Patriots’ Chandler Jones, Logan Mankins out vs. Jets

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Rob Gronkowski isn’t the only important player the Patriots will be missing when they take on the Jets Thursday night.

The Patriots confirmed today that not only is Gronkowski out for the Thanksgiving AFC East battle, but guard Logan Mankins and defensive end Chandler Jones are both out as well, both with ankle injuries.

A first-round rookie, Jones has started all 10 games this year and is tied for the team lead with six sacks. Mankins has been dealing with injuries for much of the season, and this will be the fifth game he’s missed.

Always thorough with their injury reports, the Patriots also listed 13 players as questionable and three as probable. The Jets didn’t list any players as out or doubtful, but seven (including Tim Tebow with a rib injury) were listed as questionable and 11 were listed as probable.

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  1. No way jones is a bigver loss than gronk. He’s a good player, but gronk is great. The pass rush looked good without him in there. Between Cunningham, Nink, and Scott, they’ll be fine. Hightower has lined as DE at times and played well, too.p

  2. @sschmiggles, I agree he is the better player, but the Pats are LOADED on offense. There always seems to be someone, who can step up and take passes from Brady. The same can’t be said on defense. I really hate losing players there more, so in a way, the argument could be made that Jones is the bigger loss.

  3. The biggest loss is Gronk for his blocking in the running game , Jones is great at causing problems for the other teams line but other guys have to step up to fill that void the Pats pass rush hasn’t been that great all season …. The running backs will miss Gronk ….

  4. Chandler Jones has played well but I think he was starting to hit the rookie wall. Gronk, on the other hand is a phenomenon. Almost half (10 of 21) of brady’s touchdown passes were to him. Losing him is as big a non-quarterback loss as there is in the NFL. I don’t think he is replacable by anybody.

  5. I have two observations to share: (1) It is my opinion that The Gronk would be the single most significant personnel loss on just about any team in the NFL. Period. Rob Gronkowski is indeed a phenomenon. Even though the League has three Gronkowskies, there is no doubt who someone is talking about when you hear him/her refer to “The Gronk”. Even Defensive Coordinators admit they plan strategies around him more than any other player, including Brady and Welker. That says a lot. No longer a rookie, he has everyone’s attention on every single play, no matter what he does. Even if he just sat down at the line of scrimmage, someone would still be assigned to cover him, maybe even two. There is no shortage of talent at the TE position in the NFL and Rob has to be at the top of the list. (2) NEXT. Rob goes out, Aaron comes in. Slightly different skill set but the same result. Pats have too much depth at most offensive positions to fret, not just TE. Also, the Patriots coaching staff will compensate for injuries without raising anyone’s heart rate. They are the best at it. This team is so talented (players and coahes) they will be fine until back at full strength. Remember, last year was truly a “re-building and re-tooling year” for the Patriots and they still went to the Super Bowl. Even without Brady for a year, I think the team went 11-5 (or something like that), and with seven starters going down at key points. This is a much better team, so if they get healthy by end of December, it will be scarey. Very Scarey. Because there is no one in AFC East to worry about, let the recovery period take as long as necessary and get it right. That’s my take.

    One last thing. Don’t feel sorry for the Pats on Thanksgiving. They will be feasting on those turkeys from NY/NJ. Especially the big stuffed one.

  6. It’s going to be a tough game and the Patriots are just going to have to find a way to win it against a highly motivated rival, playing at home, with an extra day to rest (while Pats travel) in a short week. Having Tom Brady does tend to even things up a bit.

  7. I think this is lining up perfectly to be a trap game. Injuries and a desperate jets team could sneak up and bite the Pats. I’m hoping Shiancoe, the back up DE-LB’s Scott, Cunningham, and the reserve O linemen have big games!

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