Parcells, Tasker back Belichick on Gronk decision


It’s no surprise that Bill Parcells would defend Bill Belichick — he taught him everything he knows.

But Parcells, as well as all-time special teamer Steve Tasker, defended the use of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on the extra point team, even though Gronkowski suffered a broken arm late in a blowout win over the Colts.

“I’m going to stick up for Bill Belichick on that,” Bill Parcells told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “I know what Gronkowski is doing in that game. I had Lawrence Taylor in the game every time at the same position.

“Fans and media assign the degree of importance that they wish to assign. A coach assigns the degree of importance.”

Many have questioned whether they could have avoided the injury by using one of their many backup tight ends. Belichick said during a radio interview he didn’t like sending the message one player was more valuable than another by pulling stars in blowouts, and Parcells said doing so would have created other risks.

“Let’s say you put that guy in there, and he doesn’t do his job,” Belichick’s old boss said. “And let’s say a rusher comes free, and your kicker kicks, and the rusher hits the kicker in the knee, and he’s out for the year. How’s that?”

Tasker, who earned acclaim as one of the best special teams players the game has known, agreed.

“You don’t substitute for a guy on extra point,” Tasker said. “No question, it’s unfortunate he got hurt. But the reaction has been ridiculous.

“Even if he was benched and they had Tom Brady out and Wes Welker on the sideline and they had decided to pack it in and furl the sails, you don’t have backups for the extra point. All of those No. 1 offensive linemen have to go back out there and protect.”

Just as the starting offensive line blocks for kicks, the starting defensive line is generally out there trying to block it. There’s a risk that comes with any play, and there’s only so much protection you can offer.

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  1. Parcells can’t stop reminding people that 20-25 years ago he was associated with Bill Belichick.

    Notice how he never chimes in to support Tony Sparano, even though Sparano has gotten much worse press than BB. Know why? Because he doesn’t want people remembering the disaster Parcells orchestrated in Miami, and how he pulled a Nick Saban and ran and hid when he realized the incompetence of those he picked to lead our team.

    The stink Sparano left on Miami, and now is leaving on the NYJ has Parcells fingerprints all over it, and he will never, ever acknowledge it. But I’ll bet there are pictures of Parcells and BB all over Parcells’ mansion.

    Just remember, Scott Norwood makes that FG 22 years ago, and today Bill Parcells is the Defensive Coordinator at Univ of Virginia.

  2. Can’t buy the idea that coaches don’t treat different players differently. Not everyone is as valuable as the next guy.

  3. You only get 45 guys to use on game day. You have no choice but to use some guys in certain situations, there are no back ups. I am a Bills fan and saying this about BB. Freak accident it happens.

  4. Just another example of how BB and the Pats are held to a different standard than everyone else. What’s just fine for 1 team is not ok for the Patriots. Glad to see people who actually have personal knowledge of the game at the pro level are defending BB. The piling on the Patriots over every little thing is absurd.

  5. The issue isn’t should they take him out , it’s why are you throwing when you have a huge lead and should be running out the clock!? It’s pompous and they deserve this. BB’s ego is what this is about, run a few times and burn 2 and a half minutes, when you get close to the endzone, 3 runs and a FG, don’t throw so you score another TD, just to show everyone How great you are.

  6. Fdugrad, everybody on the Patriots know Brady is the most valuable player on the team but both he and Belichick treat him like a leader but an equal. We all saw the negative impact on the Colts when Bill Polian sat all of his star players to protect and rest them the year the were on an undefeated streak.

  7. Beezo-Doo-doo-Zippity-Bop-bop-bop says:Nov 21, 2012 9:37 AM

    How nice for BB but he is still a cheater. Everyone knows he is a cheater and that is the worst thing to be known for in sports or any walk of life.

    Obsessed much?

  8. Pardon me for the absurd grammar in my last post. I really need to proof read posts before hitting submit.

  9. Sportsmecabi-

    Total luck. If Chad Pennington didn’t fall into his lap that year, he had us going into season with Josh McCown at QB.

    After that season, it was a disaster. Losing season after losing season. Fans protesting. Fans hoping to lose so that we could draft Andrew Luck. Boring, Losing. Garbage. Parcells.

  10. BB had many great coaches to learn from over this life, starting with his father. “The Making of a Coach” by David Halberstom documents this fact. What BB did was to absorb the lessons from all the greats he came in contact with. That is where his so called genius lies.

  11. I can see his point about the kicker possibly getting hurt, but does that mean the kicker is at a higher risk of injury the rest of the season because Gronk got hurt on a meaningless extra point?

    I know it’s easy to second guess a coach, but they do make the decisions on personnel. As much as it hurts the Pats to have him injured, they aren’t the only team with a top tier player injured.

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