Plaxico: “Where do I need to be, what do I need to do?”

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Plaxico Burress might be in a familiar setting, but the offense is brand new.

So the newest-old Steelers wide receiver knows he has to dive into offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s playbook if he’s going to make any kind of splash with Antonio Brown and Jerricho Cotchery injured.

“I’ve seen some fast, talented guys through the years, but they couldn’t grasp the mental part of the game that would allow their physical ability to show,” Burress said Wednesday, via Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “If you don’t know what you’re doing out there, you can’t play. It doesn’t matter how good you are.

“So I picked up the playbook and start asking ‘Where do I need to be, what do I need to do?’”

Burress’ first phone call upon his return was to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, but it would be Charlie Batch throwing him the ball this weekend.

“There’s no doubt he can come in and do that [contribute immediately],” Batch said. “He’s not a rookie. He’s played and won in this league and the speed of the game is not going to be new to him. It’s just a matter of when you say the play and break the huddle, can he get lined up and go out there and play without thinking about it? We all know he’s capable of doing that.”

Burress caught eight touchdowns for the Jets last year, so it’s not as if it has been years since he produced. But coming in cold this week, without a training camp or much practice, and with a third-string quarterback makes it hard to imagine how much of an impact he can have.

22 responses to “Plaxico: “Where do I need to be, what do I need to do?”

  1. That question should have been asked years ago…..

    “You don’t need to be in a club. You need to go home.”

  2. This should be easy pickins for the Browns…Plexiglass will pull a hammy in practice and wont even play in the game.

  3. I don’t know why they make a big deal of it. Granted, he probably can’t be in the two minute/no huddle offense but Batch would just give him his route in the huddle after the play call.

  4. I’a Gman fan but I rooting for Plax, guy destroyed the Pats in the SB.! He still got game, you know Harrison will punch him in the mouth if he opens it. So the man will do his job and the Steelers will roll.

  5. Glad to see Plax get another shot, he just better hope Joe Haden isn’t covering him on Sunday, or his debut will be an ugly one.

  6. Defensively the Steelers more than held their own against the Ravens, not allowing an offensive touchdown in that game to a healthy Ravens offense. The Steelers will be just fine once they get all the injuries back. Right now, Starting QB is hurt, the backup is hurt, Troy is hurt, Starting WR Brown is hurt. Bottom line considering all the injuries we played very well. I dont see anything anyone would be laughing about Ravenator. This defense, despite all the injuries, is rank #1 in the league right now.

  7. The steelers are a joke because they attract the undivided attention of people envious of their record of success. They get up early to see if there is a post they can be the first to say something irrelevant and moronic . They are the type who set their phones to alert them of posts on the steelers. Seems to me some one that obsessed may need to seek help or least get a life. As a steeler fan it provides endless but somewhat boring amusement. Keep the the envy flowing and celebrate your tee shirt championships while relish a few Lombardi’s. priceless…

  8. The Browns should be close to being favored in the game. Seriously, their defense is far underrated, going up against a third string QB, mediocre offensive line, and WR of the street. This will be a game of defenses to say the least. You have to ask yourself, is the 1rst string Browns Offense better than the rag tag team Pittsburgh is putting out there.

  9. Think what you will but this guy is still dangerous. I can’t believe it’s taken this long for a team to pick him up. Granted, he’s not the brightest at times, but this guy has done it and doesn’t yap too much about it. If he’s still in shape and can play, watch what this guy can do. I think it’s a good move by the Steelers…..

  10. ravenator: lot of football to be played, steelers beat the browns, chargers spank the ravens(remember last year) steelers get healthier, beat the ravens. last four games, steelers left standing.

  11. These guys that call themselves fan of other teams but spend all day on the Steelers page are truly sad. I don’t know what it’s like as a Steeler Fan to go on another team page and make stupid comments all day I’m to tied up with Steeler news. But keep the hate going boys it’s what you do best its what you where born to do. Maybe one day your sorry teams will win some Super Bowls (6) and counting and you won’t have this envy good luck with that!!

  12. Plumbstl, couldnt have said it better myself. If only these Baltimorons would realize that their jealousy feeds our egos, then they would see they are the reason we talk so much trash back. I cant wait to see how much they talk after Ray Ray, Ed “hit to the head” Reed, Bologni Ngata, and the other old heads rretire. Its not too far down the road. The Ravenns and their fans are nothing more than the purple headed step children of the AFC. They will forever be in the Steelers shadow. When they say for us to quit bringing up all the rings the Steelers have, its out of pure jealousy. They have to post on our teams site bc no one gives a rats patooty about the Ravens. Steeler Nation…worldwide!

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