Mike Tomlin: Plaxico Burress is in great shape and ready to go


The Steelers signed free agent receiver Plaxico Burress on Tuesday, shortly after Burress went through a workout at the team’s facility, and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said he has little doubt that Burress is ready to contribute right away.

He’s in really good physical condition based on the workout I just saw,” Tomlin said. “He’s got very good body control for a big man. He can drop his weight at break points. Obviously, he’s no stranger to football.”

Burress is no stranger to Pittsburgh, where he played his first five NFL seasons, although he is a stranger to coordinator Todd Haley’s offense. But Burress said he’s familiar with the Steelers’ offensive terminology and doesn’t see any reason he can’t be ready to go quickly.

It’s good to be back,” Burress said.

It would be very good for the Steelers, who are down to third-string quarterback Charlie Batch, if Burress can provide a spark to the passing game.

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  1. I love Charlie and think he is better then Byron but Charlie was never much of a passer and I think he’s still around for his leadership roll. I think plax is in great shape and might take some pressure off Wallace but do to Charlie being in control of the offense I don’t see much production out of them.

  2. Not to worry, the Ravens immediately resigned Chris McAlister and Michael McCrary. Actually that might not be a bad idea.

    Still, didn’t see WR as the Steelers area of need. QB? O-line? Oh yeah.

  3. Said this b4 i am glad he got another shot considering he was productive the last time he played but as a browns fan i just wish that anyone not in the afc north wouldve done it. Especially the steelers but again glad hes back but lets hope he isnt productive during the browns games

  4. Yeah, I’d be excited if I was a ravens fan. I just barely beat a team who was missing their 3 best players and using a back up qb and my offense contributed 200 yards of offense. I’d be soooo confident if that was my team. Rice looked pretty good Sunday and Torrey smith waving that terrible towel after a 1 catch 7 yard tonight!! Yup, that all proves my theory, the ravens play their season to beat the steelers and the steelers play to win a Super Bowl! Remember Harbaugh congratulating the city of Balt after a week 8 win over pit last year?? Good luck in the playoffs Balt! Hey maybe u won’t choke this year… Nm you always choke!

  5. He cant get open, clearly they brought him in for hope & a prayer jump balls ! Good luck with that

  6. I am amazed that some raven trolls get up so early to begin their incessant, mindless, and irrelevant dribble. Anyway, glad Plax is back. Happy T-day to all…. Even the trolls. Priceless…..

  7. Before some of you analyst make comments maybe check the facts. We are down 2 wr’s to injury so yeah wr is an area of need. Oline is not. The Oline has protected Ben very well this year he happened to be injured while being hit which has been rare this year. Leftwich was hurt tripping over the end zone chalk when nobody touched him. And maybe back up Qb is a need but tell me who’s out there.

  8. Oh great Mike!

    Uh, why don’t you have a QB again? What’d you say you were going to do when Batch goes down?

  9. ironcity6pack :
    I think plax is in great shape

    Why – were you working out with him?

    He will have no impact – signings at this time of year never do unless they are kickers

  10. Can’t really go wrong with signing Plax as insurance due to injuries. As long as he can run 10 yards into the end zone and catch the ball, that is primarily what they need for a red zone lob.

    As far as this season, it only matters what you do in the playoffs. In the playoffs, the Steelers usually win and the Ravens usually lose, go look it up. Ravens like to celebrate Super Bowl wins during the season, the Steelers like to celebrate when they win the actual Super Bowl and did that 6 times so far. The Ravens beat the Steelers due to Steeler mistakes and injuries, period, not due to being outplayed by the Ravens. Steelers defense shut down Ravens offense the entire game like a rented mule. Hate on haters and trolls.

  11. ravenator says:

    Ready to concede the AFCN to the Ravens


    This, right here, is the problem with Ravens fans. Listen dude, you can have the division! We heard the same big-mouths from Cincy in 2005 say the same thing as we “conceded” the AFCN.

    In the end, they celebrated their division championship t-shirts and we hoisted the Lombardi!

  12. This signing is irrelevant. The steelers will need as much help from the refs as they had against KC to beat the browns on Sunday. Batch is a decrepit has-been and their running game is a joke. Mendy, Redman, and Dwyer are mediocre at best. Good luck holding onto that WC spot.

  13. Just curious, if he’s so talented and in such great shape, why did it take 12 weeks and a totally desperate team to sign him?

  14. iloveflorio says:
    Yeah, I’d be excited if I was a ravens fan. I just barely beat a team who was missing their 3 best players and using a back up qb and my offense contributed 200 yards of offense.


    I guess non-Steeler fans should be impressed that your team cannot stay healthy….what are you trying to say ?

  15. What we are saying, is that even with our backups and practice squad players, we can STILL beat any team in the league! We get that other fanbase’s are mad that we are one of the best-run organizations out there & that won’t change.

    Sorry, haters. We aren’t going away. Ben will be back & so will Brown and Polamalu (defense is playing lights out.)

  16. This would make no sense if the replacement refs were still out there. The regular refs never call pushing off in the endzone. Plax will be just fine.

  17. True, just as they didn’t call the BLATANT Torrey Smith push-off of William Gay last season in Pittsburgh that won Baltimore the game with 7 seconds left!

  18. The way I see it, the Ravens are that annoying little brother that will never catch up to the bigger brother.

    Sure, sometimes the family got to throw the younger brother a bone and even bake him his own birthday cake on the bigger brothers birthday just to make him happy but in the end, it’s the bigger brother that blows out the candles!

    The Steelers are the bigger brother.

  19. Yes, Mike, he’s in such great shape and so ready to go that you neglected to have him try out until in pre-season, after you saw him on a regular basis in the summer during your football camp.

  20. Can you REALLY sit there and say that the Ravens are far and above BETTER than the Steelers right now? The Steelers, playing with every backup imaginable on offense, dominated every statistical category on the field other than the scoreboard.

    True, it’s all that matters, but there’s more than what meets the eye. With Ben healthy, with Brown healthy & with a special teams attempt at a tackle, we aren’t having this conversation where Ravens fans can run their mouth.

    Fact remains, is that the Steelers own the Ravens in the post-season (3-0.) Until they can find a way to beat us if we meet in January, the Steelers own the Rats. Steelers 0-6 against the Ravens without Ben, all decided by 3 points or less with the Ravens at full strength in most occasions.

    Sorry, you can’t tell me the Ravens are better. They won the battle, but the war is far from over.

  21. stainlessstill: Your beloved steelers couldn’t beat the 3-7 raiders or 4-6 titans with a healthy team. How do you expect to win in nov, dec with out ben. Notice i did not say jan, because all the fans wil be talking about then will be the draft and how next year they will finally beat the ravens.

  22. The ravens won’t get the opportunity this season to beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs because the steelers are not getting in. It would have happened last year but Pittsburgh shamefully lost to TEBOW and the broncos. Embarrassing!

  23. My beloved Steelers held leads in the 4th QRT in everyone of their loss’s this season, including Denver! The defense was playing out of sync but now with Harrison back and the Steelers D playing BALLS OUT, that was a lifetime ago dude.

    It’s all about the second half of the season and catching hot. Ben will be back. Brown will be back. Troy will be back. Defense #1 and barely surrendering any yardage.

    We’ve won with Charlie before. Watch it.

  24. All you we will watch is the browns beat the steelers sunday. The steelers are a weak team. What has harrison done? He is washed up. Wallace can’t catch a football. Ben is brittle. Mike adams is the worst tackle in the NFL.

  25. Dude, the Steelers hung in with one of the most physical football teams in the league with virtually every backup playing on offense.

    They held Ray Rice to 40 yards rushing! They held held Smith to 7 yards receiving! Weak, hah! You wish. Wallace can’t catch a football? He just outran the entire N.Y Giants secondary some weeks ago! How some people forget.

    Steelers aren’t going anywhere, sorry haters. Wishful thinking on your part.

  26. stainlessstill: The ravens didn’t show much on offense because they knew Pittsburgh wouldn’t put up any points. If Cam opens up the playbook and isn’t being overly conservative, they will move the ball on the steeler D. Why show anything if you don’t have to?

  27. Wow, good job yinzgotsix. You managed to make all the readers here who are now dumber for listening to that garbage.

    It’s simple, Cam Cameron is a blow-hard and doesn’t open up his offense that you speak of because you have one of the most inconsistent QB’s not named Tony Romo! This is the same team who tried a fake FG against the hapless Raiders up like, 40 points, but they weren’t showing anything against Pittsburgh in a 3 point game? That’s pathetic dude.

    Come to think of it! I know! The Steelers didn’t score points because they were hiding something on offense until Ben returns! So we’ll call this a draw! Wow.

  28. Thanks for game winning SB catch in 07 and monster NFC champ game at a frozen Lambeau. Good luck in Pitt again. I have forgiven you for shooting yourself and ruining our repeat bid in 08. – giants fan.

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