensively during their Super Bowl run with him sitting at home. Again, he needs to shut up and continue to work on the chemistry with his own hands.

  6. What a child. He wants the ball. The team is winning and that is what matters. To think that the QB isn’t throwing to him because of some kind of personal grudge is absurd. It is much more likely that he is throwing to the guys that are open during his play progressions. His drops may move the play calls/progressions away from #1 but that’s on Finley, not Rodgers.

    This kind of immature athlete is what is wrong with the NFL of today. Many would much rather lose with decent stats than win in a lesser role. That is simple vanity and money. He wants stats to increase leverage in future contract talks. Get rid of these kinds of guys as they are far from team players and do not deserve the accolades that come from a successful team.

  7. Well Jermike, I bet catching the balls that are thrown to you would warrant you some more targets. It’s a shame the Packers gave you that extension. I hope they trade you to Jacksonville in the offseason.

  8. Oh yeah it is out of your hands, just like the ball 50% of the time. I hope they dont pay this jackass next year and let him go somewhere to get “paid”. And watch as he fades away…

    Stone Hands, you are my most disliked Packer player. Not just because of your performance but because of your mouth and attitude. Rodgers doesnt throw you the ball because you drop it too much…Cobb has taken your “spot” from ’09 because he can catch and make plays. Only time Rodgers should throw to you is when you get a free release and you are wide open, but even then I know Rodgers is second guessing his choice…

    Also keep looking at your hands and shaking your head when you drop the ball…Shut up already

  9. Sucks that he is so wrapped up in his fantasy numbers. This makes it a distraction for the whole team. Glad my Niner WRs seems to be just concerned with winning. (yeah I’m talking about Randy Moss)

  10. I seriously hope green bay dumps his sorry a$$. He doesn’t fit in period. between his bitching and drops how the hell does he expect any targets. ship him out or cut him in the offseason.

  11. The story is dated November 20 but the interview occurred before Finley said other stuff and before the Lions game, both of which change the impact of this ‘news’ to virtually nothing. I wish you guys would step back across the tabloid line.

  12. “I love that question man,” Finley said of his future. “I don’t know. All I know is I have talent. And if Green Bay decides to do something with me, I’m 25 years old. I got a decade under my belt, yet. Who knows at the end of the day?”

    Someone needs to tell Jermichael that the saying “under my belt” refers to experience, not the exact opposite of experience.

  13. A decade under his belt, yet? Most players cherish every day they have an opportunity to play the game because they don’t take anything for granted. And he thinks he’s got a decade left, no questions asked? This clown is an embarrassment to the organization. Green Bay won without you before, and they’ll do it again. Good riddance, you overrated egotistical fool.


  15. He’s right, I’m trying to understand why their chemistry might be suffering. It’s really something they have to work on. A good way to improve your chemistry with a quarterback is to CATCH THE DAMN BALL WHEN HE THROWS IT TO YOU.

  16. Finley has tremendous talent but he’s a cross between Moss and TO. Doesn’t appear to work hard – stone hands and route running should be able to be fixed with repetition and hard work prior to games. And attitude – diva WR attitude…too many to list. He should show #12 how hard he works Mon-Sat and get open on Sundays and #12 will get him the ball. But he has to CATCH it to have #12 too keep looking his way. QBs have this odd thing going….they like their receivers actually catching the ball and making positive yards on a play. This seems to work well for most teams.

  17. It’s funny how he says its “out of his hands”. Maybe if you held onto the passes he throws to you, you would be more involved. And don’t think at this point that you’re going to get Cobbs spot back. That guy is unstoppable at this point.

    Just collect the rest of your waster salary this year, and then next year, you’ll be catching passes from Tennenhill or Skelton, or Ponder. Then, you’ll be wishing you were dropping your usual passes from your current MVP quarterback.

  18. Funny watching Finley thinking he’ll win entering the overrated, yappy, expensive, free agent tight end market

  19. Packer fan here. Finley is an idiot. If I’m a QB and you drop every other pass I throw to you, I’m not looking at you anymore either. Why does he fail to acknowledge he can’t catch the ball? Let’s cut this turd and put the cro-magnon Crabtree in the lineup permanently!

  20. Maybe hes not throwing it to you much because half the time you dont catch it. Maybe hes not throwing it for you go under and grab it because you dont fight for the ball in a crowd. Im glad you mentioned 09 finley, because youre a shell of that player.

  21. You’re right – it is out of your hands, the ball that is. What you need to do is shut your mouth and stop dropping passes and fumbling. I might be way off base, but I have this theory that QB’s don’t like to throw to guys that are likely to drop the pass.

  22. crazycane says:
    Nov 21, 2012 7:35 AM
    Come to Chicago.

    1 1 i

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    Yes, please…. go to Chicago.

  23. Finely needs to consider the fact that the Packers won the Superbowl with him on IR.

    They don’t need him and if he can’t shut his mouth, they don’t want him.

    Yes, he has talent but so does Randy Moss, so did T. Owens, the point is that some players aren’t worth the headache and all three never played on a winning team in the Superbowl.

  24. Jermichael Finley is the ultimate drive killer. Every time they need him to make a play he drops it or gives it up. I’d be fine with him going elsewhere. Tom Crabtree’s more reliable.

  25. “May be”? No way the Packers are paying that kind of money to a TE with that many drops. He’s just blabbering away so he has an excuse for why GB got rid of him instead of facing the fact he can’t catch the ball.

  26. Don’t the Packers have like 8 TEs on their roster? If he isn’t doing the job, and it sounds like he has a serious case of the dropseys listening to GB fans, time for the next man up.

    Packers can trade Finley after the season is over for let’s see, a OT seems pretty high on the list.

  27. Does Finley drop passes? I skipped all the way to the bottom of the comments and didn’t read any of them before commenting.

  28. I can understand Packers fans dislike of Finley for his mouth, but as a Vikes fan wanting the Packers to blow that game in Detroit, you have to admit he helped you win that game. He took that short dump off for 40+ yards after a broken tackle or two to set up that throw to Cobb for the go ahead score.

  29. I used to love this guy. He would catch everything. Then he got hurt a couple years ago. Since then he plays scared and can’t catch anything. Get rid of the guy!

  30. I still think the media is portraying that outside the sky is falling for Green Bay… but as Aaron Rodgers says “inside this building, we’re all right”.. The Pack is on a five game winning streak and leading the division. I think there are other teams in tougher positions.

  31. This guy reminds my of Ray Edwards in minny always running there mouth right out of town!… Then they disappear because they were never that good anyway whatever happened to players like Jerry Rice or Tim Brown that let there play on the field speak for them …oh yea social media lol

  32. “He’s throwing it to who he’s comfortable with”

    Yeah, to guys who can actually catch the darn thing. I don’t hate Finley, but c’mon man…you have to take a look at yourself before you start saying the QB is ignoring you because of a grudge. Start catching them when they come your way and you’ll probably get more balls. Last week was a good start.

  33. Title town? Nothing matters before Super Bowls.


    I seriously hope you’re joking about this. Just because they changed the name to “Super Bowl” nothing mattered before that?

    What if they changed the championship game name to “The Big Game.” Then, in 20 years, would you say, “Nothing matters before The Big Games”?

    Either way, 4 championships after they changed the name to Super Bowl still qualifies GB as Titletown.

  34. Finley has natural talent and is a good athlete. Having said that, his hands are the major issue and if he were a running back he’d be on the bench…..but good news packer fans! My nephew is tight end for tennesse….he’s gonna be in the draft in april….he has great hands, great work ethic…and great character… if finley isnt happy he will quite happy to take his place…..and Aaron will get a long with him too!

  35. Why should Rodgers throw the ball to such an unreliable, me-first goofball? Of course, he’s going to throw to Randall Cobb, who’s an absolute stud on that team, Jordy Nelson (another great WR) and James Jones, who’s having a fantastic season. Those guys are reliable both in catching the ball and running the right routes. The only thing Finley does consistently is drop passes.

  36. “And really, it’s out of my hands at the end of the day.”

    Well, you just answered your own question on why you don’t have chemistry.

  37. I don’t care what he says or what he gets paid. He has a ton of talent and would be a help for most teams. He is only 25…….he will grow up. But a change of scenery is a must now. Send him to Detroit. They can give you Pettigrew. He will show you what hands of stone REALLY look like!

  38. I like the idea of sending Finley to Chicago. Finley can’t catch and Cutler can’t throw. It would be a nice combo. Green Bay would be assured of the NFC north title for the next 10 years.

  39. Without a doubt he will not be on the Packers roster next season. His team is winning yet he’s still complaining about himself and the lack of production because Rodgers rather throw to someone who actually catches the ball. Smh at this guy.

  40. The packers play better when Finley isn’t on the field. Must be nice going into the huddle with this guy, knowing that he is mad he wasn’t the guy who caught the last pass. Those guys are nothing but drains on a team. I think the only reason he is still there is because McCarthy has some sort of crush on him from a couple games in 2009.

    Remember: the packer offenses took off in 2010 when this guy got put on IR. and they won the Super Bowl.

  41. Does anyone else totally disagree with the comparisons people are making with Finley and Moss/TO? Yes, all three were malcontents and distractions but thats where the comparison ends. Moss and TO didn’t have potential on the football field, they were great/elite on the football field. At his best Jermichael was a good TE that could work the middle of the field and stretch defenses but he was never great. Even last year when he was healthy he had a good year, but nothing to write home about. At their best you could argue that Moss and TO were worth the headaches they were because they were so productive on the field, the same cannot be said of Finley.

  42. Finley couldn’t catch a ball to save his life. What a little baby; now he’s blaming it on someone else.

    Boo-hoo; your quarterback throws to other guys more because he trusts them more?

    Time to shut your big mouth and live up to your potential, you butterfingers crybaby.

  43. “Before Finley’s agent, Blake Baratz, criticized Rodgers’ leadership skills on Twitter, Finley was getting 5.5 catches per game. Since then, it’s down to 2.6 on average.”

    That’s kind of grasping at straws. It could be that Greg Jennings went out at that same time. When that happens either Nelson or Finley is going to draw the coverage, and Nelson was out a couple of game.

    Thus, James Jones and Randall Cobb are going to get the targets because they are probably going to be better than whoever is covering them.

    I will say I don’t know what Finley means about “lining up where Cobb lines up”. Cobb lines up someplace where they can dump the ball to him short and he can make something happen. Heck most of Cobb’s plays are basically substitutes for lack of a running game, so he gets shovel passes, swing passes, and a couple other routes. Finley has never really been a dump it short and let him make something happen guy.

  44. yeah finley you have talent… when you shut your yapper and actually catch a ball. your potential is the only thing keeping you in green bay and the nfl. heck your potential is the only reason bear fans are interested. god knows the only semblance of a wide receiver they have is brandon marshall… oh and matt forte too i guess.

  45. I was pretty psyched a few yrs ago with this guy. Now, I think it may be time to let “stone fingers” go and ruin someone else’s locker-room. If he put half as much energy towards making sure he has the ball before doing his touchdown leap or running his mouth, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Nothing more irritating than watching a waste of talent.

  46. Cobbs is simply better than Finley at this point, which is why there are more balls being directed his way.

    Finley needs to learn how to block, and not drop balls (he must have more drops than anyone in the league). Football players need to make plays…one single bad drop can kill a drive, or a game if it’s in crunch-time. You can’t lose focus. This isn’t basketball where a turnover turns into 2 points at worst. QBs need to be able to trust that their receivers are going to make the appropriate play.

    Finley is simple not one of those guys you can put your trust into.

  47. If they have a drink together, I’d certainly bet that Finley will “spill everything.”
    Has his picture in the definition of the phrase “Legend in his own mind.”

  48. “And when did GB become title town??”

    1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1996 and 2010.

    … Yes the great titles of the 20’s and 30’s beating the Appleton muskrats and the Madison beavers. You must be really proud of those.

  49. I’d be careful about putting too much stock in what Finley’s agent says. Finley may have used him as a “back channel mouthpiece” to air out some feelings that he was having regarding perceived slight. If he thinks all of these antics are giving him negotiating leverage, then I have just listened to the worst posturing I’ve heard in a long time.

  50. And when did GB become title town??”

    1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1996 and 2010.

    … Yes the great titles of the 20′s and 30′s beating the Appleton muskrats and the Madison beavers. You must be really proud of those.


    NY Giants
    1927, 1934, 1938, 1956, 1986-87, 1990-91, 2007-08, 2011-12

    Chicago Bears
    1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963,1985

    Detroit lions
    1935, 1952, 1953, 1957

    Washington Redskins
    1937, 1942,1982, 1987, 1991

    Philadelphia Eagles
    1948, 1949, 1960

    your comments regarding appleton muskrats and the Madison beavers is not intelligent. Several NFL teams present today were the same teams competing for the same titles GreenBay won.

  51. last year the pack had the offense set to be all about finley and rodgers, anyone remember. it didn’t work for the first 4 to 5 weeks. he kept running the wrong routes and dropping passes. and MM had to change the offense again. i used to support finley, the freakish ability he has he could have the impact of a rookie randy moss. unfortunately moss could catch, and run routes. chicago if you want finley you can have him, if he could catch the ball aswell as he talks it would be over. pack would win the superbowl. but stonehands can’t catch, and p.s cobb is a workhorse. that’s why he get’s so many oppurtunity’s.

  52. Finley is the main reason the offense struggled in the beginning of the season. Drive killer. McCarthy and Rodgers have done nothing but support this tool in the media…he doesn’t get it and has zero accountability.

    He helped us get the win in Detroit. He’ll either right the ship and get consistent to finish out the season…or he’ll do what he’s done in the past. Drop passes and tease everyone in GB with his potential.

    Either way he’s gone next year. TT won’t be able to make a trade…the whole league knows he’s not getting an extension. He’ll take is “talent” to Miami. He’ll fit right in the with D-Bag culture down in South Beach. And the fans won’t be none the wiser because their to busy watching college ball and soccer.

  53. Green Bay is title town… because.they won a bunch of titles when the league had less than 10 teams and its too small to be considered a city!!!

    Haha. Listen here Pack fans. I’m not going to argue your football tradition, it is pretty good. But to say title town, hockey, football, basketball and baseball are the 4 sports in America. Titletown is reserved for cities with a rich history in most major sports, not just one.

    Example: Pittsburgh Titles in Football, Hockey, Baseball

    New York: Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball

    Chicago: Football, Hockey, Baseball, (not the Cubs lol) basketball

    Green bay: Football

    And Ps, we aren’t impressed with your fan base. We have cities and states in the league that support two or more franchises, while your whole state can root for its one pro sport. Yippee.

    Isnt there something missing from this portrait I’m painting of Green Bay?

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