Mike Tice: Bears OL needs to “buck up and win a fight”


The Bears were without Jay Cutler Monday night, but even if he was there, he might not have been for long.

After watching his group allow six sacks to the 49ers, Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice didn’t rule out lineup changes. But mostly, he said the problem was simple.

“At a certain point, a player, a man, needs to grit his teeth, buck up and win a fight,” Tice said, via Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com.

There was significant discussion of backup tackle Jonathan Scott, after right tackle Gabe Carimi was repeatedly abused by Aldon Smith (5.5 sacks). At this point in the season, Tice said he can no longer simply wait for a certain group to gel.

“When you’re at six games to go,” Tice said, “what you have to do is say, ‘That’s it, from now on I can’t say, OK, we’re making strides, let’s do this.’ There has to be a very determined effort on us and our staff to make sure that we do have, always, chip help answers, slide answers, two guys on one guys answers.

“Because I’ve found unfortunately that you can’t take for granted that we’re going to have [a consistent] level of play.”

Given that opponents are daring the Bears to throw it to someone other than Brandon Marshall anyway, taking players out of pass patterns to help with protection isn’t an ideal solution.

But if they don’t, they might not have a quarterback left to throw it at all.

15 responses to “Mike Tice: Bears OL needs to “buck up and win a fight”

  1. how about coming up with something that resembles a nfl game plan for a change? this kick a field goal to take a lead and hope the defense can hold them offense of lovie smith needs to go. he has 4 oc’s since has been head coach and each one is worse than the other with tice currently looking like the worst. what happened to the cutler friendly offense he promised? let him call his own plays, if he is going to killed at least it will be his own fault if it does not work.

  2. Oh he wants them to line up and just play harder? Brilliant. “Punch em in the mouth” so to speak – sounds similar to the logic of the 49ers previous head coach… you know the one before they started mixing up formations, out scheming other teams, minimizing the weakness’ of their players and getting the most out of them. I wonder what this offense would look like if they had a good coordinator/play caller. Everyone thought it was a big upgrade getting rid of Martz. No credit to Martz but this was a lateral move at best because Tice is plain bad. Despite adding Marshall this offense is no better than it was last year at this time when they lost Cutler. After “play harder” fails maybe Tice can try mooning his players or maybe benching his best player. This guy is sharp let me tell you.

  3. It doesn’t matter who plays QB if management can’t draft or sign more O-Line talent. Could someone please tell Lovie and the gang to make some half-time adjustments!

  4. That game Monday was an embarrassment. Never at any point in that contest did the Bears resemble an NFL franchise.

  5. “At a certain point, a player, a man, needs to grit his teeth, buck up and win a fight,” Tice said

    That might be a tough message to sell when your starting QB spends all week riding his stationary bike along the sidelines.

  6. It will take a lot to fix the Bears offense–beside the obvious offensive line peblems they need an tight end who can actually catch the ball. Also forget Devin Hester as a wide out. No wonder ther are so many sacks—when you are playing with Davis and Hester on the field you are playing 9 against 11.

  7. The Bears chose as OC a guy who’d never been a coordinator or called plays before, that was notoriously poor at making game-time decisions as a HC, had him share duties with a passing coordinator, and then supplied him with a personaitly-less QB and O-linemen of limited talent — and the poor offensive performance issues are a surprise?

  8. Memo to all offensive linemen for the New Orleans Saints who play SanFran this week:
    There is no crying in football.

  9. Let’s keep Lovie Smith and Mike Tice as HC and OC of the Bears for every.

    All NFC North fans, other than Bear fans, should be hoping for this.

  10. Bears will do well enough this year to con the McCaskey’s into keeping Lovie around…Tice is probably gone after one year.

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