Young quarterbacks continue to take over the league

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There are two types of teams in the NFL.  Those with franchise quarterbacks, and those looking for franchise quarterbacks.

Since franchise quarterbacks rarely are available via free agency, the only place to find one is to draft him and hope he becomes one.  That mindset has resulted in a whopping 13 teams — nearly half the league — starting quarterbacks with one or two years of NFL experience this season.

The decision of the Cardinals to go with rookie Ryan Lindley and the 49ers to sit Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick expands by two a list that previously included Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, Jags quarterback Blaine Gabbert (who was placed on injured reserve Wednesday), Titans quarterback Jake Locker, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

As more and more teams embrace the concept of adjusting offensive philosophies to suit the skills of quarterbacks who thrived at the college level, look for more teams to embrace young quarterbacks as they search for the rarest and most important commodity in football — the franchise quarterback.

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  1. But there are also teams that THINK they have franchise QBs and will eventually cut ties in the relatively short term. Those teams are actually an important category because they have real problems. Look at the Lions and Stafford, he hasn’t had a great season yet, and he hasn’t even had one great game this year and has been one of the top players in every single game they have lost in terms of players not playing up to their perceived value or even their assumed potential for where they were drafted. It’s one thing to be looking for a franchise QB, but when you think you have one that is special and you are wrong, then madness ensues.

    The Lions have repeated this very same mistake over and over and over again. Either coach him up so he will be great, or it’s time to move on. He hasn’t shown anything positive in any of the top 10 characteristics you look for in a QB, except for the arm strength component. That’s not enough for him to eat this massive salary.

  2. Gabbert will go from 1st round pick to IR to FA. Not a coincidence they had their largest offensive output of the season when he went down. Even more impressive is that they did it against a pretty good defense WITHOUT their best player(Jones-Drew).

  3. Just go back and look at recent previous rookie starting QBs – Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Jamarcus Russell, David Carr…

  4. Thats gonna change soon because teams go to rookie QBs hoping that they can go and take the big step as Cam showed last year, Luck has shown this year as he continues to be able to carry a terrible team, RG3 has shown on as a rookie so far and what Russel Wilson has shown.
    Gabbert will soon be a bust label, as will Ponder in an explosive but young offense. Kapernick will be traded soon for a high pick unless Smith leaves, but then again Jim has shown that he makes his Qbs look very good. Weeden will probably pushed asode when a new regime takes over. The Cardinals are starting their rookie as desperation since Kolb is hurt. And time will only tell about Locker as he is often hurt but still good when he plays.
    Foles is starting so he can either save Andys ass or simply because Vick is hurt. Tannehill seems to be good but still makes some roolie mistakes even though the guys he has on the outside are not all that good. And Dalton looks to be a keeper for now as noone seems tbe able to stop that young offense with Aj Green and Gresham.
    But how many of them won superbowls yet? None potential is potential until the greatness is shown like Tom brady or Peyton or Rodgers or Brees or Big ben and teams will realize soon itll take time for these young unproven stars to win, during that time how will the teams be able to keep the fan base interested?

  5. Lindley had a nice college career at SDS. He seemed to be a QB that slipped thru the BCS cracks as his talent seemed to suggest he was worthy of better offers. Nowadays who know which QB will make it?

  6. I think there is a trend with QBs in college being better prepared for the NFL.

    Another trend I think is funny, is the QBs & Head Coaches, that seem to get paired up and ride things out as a pair now days.

  7. I know what your saying about Stafford, but the Lions issues extend beyond him. Penalties, false starts, missed tackles, dropped balls ect.

    I have only watched three Lions games this year. It seemed Stafford had a lot of passes dropped when he it the wr/te/rb right in the hands

  8. And so far Wilson has been outstanding. He had a shaky start as rookies do, but over the last 5 games is 3rd in the league in passer rating. Rookies do need some time to grow into this highly complex job.

  9. Seems like these young QBs doing well coinside with the outster of the huge signing bonuses for the top ten draft picks. what do you guys think?

  10. Mark Sanchez will never take the Jets anywhere and they will be looking fo a QB very soon. Unfortuantely,for them Eric Mangini is still not with the Browns to hand over a top 5 pick for a bunch of garbage. However, the way the Jets are going they might be picking in the top 10 and may go after Geno Smith and move up. But if Chiefs are #1 they will probably take the best QB coming out. So Many unknowns still to early to speculate. Who knows maybe even the new Browns regime is not sold on Weeden and they go QB as well??? who knows it should be interesting as always. Can’t wait for the Browns Super Bowl also known as The Draft.. draft talk should be starting up soon! Please fix this mess Haslam..

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