Rob Ryan’s plan for Robert Griffin III: Hit him hard


Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has spent the last three days putting together a game plan for Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, and he says it all comes down to playing physical football.

Ryan said that when he prepares his defenses to play mobile quarterbacks like Griffin, he doesn’t like to blitz a lot because if a fast quarterback gets past the blitz, he’s gone. Instead, Ryan says it’s up to the defensive linemen to bring Griffin down.

The big thing is we have to hit these guys hard,” Ryan said. “That’s the big thing. We have big football players out there on defense and we plan on hitting them hard. And that’s what is going to happen. Hopefully he will have a bad Thanksgiving.”

Ryan said he’s impressed with what Griffin has done so far in his rookie season, noting that he’s been everything the Redskins thought he would be when they traded three first-round draft picks and one second-round draft pick to acquire him.

“He is a special player,” Ryan said. “That’s why they traded half a team to get him. Obviously, he’s a tremendous athlete and they say he is a hell of a kid. I don’t like him, but I know he is very talented. This game looks like it’s in slow-motion for him already and hopefully we speed it up a whole lot this week.”

And if the Cowboys hit Griffin hard enough, they may slow him down.

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  1. Dallas is soft. Weeden almost beat them. What do you think RG3 is going to do? Bob Griffin will dominate, as usual. Hopefully Skins D can show up.

  2. He’s like the 3rd Manning/Kardashian. The Ryans were and are eternal losers in Professional football for over 20+ yrs now. Yap, Yap, Yap, Yap…when they are in charge of a team, fall flat on their stomachs. RGIII will have 3+ passing TDs and throw 300+ yds vs that Clown Cowboys defense. Demarcus who?? Trent Williams locks him down everytime. Enjoy your Big loss Big D. Hail to the Redskins!!

  3. Rob Ryan’s plan for Thanksgiving…….clear the buffet…

    Whatever windbag, the Skins are feasting on your so called defense this Thursday………Yummy!

  4. Wonder if the NFL will investigate for incendiary language? Sounds a lot like a bounty talk language. Seriously though. Ryan may have the right idea, but he will have to have his players catch him to him and that won’t be easy to do. The Cowboys should in theory dominate, but they play to the level of their competition, so I think the skins can win because all this talk about Romo hasn’t thrown an INT in 3 games which means he will throw like. 4.

  5. Smartest words ive heard on how to defend against RG3. Just like vick or Mcnabb early in his career keep him in the pocket he will fall and get rattled. Do what Pittsburg did, cuz honestly i think hes being too hyped up. The offense for this kid is very controlled and easy he makes special plays but always outside the pocket. Hit him hard enough and that clock in his head will go faster allowing for those erratic and bad throws to show up. Make him beat you within the pocket and have him keep leading his recievers into big hits when he does find people open like the steelers did, then youll see your team respond to that.

  6. Skins fans are cute. Nothing like bragging on potential and that 4-6 record. Hail to the hopefully 500 season?

  7. Why does Ryan “hate” Griff? He may have reason to want to stop RG3, but he has no reason at all to “hate” him. Children conflate matters like this. Adults are expected have grown out of that since their pre-teen years.

  8. As a Skins fan that lives in reality this game is hardly a sure thing for the Skins.

    It is a measuring stick game though. The Skins are playing a lot of 1st and 2nd year players due to injury and a lack of talent at certain positions. Excellent opportunity to evaluate the young “talent” Shanallenhan as collected to this point.

    #1 matchup in this game that won’t be covered like it should is the Skins Trent Williams versus Demarcus Ware. Trent Williams has had a very good season so far for a 3rd year player, nevermind a LT. Possiblty even a pro-bowl level season for Williams. The Kid has been a rock for the Skins on offense, but with Griffin and Morris stealing the offensive lime light, he is the forgotten man. I suggest everyone pay attention to this matchup. Should be a lot of fun to watch.

  9. I’m nervous. Without Lee, I don’t know if there is enough speed out there in the LB core to slow this kid down. RG3 is so gifted. Redskins D is banged up however, and maybe just maybe the o-line shows up this week.

  10. Skins d-line should want to kill Romo thanks to this clown yapping his gums about how big and bad his defense is.

  11. Is there a game plan in good ol’ Rob’s playbook that calls for the Cowboys to “hit these guys softly?”

    Might ‘splain a few things.

    Not sayin’… just sayin’…

  12. Griffin is a mirage – a dog and pony show – a smoke and mirror exercise.

    He isn’t compelling as a quarterback – passing is his weakness – he is not accurate beyond 30 yards (don’t be fooled by the Eagles game – he was woefully short on the 61 yard pass and the receiver had to stop and come back) and the 49 yard pass – well, even Billy Kilmer could have made that throw.

    The cowpies are making a big mistake not blitzing the heck out of Griffin – he is a sitting duck under blitzes and is easily sacked. If you allow him any lateral room to run, Griffin will move side to side and your guys will be plain outrun. Griffin sucks as a passer, but he is truly a running back with a brittle build. He is not dumb enough to let you hit him – he’s already learned that the NFL loves to hurt prima donnas.

    The problem with Griffin will show up again – he can’t stay with a pass pattern long enough for it to develop, can’t throw accurately over 30 yards, and loves to throw his precious 4 yard plays. If the Cowboys will just hang around in the 4-10 yard range of the line of scrimmage, you’ll make Griffin useless to the Redskins. If he has time he can sometimes make you pay with an open receiver, but he had a chance to hang 50 plus points on a very bad team and he was woefully unable to rise to the occasion.

    Cowboys 28, Redskins 3. And I’m a Redskin fan.

  13. Rob Ryans’ game plan is to hit RG3 hard. Lol! Think I’m gonna email Jerry Jones my application for defensive coordinator and get paid millions of dollars to come up with brilliant ideas like this.

  14. Three days of planning…..three whole days, and the best he has is hit the other quarterback hard. Absolutely brilliant!

    I’m in the wrong profession!

  15. It’ll be a good game. Boys 34 Skins 24

    Shanahan playing college ball to give RGIII a fighting chance is stupid. It works right at first but then coaches respond.

    Baylor pulls off an upset from time-to-time but…

    This is the NFL.

  16. Coach Ryan and his defense is the best thing the Cowboys have going for them. That he’s talking smack about a rookie QB signals that he’s a bit concerned. Actually, Ryan flatters Griffin even if he was just trying to mess with RGIII’s head.

  17. Hmm, I wonder why Rob Ryan doesn’t like RG III? Maybe because Ryan is scared. I know the Skins defense is awfull, but when RG III is at the helm all cards are off!

  18. Great news! Redskins have a great running back named Alfred Morris… Keep focusing on RG3…. Anyways… Anyone who claims that our QB can’t throw the ball obviously is a tard….. RG3 is changing the QB position as we speak. Don’t hate cause he is accurate and smart. Haven’t heard any Dan Snyder hate comments lately, is everyone ok?

  19. laserw…did it ever occur to you that the reason for all the shot passes is the deficient offensive line? start watching the games and you’ll see what I am talking about.

  20. “Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Nov 21, 2012 6:13 PM
    Keep thinking that. Better learn from what Fewell and LeBeau did and just keep him in the pocket.”

    You make a very good point but that would be too intelligent for Coach Ryan to comprehend.

  21. “Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Nov 21, 2012 6:13 PM
    Keep thinking that. Better learn from what Fewell and LeBeau did and just keep him in the pocket
    It only worked because the receivers developed hands of stone by dropping drive extending catches and several TD strikes. HTTR !!!!

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