Jaguars shut down Blaine Gabbert, Laurent Robinson


Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s season is over.

The Jaguars announced today that Gabbert, who is dealing with injuries to both his right forearm and his left shoulder, has been placed on season-ending injured reserve. Receiver Laurent Robinson has also been shut down for the season with a concussion.

The Jaguars aren’t going anywhere this season, but losing Gabbert is a major blow because it deprives the team’s management of six more weeks with which to evaluate him and determine whether he is, in fact, their franchise quarterback of the future. The fact that the Jaguars’ offense was energized when Gabbert left Sunday’s game and was replaced by Chad Henne does not speak well for Gabbert, although he was showing some signs of development this season, with his completion percentage, yards per attempt and passer rating all up from his rough rookie year.

Robinson had played in seven games this season, starting four, and caught 24 passes for 252 yards.

With the two open spots on the 53-man roster, the Jaguars signed quarterback Jordan Palmer and receiver Carlton Mitchell.

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  1. “…but losing Gabbert is a major blow because it deprives the team’s management of six more weeks with which to evaluate him”

    Oh, I think they’ve evaluated him plenty. The IR is a good way to avoid a QB controversy before they waive him in the offseason.

  2. #3 biggest bust? I mean he sucks but worse than Akili Smith? Or Cade McNown? or Joey Harrington? He’s just another bust, not a spectacular JaMarcus/Leaf type bust.

  3. Funny thing is about half the scouts said Gabbert would be a complete bust. After watching his pre draft highlights, it was even obvious to my untrained amateur eyes that he was not a special talent. Dont get how a bunch of professionals paid alot of money to do this for a living couldnt see it.

  4. If they still need 6 more weeks to look at gabbert, the coaching staff should be fired. Gabbert is what he is.

    Then again, brees sucked for his first few years and then turned into…Drew effin Brees

  5. At least now, the Jags have a chance…to Win!
    Gabbert is/was terrible…he is DONE! as a NFL QB.
    forever…I lay odds Shad Khan figured in this decision..he has tickets to sell!

  6. This might really complicate things…

    Still too early to give up on Gabbert…he has not played well enough but has also been recipient of horrible receiver play, horrible line play, and old lady non aggressive weak play calling – plus coaching/new offensive system change from Rookie year.

    If Henne comes out over next few weeks and does what I think…which is start out good and then revert back to mediocrity…it will be same situation all over again next year…

    unless GM Gene Smith gets fired (he should be) and new guy cleans house – then all bets are off.

  7. This all goes back to quarterback needy teams drafting the best available qb for THAT years draft to be the franchise qb. For example Peyton manning and Alex smith were both #1 picks, who would you rather have? If you are consistently bad & know you will have a high pick every year, wait it out for a once in a lifetime guy (taking to you jags & browns). Lots of other positions to shore up.

  8. Eh, Gabbert will catch on somewhere as a second or third stringer-but he will be gone from Jax in the offseason. Face it, changing coordinators and systems every year does not do wonders for a young QB. Look at Alex Smith his first five (maybe more) years in the league. Hopefully Gabbert is able to catch on somewhere stable

  9. Henne/Gabbert, Cassel/Quinn, Skelton/Lindley, teams with crappy offensive lines & p-poor QB talent never get better, they just spin their wheels.

    Gabbert isn’t good, but he isn’t Couch, Smith, Herrington, Russell, Leaf bad. On a decent team, which the Jags are not, he could be a serviceable backup.

  10. Maybe some Jags fans might disagree with me, but according to the box score somehow some way in some alternate reality Chad Henne actually seems to have a better grasp of this offense.

  11. Lol, Gabbert is a few weeks or less from coming back, Henne has the best day for a Jags QB in recent memory, Blackmon/Shorts combo explodes and all the sudden Gabbert goes to IR. Ya, doesn’t sound like Khan had anything to do with that. I think the current staff is being given 6 weeks to evaluate Henne as a viable starter for next season while they groom Smith or Barkley.

  12. No way Gabbart is as bad a bust as Russell/Leaf. Yeah, he was a first rounder, but not first over all.

    The better argument is that the pick was wasted because of the guys left on the board at the time of his selection. Andy Dalton is most notable. How much better would things have worked out for the Jags if they had the Red Rifle? Ponder, Kaepernick and TJ Yates also come to mind as better options than Gabbert.

    At least Henne is going to give them a chance to stop the bleeding while they hunt down a legitimate franchise guy.

  13. They need to keep Henne and use next year’s pick on a top player that has a good chance of panning out. Barkley and Geno Smith might be good players, but they also have a good chance of being a bust. Star Lotulelei and Jarvis Jones look like they are going to be safe bets to be good NFL players. Don’t set the franchise back again by rolling the dice on another shakey QB. Just pick the best defensive player…

  14. Have watched Robinson since he was drafted by the Falcons; he always “looked the part” of a good WR, but was never able to stay healthy….not surprising he played well in Dallas last year, as it was the first time I think he’d ever been healthy for a full year. Give the Jags props for spending money to improve a terrible receiving corps, but they should have seen this one coming. Hopefully Laurent will be able to return next year…..

  15. Blaine is a bust along with biggest of all time. We traded our second round pick to move up to pick him. So we have the 10th overall and a high second invested in Blaine. That is a big time bust. MJD was a second rounder. Blaine is a big bust.

  16. Is there anyone else that isn’t POSITIVE that Tim Tebow is this team’s starting quarterback week 1 2013??

  17. Sadly for Jacksonville Gabbert is not the man for the future at QB. Apart from his lack of composure in the pocket, the tendency to pick up injury makes him look like a very bad bet. Surely the Jags take a QB with what could be the first pick come draft time ?

  18. In January of 2011, the top four most-talked about QB heading to the NFL were Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Ryan Mallett, and Jake Locker. Now two of them went back to school, but suddenly Blaine Gabbert just came out of nowhere.

    I think the hype of Blaine Gabbert was just a failure on the part of people like Mike Mayock in an attempt to find another QB for teams to get excited about.

  19. trojanwarrior007 says: Nov 21, 2012 11:59 AM

    his season and career are over. I’d put him #3 behind Jawalrus and Leaf as the biggest QB busts.

    Really? #3? So you think Gabbert is worse than Harrington, A. Smith, Couch or Losman?
    I’d take Gabbert over any of those guys in a heartbeat. Besides, Isn’t it still a bit early to put the BUST label on him yet? Something tells me that there is to be some blame put on his QB coach and Offensive coordinator too. A good OC would build his Offense around his QB’s strengths, instead of forcing him into a situation he can’t beat.

  20. Boy, way to miss the forest for the trees.

    This isn’t a major blow because it deprives them of six more weeks to evaluate Gabbert.

    The evaluation is done. These injuries probably aren’t even that major. They are just using IR as a way to get him out of the QB room immediately rather than wait until the end of the season while sparing him the embarrassment of releasing him with an injury settlement.

    I said all along and everyone “thumbs-downed” me and I am sure they will again: If the pre-season QB competition hadn’t been heavily weighted in Gabbert’s favor due to his being a high first round pick, Henne would have been starting opening day. He simply better than Gabbert.

    That said, Henne certainly isn’t the long term answer, either.

  21. jagsfan1 says: Nov 21, 2012 12:14 PM

    This might really complicate things…

    Still too early to give up on Gabbert…he has not played well enough but has also been recipient of horrible receiver play, horrible line play, and old lady non aggressive weak play calling – plus coaching/new offensive system change from Rookie year.
    If this isn’t “irrational fandom” I don’t know what is. Gabbert was NEVER good. He was never even average. Giving up on Gabbert now is the only way to get the team headed toward the right direction. You don’t keep driving the wrong way if you miss your exit,you turn around!

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