Jay Cutler doesn’t know if he’ll play this week

Getty Images

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler met the media on Wednesday and answered the question that everyone was waiting to ask out of the way right up front.

“I don’t know. We’ll see,” Cutler said, via Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Cutler said that he isn’t experiencing any symptoms from the concussion he suffered against the Texans in Week 10.  Cutler’s doing interviews, which isn’t something he’d be doing in the early stages of the recovery process, but there’s still some hoops he needs to jump through to get the green light to return to the field.

“I got to see some more doctors. You got to go on the field. And really it’s a personal thing, to make sure you’re OK,” Cutler said.

Jason Campbell took Cutler’s place against the Niners on Monday night and is probably still checking over his shoulder to see if Aldon Smith is anywhere in the vicinity. Playing Cutler behind an offensive line that just got abused the way the Bears got abused isn’t an ideal way to return from a concussion, but it is hardly an ideal situation under any circumstances. It also worked well enough for the Bears to win seven of their first eight games, so the Bears will take their chances as soon as Cutler’s allowed to proceed.