Vernon Davis says Alex Smith is “still the man”


49ers tight end Vernon Davis had a season-high six receptions on Monday night, with Colin Kaepernick throwing the passes.  But that doesn’t mean Davis is ready to declare that Kaepernick should be the starter.

The day after a six-catch, 83-yard performance that included a touchdown, Davis said that Alex Smith remains the best option.

“Kaepernick played last night and happened to do a good job but Alex is still the man, no question,” Davis told KNBR on Tuesday, via

The fact that coach Jim Harbaugh has yet to utter those underlined words makes them even more glaring.  And regardless of what Harbaugh does or doesn’t say, the stuff his players say (or don’t say) could highlight the very controversy that Harbaugh is trying so hard to not acknowledge.

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33 responses to “Vernon Davis says Alex Smith is “still the man”

  1. I say you just rest Alex Smith again because of his concussion. If Kaepernick has another good game, then make him the permanent starter, but if he can’t relive the magic of his last game, then you’re back with Alex Smith.

  2. At least we don’t have a controversy due to having an underperforming starter. If this indeed does become a “controversy” then I would say we are blessed to have to pick between 2 talented arms. Some teams aren’t so lucky.

  3. I’m more worried about facing the Niners with a capable QB than I am about facing the Niners with Alex Smith just trying not to screw up his neutered 60 minute game-manager dink and dunk routine.

    Kaepernick did things last night that weren’t one game flukes. He showed he has things you can’t teach, like good decision making and instincts. Every time I see this kid I see a guy better suited for the Niners, not just last night. I see a guy more talented than Alex Smith, from just a 1:1 perspective.

    And because of this I’m thankful that NFL teams are stubborn and blindly stick with their long-time investments, rather than go with the guy with more talent. We see it all the time and I think we’re going to see it right now.

  4. I remember when Steve DeBerg was the man, and they brought this young Stanford head coach to make things happen… His first point of business was to draft this kid outta Notre Dame… Well that was the beginning of great things.

    Today, once again we pulled coaching talent from Stanford whom took care of business by drafting a young talent from Reno.

    I loved DeBerg ( who wouldn’t with that awesome Mullet) but kind of liked Montana’s bag of tricks… Now, it’s time to get back to our old ways… Let’s kick some Saint Azz!!!

    Go Niners! Go Alex, and let’s see if you’re the real deal C.K.

  5. Harbaugh better get on top of this quick. Smith was clearly Miffed when they went after Peyton Manning. Imagine how he will feel when he is flirting with a rookie quarterback with one start (albeit a good one) under him

  6. Vernon has gotten much smarter with age. Considering some of the comments he used to make, I’ll take one in support of his QB. Nevertheless Harbaugh is the coach and most Niner faithful believe “in Harbaugh we trust”. It’s nice to have a coach who knows more than the fans because I can remember years when the 49ers didn’t have that.

  7. It will be interesting to see if Kaep can continue to play like he did Monday.
    Many times in the history of this league has the backup come in and run around and made plays like a god.
    Eventually opposing defensive coordinators get some tape on the fellow and start to figure out his weaknesses.
    See: Matt Flynn, Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, Patrick Ramsey.

  8. If 100 percent healthy, the 49ers have to go with Alex Smith. Smith has had a lot of success with this team under Harbaugh as he is 19-5-1. I’m not a huge stat guy; I find them somewhat misleading, but Smith has the third highest quaterback rating in the NFL. That doesn’t mean he’s the third best by any means, but that stat still does have merit to it as how successful he’s been in this system. Kapernick is going to be a great quarterback. He has all the attributes that leads me to think that, especially his accuracy, ability to read defenses, and how he can extend plays with his legs. However, starting Kapernick over Smith from now on because of one game is frankly idiotic. The Bears have no real footage to prepare for Kapernick and they do play a basic cover 2 defense that relies on their talent rather than their complexity.

  9. By far the best screen name on PFT :

    Mike, I imagine if you could you’d split hairs on what was said and not said to the atomic particle level to “make something” out of nothing to post a “story”.

    My guess is that you lament, with fierce melancholy, the fact that you weren’t born with the extra folds and surface area of the brain as Einstein was gifted with, or you’d have come up with a method to do so by now…

  10. shoobiedoobin says:
    And because of this I’m thankful that NFL teams are stubborn and blindly stick with their long-time investments, rather than go with the guy with more talent. We see it all the time and I think we’re going to see it right now.
    At this point Alex is no longer a long term investment. His contract is only guaranteed for this year. Alex still has the 3rd ranked passer rating, but Kaep had a great game. Glad I don’t have to make the choice.

  11. pgilbert15303 says:
    Nov 21, 2012 3:52 PM
    “…Now, it’s time to get back to our old ways… Let’s kick some Saint Azz!!!”
    Times change and the 49ers should know more than any team… Wish all you want but the Saints have the BETTER QB (Top 10 all time) and a dam good chance at beating the 9ers. Just saying.

  12. One game against a Defense that was overrated and continued to dare the QB to beat them in Man single coverage? And he’s the savior of the 49ers?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but after 6 Wins and 2 Losses I’m not sure that the 9ers needed a savior. Smith was doing just fine despite lack of a clean pocket, Play calling that was less than Balanced. And without having his favorite target available to throw to.

    I am all for seeing Kappy play again next week if Smith is still having his concussion issues. But if you didn’t know that Kappy was the Starter and nobody used his name in relation to the MNF game, what would you think if you saw this stat line in the box scores section of the Chronicle?

    “2 TD, 250 yards Passing, ~50 yards Rushing”

    Those are the same numbers Alex Smith puts up game after game. I fail to see where Kappy did anything more than what Smith has done.

    The real stat that should stand out at everyone is 5.5 Sacks 2 Forced Fumbles. Aldon Smith is the real story behind…

    “San Francisco Offensive Line keeps their QB clean for most of the day”

    The Line is FINALLY keeping a QB upright. They just beat down that overrated Pass Rush from one end to the other and Gore put Briggs on his azz more than a few times all game long. That was a Team Win. If Roman turns in games like that for the rest of the Season, the QB will always look good. I don’t care who it is under Center.

  13. You know most people haven’t noticed that Alex has thrown more TDs than RG3, Cutler, Luck, and the same amount as Romo and Flacco plus he is 3rd in passer rating only behind Rodgers and Manning, and leads the league with 70% completions.

    He missed 1 pass against the rams before being knocked out the game and still threw a TD and only missed 1 pass the week before that to, throwing 3 TDs.

    So he also has a hot hand right now.

  14. 3rd in the NFL for QB rating, #1 in pass efficientcy
    and 20-6 since having the same OC two years in a row. Don’t forget, many clamored for Troy Smith, Trent Dilfer, and David Carr as well. Nothing but respect for Kaep, but one game does not a great QB make and for a team in the hunt for ring #6, you can’t just play Kaep and see what happens. A loss hurts

  15. I say you leave Kap in this Sunday. That way by the end of the game you’ll have two QB’s with concussions. Revenge is on the menu this week, nineypoos.

  16. Before we jump on the controversy bandwagon, let’s note that everything said by the 49ers players and coaches has been 100% positive about both Smith and Kaepernick, and the players have also been saying they support whatever the coaches do.

  17. Harbaugh is the master of media manipulation. To think that somehow the media caught him in a moment of candor is foolhardy. He knows exactly what he is doing. Think about it, just as the public is confused as to what is going on, so is the Saints coaching staff. (Their next opponent) All the while he is going to shrug his shoulders at you and tell you gobble gobble jive turkey. Because that is the way he wants it.

  18. oaktown49er, I could see them stubbornly re-upping Smith. More of the same ol’ “we didn’t see the more talented guy play enough” stuff. Sometimes a small sample size is a small sample size, and isn’t indicative of much. But sometimes it’s an excuse made by coaches afraid to commit and make a ballsy decision. Only time proves these things. Time will again.

  19. And stats don’t make Alex Smith good. You can say he has more TD passes than RGIII, Cutler or Luck but he has a team that any of those guys would kill for. He has time to pass, hardly ever has to play from behind, has a run game, a very good group of pass catchers, a defense to get him good field position and the ball back if he screws up, and most importantly a great 0-line (the backbone of any team). The eyeball test doesn’t look as nice as the stat page. But such is the NFL and fans will always go for stats. Just remember, there’s a certain mediocre QB playing for a team just 500 miles down the road who was grossly overrated because of his supporting cast. Without the boatload of help we’re now just starting to realize it.

  20. Sb47… Agreed, you do have the better QB, that’s why there is all this craziness. I want to see him play N.O. With you guys game planning for him.

    It will give all us 49er fans an idea how well Collin will do when a good team is ready.

  21. The Niners know what they have with both QBs. They are both good…both have strengths and weaknesses. But both are capable of winning games with the contruct of the rest of the team.

    I am a huge supporter of both of them. Alex took us through the dreadful times and came out swinging. He and Harbaugh pumped life into an organization and city that needed to see competitive football again. We almost made it last year to the SB. Kaep knows that he is the heir to the position.

    It’s a hard choice. I hope Alex is well before coming back…and next time slide feet first. The concussion did not need to happen at all. But Kaep also needs to show what he can do on the road because all those great adjustments at the line are tougher when the rest of your team can’t hear you. Alex was good at home and road. Kaep is still growing. The last 2 games were either really bad or really good for Kaep, but everyone is focusing on the last game which I understand. I still believe Alex should start if healthy, but I really like what is coming with Kaep. The future looks pretty good for the Niners no matter the starter.

  22. Agreed Shoobie. I’ve been at Alex Smith’s back almost this whole time. Wanted him over Troy Smith, over J.T. O’Sullivan, over David Carr, over Shaun Hill (although Hill is good in his own right) and most of them would manage to screw this team up right now. Alex is a good QB. The question is do we ride our good QB and hope to do better than last year, or do we make the switch to a potentially great QB and experience growing pains? If we need Kaep in the playoffs, we want him to have experience right? I say we start him vs NO and see how he does. Blame the concussion. And yeah, Rivers is a great example.

    Also, I hope that menacing photo of Harbaugh gets a lot of mileage. “Eeeeeexcellent…”

  23. why tell the Saints who to prepare for….everybody should know Smith is it IF he is healthy..Genius move by Harbaugh !

  24. Baloneyjohn I don’t see how you can say Kaep is not a good fantasy QB. He’s only started one game against a sick defense and got 18+ points. He got 17+ against the Rams in one half. Are you nuts?

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